in control not

So how do you get there with habits? No expectations, of course. You already know that. Should I turn it off while I write? It is distracting. I can do this later. Or I can write this now, slug through the end so I can just tick this off my todo list.

You know the answer to that. I am going out to run later. I think he is just repeating himself. Or rehashing everything that I have already known. I think it has somethnig to do with different perspective. It's a different point of view.

And what else can I do here? Why not start your own business? I said yes to getting a job with my wife. I thought to myself that I can give her a year and then come back to all this. That's the path of least resistance? I think so. I need to distance myself from this and digest this.

That is the best way to do here. I was gung ho about this last night. Now I am in doubt. It's not what I want to do. This is what I would rather do the rest of my life. And what else? I can attend that trader meetup. It's interesting.

Wife has work then. Should I talk about this instead? I think so. I can do something here. I can do that straddle later and see what happens there. And then I can do something with this. I have to relearn how to type using the old pattern. I nkwo where the keys are, but I don't want to go htourgh that and relearn it. I can do both, and it is a learning process for me. I learned something there this morning.

And what are the fifteen? It is by choice. You coose and it becomes a habit. How can I sue that? Choose to use it. Everything is as simple as my friend said. It may look complex, but it is not complicated. If it were complicated, it will fall under its own weight. That was amazing a fact that I learned. I have a great field I can run to anytime it feels like it.

And I am now on page two. I need to talk to someone who is also an entrepreneur. Reddit seems like a good place to go. I can ask for advice. Which subreddit should I go? I have something that's in the getting ready stage. I have a good model. Now I am in nthe scale up mode. I can borrow money, or I can grow this one day at a time.

That is a good choice there. Should I do arch? Not yet. This seems pretty good right now. No need to go anywhere else. This is a good audio book. I also have ratm in the playlist. I can listen to that when I go out and run. I do that in at least one hour. See how I feel after that hour is here.

For now I will write. There is somethnig about selling there. But there are stuff here that I am learning. How o get there? Maybe it is about habits to get me there? I think so. I can be that. And I can be the other way too. It is ocontrast and both are possible. What makes it in my experience is how I feel and it is based on my definitions.

Do I attend that meetup? There are a few coming up. I go to that trader meetup, it's on a weekend, next week. It will be interesting to go there. I can go there. I can support the group. What else do we do here? I don't know. I think there are stuff and there are things outside.

The difference is to know the difference. I can go out now? I can do the dishes for now. I can listen to these later on. It is starting to get boring. This is somethnig you listen to in an airplane. I soued to have that. That was an interesting time in my life. How to go there again? Choose.