zihuatanejo in da light

No reference, no clues. I am now on the dufresne path. Things changed over the weekend. I see that I cannot change the outside. Therefore, choices are now being made on the inside. No need to see a one on one reflection. Things are different now. Respond as such.

What's up for tonight? No need to tell them how things are. It will never be. Be civil about it. Show what they want to see. If you are of my frequency, then you will find me. If not, then you will not. They know who I am. Should I go after them? If they want to be in my light, then they too will find me. If not, so be it. That's how things are meant.

I don't have to change anyone. I can only change myself. Things are different now. I am typing slower. I was not able to write the last two days. Things are different. How to make that ea? I don't know. Maybe it needed a restart. I can do that. Or do something in alignment. I think that is the better way to do it. Everything is in alignment here. Do I need to get another one.

And this is page one. Just write. Be in thelight. No need to change what is on the outside. This is my story. And what is it about? It's always changing. It's not that I am beaten, but that I don't have to fight in those terms. I can choose my own battles. It's not even about fighting anymore. It's about being in the light and that everything reflects off that light.

Should I, do I want to go there tonight? I don't have anything else. I don't think it's going to hurt to go there. I would rather sit and do nothing with my kids than go on a world tour with the warden. Is that what the situation is?

It's only a metaphor. No need to mention names or make references. Things have already shifted. Do I want to see that movie again? It is part of my folklore. And it's a good movie anyway. I can go see it today.

There's plenty of laundry. I can do three sets. The minis go outside. The ones that won't fit in the hampers. The rest will do just fine. What else is there? How will it be exciting? There will be choices that are in alignment. And then things will accelerate. Everything expands from that reflection. There will be contrast. There is always contrast. But you don't have to respond to it. It's there to show you that you have a choice.

And the kids are learning that. They can see that. I don't think the kids are going to be messed up. We have the foundation set. I can give clues there. I think they will know where to find me.

Do I go back to pines? No need. It'snot me anymore. I am going in that direction now. Things are now different. I am surrunded by that frequency. That is how you change things. Did they just make it cheaper?

no. this is the path. You already have everything. You only need t obe in the light to see everything. You d'nt even need thoe light. Only be in the frequency. I am repeating myeslf. So be it. No need to fight it. Farms are good, but not necessary anymore. It's overhead. I can do something else.

Like what? I don't know what it looks like on the outside, but I know how it feels. It is automated. No need to run it. I only need to check on how things are doing. And then what? There are two ways of doing things.