spring daylight savings

Do I have to listen to music when writing? Sometimes. There are times though when, if the music is not what I prefer, then it's going to stop the connection. It's all about connection. Everything is connected and here and now. It's sunny outside. I can go out for a walk. Or I can bike to the library.

I can meet the wife for lunch later for coffee. If she wants. I think her break time is at 2. I can do that, if she wants to. Or do something else. Like what? I can go out for a walk. The book can go later.

I can run tomorrow. Or be like it's a monday. The kids are on term break. When they go back to school, it's term 4. that means it's christmas. I remember our first christmas in this city. That was fun. Things are different now. It's still fun but it's not the old fun as things are always changing. Maybe this fun is the fun you want. I think it's because of the comparison. The local mind tends to see the contrast and selects from that. It's its job.

That was what the local mind is to do. It can't make things happen though. That is the old way of how I think. Everything is by reflection. There is nothing on the outside. You get that and the sooner everything falls into place. The kids stay home until it's time for church. They don't really want to go anywhere. Was I, or is it the children today tend to stay at home instead? Maybe so.

And what's going to happen there? They learn to interact more through that. That way, everything is obviously connected. It's like people get paranoid about privacy. It's not that. It's that they don't mind giving away information as long as it's from top to bottom. If it's being used or to be used against them, then everything is in a negative light.

That's not where I live. I thought I heard clicking sounds. Was that my son snoring? I think he was complaining about a sore throat last night. Nothing I can do about it. I don't have to stay at home today. I can do sometihng else. I can be out all day riding my bike.

I can go to that kumeu thing, ride through albany. Or I can go via hobsonville. I haven't been through albany. But I haven't been up that coatesville uphill. That's a killer hill. How to go there? I don't know yet. Let's build up the fitness base then take it from there.

I can do that now that the kids are on school break. Let's do that today. That be a good workout. That's two ways of doing things. Who lives there anywy? If there be rural areas, then it's probably expensive is a play ground for them. It's not them. It's not relevant for my theme.

My theme has to do with finding the light no matter where I am. And I expand from there. Everything expands from something. I can stick around here, then go out meet the wife for lunch.

I can do that. I can text her that. I can listen to my stuff while I ride. I need earphones for that. I think I can get some from pbtech. Or do something else. Maybe I need to clear up the chanel instead. I can do that also.

How do I do that? Go out and pay attention. Be nothing. Be the awareness. Pay attention. Be the awareness. How to do that? Simply observe. It's that echart tolle talking through? no. it is my higher self connecting there. There is nothing outsied. Everything is here and now.

When I hear someone else's voice in my head, it's my consciousness connecting to the local mind.

in control not

So how do you get there with habits? No expectations, of course. You already know that. Should I turn it off while I write? It is distracting. I can do this later. Or I can write this now, slug through the end so I can just tick this off my todo list.

You know the answer to that. I am going out to run later. I think he is just repeating himself. Or rehashing everything that I have already known. I think it has somethnig to do with different perspective. It's a different point of view.

And what else can I do here? Why not start your own business? I said yes to getting a job with my wife. I thought to myself that I can give her a year and then come back to all this. That's the path of least resistance? I think so. I need to distance myself from this and digest this.

That is the best way to do here. I was gung ho about this last night. Now I am in doubt. It's not what I want to do. This is what I would rather do the rest of my life. And what else? I can attend that trader meetup. It's interesting.

Wife has work then. Should I talk about this instead? I think so. I can do something here. I can do that straddle later and see what happens there. And then I can do something with this. I have to relearn how to type using the old pattern. I nkwo where the keys are, but I don't want to go htourgh that and relearn it. I can do both, and it is a learning process for me. I learned something there this morning.

And what are the fifteen? It is by choice. You coose and it becomes a habit. How can I sue that? Choose to use it. Everything is as simple as my friend said. It may look complex, but it is not complicated. If it were complicated, it will fall under its own weight. That was amazing a fact that I learned. I have a great field I can run to anytime it feels like it.

And I am now on page two. I need to talk to someone who is also an entrepreneur. Reddit seems like a good place to go. I can ask for advice. Which subreddit should I go? I have something that's in the getting ready stage. I have a good model. Now I am in nthe scale up mode. I can borrow money, or I can grow this one day at a time.

That is a good choice there. Should I do arch? Not yet. This seems pretty good right now. No need to go anywhere else. This is a good audio book. I also have ratm in the playlist. I can listen to that when I go out and run. I do that in at least one hour. See how I feel after that hour is here.

