monday walk done

I am done with my workout this morning, except for yoga. That's for sometime around lunch. Then I pick up son from school. I walked this mroning. Walked with son, then wife to bus stop, then I proceeded to tha tree place around to home. That was about an hour outside or so.

And now I write. The market doesn't open until later. Nothing to trade at this time. It was non farm payroll last friday but it did not show in oil prices. I can run mt4 later. What to do today? I don't know. Do them demo things and see what happens. I can do that.

And what else is there? I don't know. Maybe I can do things for now. Writing is one thing I can do. I will have lunch later. I am into keto and im. I do this until the end oy the year. That's my gift for myself. And I am in the light. I am in this frequency that is in alignment of what I prefer. It is all unconditional. No need to say that it is love. It is more physical and mechanical if that is the right word. It is not emotional. If you say emotional then it could be love. Positive is the more apt word for it. I am in the positive and allowing state. This is the zero state? It is neither left nor right but in the middel and allows for both to be there.

And that is where I am. And now I write. All of them are out in their own day. This is my day. Had sex with the wife and she don't prefer it in the morning during weekdays. I think there was effort there. I thought she liked it that way. I could have done otherwise. So be it then. What else is there for me? I can choose to put meaning into it, or not. I can do something else. Am I out of the game? The mame is in you. It is not outside.

And what is next? Only be in the light. No need to be out there. That implies not being. And that is not what I prefer. What would that jim do? He'd be having a grand time. He'd be shopping? Not really. More like being. Being in the moment. And you don't need a lot of outside stuff for that. This is why I am in this situation. This is the contrast I use to get to the light.

And this is easy. I don't have to put conditions. I can choose. I don't even need a domain name to do what I am doing. Do I need another blog for that? I don't think so. I only write and get to the other side. Thisi s the business. It is working. I am able to do this without so much expense.

And how do you teach this to others? I don't know. Only be in the light and the light is the beacon or example that others seex and will find. If they do not or are not in that frequency, then they will not find it. But if they get to that vibration, then everything is already there for them.

This is my practice. How now? Fiish writing and then I can do something else. Is it still running? It is pretty slow. I can go for a test period. I still have half of that. I can sign up for that later when I finish this. Or I can do something else. Like what?

I don't know yet. I have the demo running? It is in the laptop. And what else is there for me? I don't know. I can run that and see what happens. I have another ea to send out. I can see what else is there. Do this and then you can do something else.

This could be my last paragraph. After this post and then be in the light. I aleready am. Do I want to go to the city? That sounds interesting. I can go tomorrow. And what else? I think there be meetups coming. I can go there. And then have fun only because I choose to.