election day nz

I'm recharging my phone while listening to deep house with spot. When phone is charged, I go wash dishes, and maybe start preparing for dinner?

I finished my morning walk. When I got back, I walked out again to cast my vote. Tis my first time to vote here in nz. That was a positive experience for me. Compared to voting in manila where you have to line up and all the mess around, voting here was easier and a more pleasant experience.

This music is not me. If you don't like something, change it. You always have a choice. I am excited about that m40x. Can't wait for it to get here. I guess two weeks maybe, of waiting. That be fine. I am burning in this headset. It's getting better. The 202 is also getting burned it. That one sounds good on mobile. The one I use now is good for the computer. Maybe when m40 gets here, I will find a niche for it. I think it'll be good for both.

It has a flat something to it where I get unmodified or not enhanced music reproduction. Something like that. If music was produced well, then I get good music. If music was done poorly, then I hear poor music. Garbage in, garbage out.

I don't think I have written anything yet. Daughter is not going to that birthday party. She would rather play pc games all day. That's her choice. Her friend's dad passed away yesterday. That must be tough on her. I was in college when my father passed away. My mom went when I had kids. That was in my late thirties. I was prepared for it.

It's still touch when family pass away. But you get used to it. More so if when you have family of your own. So how do you get on with your life? You go through the pain. There's no other way. You try to hide it and it stays there and festers.

What you want is to “write” your way through it. Use up the emotion creatively, in a positive way. If it means crying, then cry your heart out. If it means feeling numb to the world, then do that. Go through the pain. Don't invalidate it. Do not avoid it. It will only get worse. It's energy. If you get negative about it, then you get negative effect out of it.

This is all physics, my friend was right about it. How do you tell someone about this? If they want to learn, then share it. But live your life as an example. If they are ready for it, they will see it. They can then learn from your example. No need to push this down someone else's throat. It don't work that way.

And how will this election turn out? I don't know. It all works for the better. How soon do we get results? I think it's not automated. It's going to be read out loud and tallied. That to have no cheating. Is that the right word?

That banner that I see when I walk somehow helped. I think I voted for that person. Or maybe not. But it did work. Why did my party not have a rep in this area? I don't know. How much does it cost to run for office? I don't know.

I don't think I can run for office. I have too much junk on me. I don't know if it will be brought up in the future. I can do my own thing. No need to change someone else. For one, I can just write. This is my practice. This is part of my process. This is how I connect.

And what to get from this? Nothing. Only that I write. Nothing else to expect from this. The kids watch cartoons and it's the same thing over and over. What to have for lunch?