For now I will write. There is somethnig about selling there. But there are stuff here that I am learning. How o get there? Maybe it is about habits to get me there? I think so. I can be that. And I can be the other way too. It is ocontrast and both are possible. What makes it in my experience is how I feel and it is based on my definitions.

Do I attend that meetup? There are a few coming up. I go to that trader meetup, it's on a weekend, next week. It will be interesting to go there. I can go there. I can support the group. What else do we do here? I don't know. I think there are stuff and there are things outside.

The difference is to know the difference. I can go out now? I can do the dishes for now. I can listen to these later on. It is starting to get boring. This is somethnig you listen to in an airplane. I soued to have that. That was an interesting time in my life. How to go there again? Choose.

to my so

I know and understand what you are going through. I wish I can help. If I had a million dollars to spare, i'd give it all to you.

But I don't.

And that tells me that it's not in your process for me to help. I am sorry if you think I am heartless and do not care. It breaks my heart for me to think that this is what you think of me right now.

I can't do anything to change your mind as it will take you out of the process and you might take it a different way. I love you unconditionally that I am allowing this to happen. I know that when the time comes, you will see how everything falls into place. This is all for yours and all of us, our own good.

election day nz

I'm recharging my phone while listening to deep house with spot. When phone is charged, I go wash dishes, and maybe start preparing for dinner?

I finished my morning walk. When I got back, I walked out again to cast my vote. Tis my first time to vote here in nz. That was a positive experience for me. Compared to voting in manila where you have to line up and all the mess around, voting here was easier and a more pleasant experience.

This music is not me. If you don't like something, change it. You always have a choice. I am excited about that m40x. Can't wait for it to get here. I guess two weeks maybe, of waiting. That be fine. I am burning in this headset. It's getting better. The 202 is also getting burned it. That one sounds good on mobile. The one I use now is good for the computer. Maybe when m40 gets here, I will find a niche for it. I think it'll be good for both.

It has a flat something to it where I get unmodified or not enhanced music reproduction. Something like that. If music was produced well, then I get good music. If music was done poorly, then I hear poor music. Garbage in, garbage out.

I don't think I have written anything yet. Daughter is not going to that birthday party. She would rather play pc games all day. That's her choice. Her friend's dad passed away yesterday. That must be tough on her. I was in college when my father passed away. My mom went when I had kids. That was in my late thirties. I was prepared for it.

It's still touch when family pass away. But you get used to it. More so if when you have family of your own. So how do you get on with your life? You go through the pain. There's no other way. You try to hide it and it stays there and festers.

What you want is to “write” your way through it. Use up the emotion creatively, in a positive way. If it means crying, then cry your heart out. If it means feeling numb to the world, then do that. Go through the pain. Don't invalidate it. Do not avoid it. It will only get worse. It's energy. If you get negative about it, then you get negative effect out of it.

This is all physics, my friend was right about it. How do you tell someone about this? If they want to learn, then share it. But live your life as an example. If they are ready for it, they will see it. They can then learn from your example. No need to push this down someone else's throat. It don't work that way.

And how will this election turn out? I don't know. It all works for the better. How soon do we get results? I think it's not automated. It's going to be read out loud and tallied. That to have no cheating. Is that the right word?

That banner that I see when I walk somehow helped. I think I voted for that person. Or maybe not. But it did work. Why did my party not have a rep in this area? I don't know. How much does it cost to run for office? I don't know.

I don't think I can run for office. I have too much junk on me. I don't know if it will be brought up in the future. I can do my own thing. No need to change someone else. For one, I can just write. This is my practice. This is part of my process. This is how I connect.

And what to get from this? Nothing. Only that I write. Nothing else to expect from this. The kids watch cartoons and it's the same thing over and over. What to have for lunch?

new nickel creek

Rather than think about it and overthink, I write.

Wife said that she owes gov seven grand in back taxes. How is that possible? What can we do? Should I ask reddit about this? I think I can do that, or at least look it up. In the meantime, let's use metaphysics to get in the light. How to do that? Getting a job will put me out of the light, my light.

I think the best way to do this is to get in my light, drop all expectations and keep to this. It's not a no matter what thing. I asked ofr guidance and this is what I got. It's the insights that I listen for.

Everything is here and now. What to do is be... “be” in the moment. I like how those quote marks look. I think it's part of the formatting. And then I continue writing. I tend to make edits now and then and still I continue to write. I sometimes stop a millisecond to think out what letter comes next and whee to find it. Other itmes,w hen I close my eyes, they come naturally. It's flow. That is what I connect to with when I practice. It'sa concept that's hard to explain as my heart knows what it is naturally. But the head can't seem to grasp what it is until it lets go. Then it understands what the heart knows by processing what is being felt. And that's how you communicate. That's how you connect.

