spring daylight savings

Do I have to listen to music when writing? Sometimes. There are times though when, if the music is not what I prefer, then it's going to stop the connection. It's all about connection. Everything is connected and here and now. It's sunny outside. I can go out for a walk. Or I can bike to the library.

I can meet the wife for lunch later for coffee. If she wants. I think her break time is at 2. I can do that, if she wants to. Or do something else. Like what? I can go out for a walk. The book can go later.

I can run tomorrow. Or be like it's a monday. The kids are on term break. When they go back to school, it's term 4. that means it's christmas. I remember our first christmas in this city. That was fun. Things are different now. It's still fun but it's not the old fun as things are always changing. Maybe this fun is the fun you want. I think it's because of the comparison. The local mind tends to see the contrast and selects from that. It's its job.

That was what the local mind is to do. It can't make things happen though. That is the old way of how I think. Everything is by reflection. There is nothing on the outside. You get that and the sooner everything falls into place. The kids stay home until it's time for church. They don't really want to go anywhere. Was I, or is it the children today tend to stay at home instead? Maybe so.

And what's going to happen there? They learn to interact more through that. That way, everything is obviously connected. It's like people get paranoid about privacy. It's not that. It's that they don't mind giving away information as long as it's from top to bottom. If it's being used or to be used against them, then everything is in a negative light.

That's not where I live. I thought I heard clicking sounds. Was that my son snoring? I think he was complaining about a sore throat last night. Nothing I can do about it. I don't have to stay at home today. I can do sometihng else. I can be out all day riding my bike.

I can go to that kumeu thing, ride through albany. Or I can go via hobsonville. I haven't been through albany. But I haven't been up that coatesville uphill. That's a killer hill. How to go there? I don't know yet. Let's build up the fitness base then take it from there.

I can do that now that the kids are on school break. Let's do that today. That be a good workout. That's two ways of doing things. Who lives there anywy? If there be rural areas, then it's probably expensive is a play ground for them. It's not them. It's not relevant for my theme.

My theme has to do with finding the light no matter where I am. And I expand from there. Everything expands from something. I can stick around here, then go out meet the wife for lunch.

I can do that. I can text her that. I can listen to my stuff while I ride. I need earphones for that. I think I can get some from pbtech. Or do something else. Maybe I need to clear up the chanel instead. I can do that also.

How do I do that? Go out and pay attention. Be nothing. Be the awareness. Pay attention. Be the awareness. How to do that? Simply observe. It's that echart tolle talking through? no. it is my higher self connecting there. There is nothing outsied. Everything is here and now.

When I hear someone else's voice in my head, it's my consciousness connecting to the local mind.