new nickel creek

Rather than think about it and overthink, I write.

Wife said that she owes gov seven grand in back taxes. How is that possible? What can we do? Should I ask reddit about this? I think I can do that, or at least look it up. In the meantime, let's use metaphysics to get in the light. How to do that? Getting a job will put me out of the light, my light.

I think the best way to do this is to get in my light, drop all expectations and keep to this. It's not a no matter what thing. I asked ofr guidance and this is what I got. It's the insights that I listen for.

Everything is here and now. What to do is be... “be” in the moment. I like how those quote marks look. I think it's part of the formatting. And then I continue writing. I tend to make edits now and then and still I continue to write. I sometimes stop a millisecond to think out what letter comes next and whee to find it. Other itmes,w hen I close my eyes, they come naturally. It's flow. That is what I connect to with when I practice. It'sa concept that's hard to explain as my heart knows what it is naturally. But the head can't seem to grasp what it is until it lets go. Then it understands what the heart knows by processing what is being felt. And that's how you communicate. That's how you connect.

It's not about telling, it's about connectingc. That is empathy. I am spelling there. I see that. I get these feelings and I am brought back to the past. Then when the ocal mind takes over, I lose it. You call that time travel. There's a lot to explore here. Things are different come autumn in 2016. that's pretty close alerady. It's going to feel like 2012 all over again.

When I first heard about it, it felt like it's going to take forever to get there. But you live day to day. Next thing you know. It's already there and you are looking for the contrast. Everything is here and now.

Wife is up. She might workout, but there's fifteen minutes to go. I don't think she is going to workout. I will wake up the son when she's finished in the shower. I write out of practice. Not to get results, but it is one of the few things that I must do and come out on the other side enjoying what I did.

Daughter is up already. They tend to spend a lot of time in front of mirror. Eldest daughter has no school today. Second one is going to school. So I have two kids staying at home.

And then what? I can call the school and tell them that he's not coming in today. So be it. This is what is here. Then they are off all of next week. Then it's the holidays again.

What else is there? I think there's something there. No need to shift into that. Only do what excites you, what interests you. Be in the light. There is nothing else out there other than whay you have in here.

I am getting them headphones from the room. But I am almost done here so I finish these then get them from the room. This is my art. Life is also art. You don't have to do a lot of things to get there.

Be in the moment. Be in the light. Is it going to raintoday? I don't know. Write two pages, maybe three and I am done with the practice. And then there is nothing to gain from this. This I how I stretch out. No need to be something else later.