It's not about telling, it's about connectingc. That is empathy. I am spelling there. I see that. I get these feelings and I am brought back to the past. Then when the ocal mind takes over, I lose it. You call that time travel. There's a lot to explore here. Things are different come autumn in 2016. that's pretty close alerady. It's going to feel like 2012 all over again.

When I first heard about it, it felt like it's going to take forever to get there. But you live day to day. Next thing you know. It's already there and you are looking for the contrast. Everything is here and now.

Wife is up. She might workout, but there's fifteen minutes to go. I don't think she is going to workout. I will wake up the son when she's finished in the shower. I write out of practice. Not to get results, but it is one of the few things that I must do and come out on the other side enjoying what I did.

Daughter is up already. They tend to spend a lot of time in front of mirror. Eldest daughter has no school today. Second one is going to school. So I have two kids staying at home.

And then what? I can call the school and tell them that he's not coming in today. So be it. This is what is here. Then they are off all of next week. Then it's the holidays again.

What else is there? I think there's something there. No need to shift into that. Only do what excites you, what interests you. Be in the light. There is nothing else out there other than whay you have in here.

I am getting them headphones from the room. But I am almost done here so I finish these then get them from the room. This is my art. Life is also art. You don't have to do a lot of things to get there.

Be in the moment. Be in the light. Is it going to raintoday? I don't know. Write two pages, maybe three and I am done with the practice. And then there is nothing to gain from this. This I how I stretch out. No need to be something else later.

algo trading shift

I think I would rather trade with clients from odesk than to get a job. This way, I am in the light. This is who I am. Now that I have an algo that works, I think I can scale up easily. Like when I make thirty percent profit, I double my position.

I think that works. We'll see how the synchronicity works. Everything is reflection. Do I want to listen to this music? Maybe. Or I can do something else. I think having that trading plus that ea dev is going to work out perfectly.

Why did I not apply for that earlier? It was the expectation. I can easily ramp up with that. Is there something else that I want from here? If that were money that she can afford to lose, then it will be a great setup. If not, then so be it. I can and will get my reflection some place else.

And how will things be from here? I don't know yet. Should I make that offer to the other one? I don't know. But for fairness, I can do that. I can get other clients as well. Do I need to get something else from that? I don't know. I think mt4 works well sometimes.

What else do I need to do here? I am listening to this channel on spot. Is it good. I think some of it is ok for morning music or when you want to slow down. Do I really need new headphones? I don't really want to listen to something all the time. There be days when I just want it quiet and tune in to higher self.

What else can I do with the money? I can pay off the investor. Then I can propose to go into partnership. The thing is, that account has to grow as I trade. How much? A hundred each week. Do I still need to get something else? I t will shift up when I close that account, rather balance up that account.

That be good. I can create a business plan for that as well. What else is there for me here? Can I get one percent each week from this trading? I think so. I now have a good algorithm. I can scale up with that easily.

How else can we work with this? I don't know. Will he start trading as well? That will be good. He can see how things are with this. Not everyone is going to make it there. I don't think he'll have time for that. But balancing that account will do good things for me.

And how else can we go from here? I don't know. He's an employee. He probably has savings. He don't need it. I can move on from here. My son is p already. He wakes up early tehse days after sleeping on the couch. That's ok. That's a good habit to have.

And then I can finish writing. I can go see the wife later on. I can have carbs this time, but I am not that keen about it. What else is there? I can choose to respond differently. I can have coffee later on. I can go around and see how things are.

How will that me behave in that light? I take up that space and make it here. Shift the consciousness and make it here instead of out there. You then respond to everything as that awareness. Then it is yours. It's that easy how it works.

You need to be unconditional about things. How to do that? Respond as that person. That's how things are working here? I post these when I am done, then get on with my day. I finished the laundry. I can move on from here. Or I can get myself a reward.

monday walk done

I am done with my workout this morning, except for yoga. That's for sometime around lunch. Then I pick up son from school. I walked this mroning. Walked with son, then wife to bus stop, then I proceeded to tha tree place around to home. That was about an hour outside or so.

And now I write. The market doesn't open until later. Nothing to trade at this time. It was non farm payroll last friday but it did not show in oil prices. I can run mt4 later. What to do today? I don't know. Do them demo things and see what happens. I can do that.

