stopped out blind

Son did not go to school today. He looked weakened last night, I don't know what that was. His mom saw it too. I decided that he not go to school. He made it look good, so he deserves this reward.

Cable is dropping. No news right now. What move is this? H1 was at overbought. I think this is a reaction to that, plus the thin market. Or ny session is about to close. Where to take profits?

Look to price action and see where this leads to. I'd rather watch price action as I now have my stop at breakeven. The sooner price moves away from that, the better things are. At least I am trading the market for free. Even if others say that it's not entirely free because of the spreads, etc, my stop is at breakeven. This could go anywhere now and I will not be at a loss.

So what now? Write morning pages as I listen to music. It's that iceland chic. She's like popular there, but now is going nowhere. It's life. We all get our fifteen minutes of fame. I am at relapse? no. this is contrast. There is a difference.

I am a different person based on the choices I now make. The contrast is that it's like a higher spiral. You never cross the same river twice. It's there, but I am a different person. For one, I am responding differently. No matter how many times you cross that same river, you are a ifferent person—even if you are making those same choices.

How to go about this? Is that a reverse candle? It looks valid. Price is at buffer zone. Do I close this trade? Let the market tell you when to get off. I have my stops, I don't have to concern myself with that.

Do I need that mfi? It's there, but the atr trail is more reliable. When price touches then the trail shifts, that tells me that there's a shift in the market that's about to happen.

The stops are deep and that's ok. When I get on that trend and it goes all the way, those deep stops are paid back. It's like trading for free. And these are the insights you get when you watch the charts all the time. Is there a better way to go in sooner? I don't think so. Whenit doesn't touch them trails, nothing is going to happen. I can wait for a pullback, but sometimes they don't happen. I think it's better to open a trade then ride that wave.

And this is why I write. Son is sitting on the opposite table doing minecraft. I think this is a better use of his time. He learns how to solve problems. His teachers couldn't teach that. They are paid employees. They don't care much about these things.

How can I change that? Maybe talk to the principal and ask that he be given an opportunity to explore these. You can't just go in there and teach. They have a union to block that. It's not good because progress is gone. They only protect their jobs.

It's good for a while, but long term, everyone is losing. You don't have the motivation to get better. You get paid, and then you settle in until you retire. If you were that kind of teacher, the students will have a hard time there.

What now? I don't know. The gays are there. What if that were you, how will you respond? I don't know. The reyes guy, I don't see him in there anymore. I think he changed his settings and cleaned up his wall.

That's life.