homeschool conflict decisions

I want to homeschool my son. I am going to. How or should I even tell my wife knowing that she is totally against it? Why not build up my case, present facts, and then decide when you have a case. That way, if she doesn't want to, we can go to court, then proceed with a divorce?

This is going to take weeks. I might as well get started with it. I will simmer a bit. I am a bit upset by the things that happened this morning. Son did not want to go to school today. He was absent yesterday. What pissed me off is that I don't think he is sick and that he is only pretending to be sick. It's not good because I will not know if he really is sick. It's ok if he says outright that he don't want to go to school. I can let it go at that. In fact, he has permission to stay at home once every two weeks.

With the way things are going, he even is able to skip school once a day. I get questions from school and from the wife if he is absent more often than that. I don't mind if he goes absent and do whatever interests him at school. It pisses me when I have to deal with other people's baggage.

Wife clearly don't know much against homeschooling. She is all about being in the system. She won't even entertain the thought of going at it alone. I think I can push—not push. I can choose to be in my light. I don't have to carry her baggage. I am growing my business anyway. If she says no to that, I am going to take this to court.

I have time to homeschool my son. She is going to get upset if this goes to court. She has a choice. I too, have a choice. If she don't want to go there, then we both have to make a choice. I don't like this music.

Nothing good to listen in music right now. I am distracted. Son is in his room. I can't let him play on the computer. I don't want him to think that he is being punished. But that is what's happening. He is deprived of doing what interests him. I feel like I am caught in the middle here. I have to put my foot down. I will start work on thathomeschool thing.

And what's the next step for me? Submit an application. What if wife does not agree? I don't support the kids going to school anyway. I will have a solid program for education. I don't think she can refute anything in court. Build up a solid case for homeschooling and it will be in the light.

What else? I don't know. Will it break the family? It is her choice. I supported her that kids go to school. Two wants to continue, at least one. The athers can do as they please. They don't need outside approval.

What are the things needed here? First, find the community. There is one around here. It's about a grand in six months for the three kids homeschooling. That's more than enough resources to get hem homeschooling. I will have to check what they have. They will also have their own gigs. They choose what they will do.

Everything is going to be homeschool/unschool. They choose their own path. I don't know how wife will handle this. I will be prepared to go to court on this. She might get a lawyer. I can choose my own representation.

The kids are going to get their education. If I lose, then I have a decision to make. Stay on or move on? Divorce is an option as well. No need to invalidate a path. Only choose that which is in alignment with yours. No need to carry someone else's baggage.

What now?