And what else is there? I don't know. Maybe I can do things for now. Writing is one thing I can do. I will have lunch later. I am into keto and im. I do this until the end oy the year. That's my gift for myself. And I am in the light. I am in this frequency that is in alignment of what I prefer. It is all unconditional. No need to say that it is love. It is more physical and mechanical if that is the right word. It is not emotional. If you say emotional then it could be love. Positive is the more apt word for it. I am in the positive and allowing state. This is the zero state? It is neither left nor right but in the middel and allows for both to be there.

And that is where I am. And now I write. All of them are out in their own day. This is my day. Had sex with the wife and she don't prefer it in the morning during weekdays. I think there was effort there. I thought she liked it that way. I could have done otherwise. So be it then. What else is there for me? I can choose to put meaning into it, or not. I can do something else. Am I out of the game? The mame is in you. It is not outside.

And what is next? Only be in the light. No need to be out there. That implies not being. And that is not what I prefer. What would that jim do? He'd be having a grand time. He'd be shopping? Not really. More like being. Being in the moment. And you don't need a lot of outside stuff for that. This is why I am in this situation. This is the contrast I use to get to the light.

And this is easy. I don't have to put conditions. I can choose. I don't even need a domain name to do what I am doing. Do I need another blog for that? I don't think so. I only write and get to the other side. Thisi s the business. It is working. I am able to do this without so much expense.

And how do you teach this to others? I don't know. Only be in the light and the light is the beacon or example that others seex and will find. If they do not or are not in that frequency, then they will not find it. But if they get to that vibration, then everything is already there for them.

This is my practice. How now? Fiish writing and then I can do something else. Is it still running? It is pretty slow. I can go for a test period. I still have half of that. I can sign up for that later when I finish this. Or I can do something else. Like what?

I don't know yet. I have the demo running? It is in the laptop. And what else is there for me? I don't know. I can run that and see what happens. I have another ea to send out. I can see what else is there. Do this and then you can do something else.

This could be my last paragraph. After this post and then be in the light. I aleready am. Do I want to go to the city? That sounds interesting. I can go tomorrow. And what else? I think there be meetups coming. I can go there. And then have fun only because I choose to.

homeschool conflict decisions

I want to homeschool my son. I am going to. How or should I even tell my wife knowing that she is totally against it? Why not build up my case, present facts, and then decide when you have a case. That way, if she doesn't want to, we can go to court, then proceed with a divorce?

This is going to take weeks. I might as well get started with it. I will simmer a bit. I am a bit upset by the things that happened this morning. Son did not want to go to school today. He was absent yesterday. What pissed me off is that I don't think he is sick and that he is only pretending to be sick. It's not good because I will not know if he really is sick. It's ok if he says outright that he don't want to go to school. I can let it go at that. In fact, he has permission to stay at home once every two weeks.

With the way things are going, he even is able to skip school once a day. I get questions from school and from the wife if he is absent more often than that. I don't mind if he goes absent and do whatever interests him at school. It pisses me when I have to deal with other people's baggage.

Wife clearly don't know much against homeschooling. She is all about being in the system. She won't even entertain the thought of going at it alone. I think I can push—not push. I can choose to be in my light. I don't have to carry her baggage. I am growing my business anyway. If she says no to that, I am going to take this to court.

I have time to homeschool my son. She is going to get upset if this goes to court. She has a choice. I too, have a choice. If she don't want to go there, then we both have to make a choice. I don't like this music.

Nothing good to listen in music right now. I am distracted. Son is in his room. I can't let him play on the computer. I don't want him to think that he is being punished. But that is what's happening. He is deprived of doing what interests him. I feel like I am caught in the middle here. I have to put my foot down. I will start work on thathomeschool thing.

And what's the next step for me? Submit an application. What if wife does not agree? I don't support the kids going to school anyway. I will have a solid program for education. I don't think she can refute anything in court. Build up a solid case for homeschooling and it will be in the light.

What else? I don't know. Will it break the family? It is her choice. I supported her that kids go to school. Two wants to continue, at least one. The athers can do as they please. They don't need outside approval.

What are the things needed here? First, find the community. There is one around here. It's about a grand in six months for the three kids homeschooling. That's more than enough resources to get hem homeschooling. I will have to check what they have. They will also have their own gigs. They choose what they will do.

Everything is going to be homeschool/unschool. They choose their own path. I don't know how wife will handle this. I will be prepared to go to court on this. She might get a lawyer. I can choose my own representation.

The kids are going to get their education. If I lose, then I have a decision to make. Stay on or move on? Divorce is an option as well. No need to invalidate a path. Only choose that which is in alignment with yours. No need to carry someone else's baggage.

What now?