algo trading shift

I think I would rather trade with clients from odesk than to get a job. This way, I am in the light. This is who I am. Now that I have an algo that works, I think I can scale up easily. Like when I make thirty percent profit, I double my position.

I think that works. We'll see how the synchronicity works. Everything is reflection. Do I want to listen to this music? Maybe. Or I can do something else. I think having that trading plus that ea dev is going to work out perfectly.

Why did I not apply for that earlier? It was the expectation. I can easily ramp up with that. Is there something else that I want from here? If that were money that she can afford to lose, then it will be a great setup. If not, then so be it. I can and will get my reflection some place else.

And how will things be from here? I don't know yet. Should I make that offer to the other one? I don't know. But for fairness, I can do that. I can get other clients as well. Do I need to get something else from that? I don't know. I think mt4 works well sometimes.

What else do I need to do here? I am listening to this channel on spot. Is it good. I think some of it is ok for morning music or when you want to slow down. Do I really need new headphones? I don't really want to listen to something all the time. There be days when I just want it quiet and tune in to higher self.

What else can I do with the money? I can pay off the investor. Then I can propose to go into partnership. The thing is, that account has to grow as I trade. How much? A hundred each week. Do I still need to get something else? I t will shift up when I close that account, rather balance up that account.

That be good. I can create a business plan for that as well. What else is there for me here? Can I get one percent each week from this trading? I think so. I now have a good algorithm. I can scale up with that easily.

How else can we work with this? I don't know. Will he start trading as well? That will be good. He can see how things are with this. Not everyone is going to make it there. I don't think he'll have time for that. But balancing that account will do good things for me.

And how else can we go from here? I don't know. He's an employee. He probably has savings. He don't need it. I can move on from here. My son is p already. He wakes up early tehse days after sleeping on the couch. That's ok. That's a good habit to have.

And then I can finish writing. I can go see the wife later on. I can have carbs this time, but I am not that keen about it. What else is there? I can choose to respond differently. I can have coffee later on. I can go around and see how things are.

How will that me behave in that light? I take up that space and make it here. Shift the consciousness and make it here instead of out there. You then respond to everything as that awareness. Then it is yours. It's that easy how it works.

You need to be unconditional about things. How to do that? Respond as that person. That's how things are working here? I post these when I am done, then get on with my day. I finished the laundry. I can move on from here. Or I can get myself a reward.