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There is so much anonymity between me and wife now. She's on her phone a lot of times. She spends most of the time inside the room when she's home. I don't think she watched tv last night altough said she wanted to watch see gotham with daughter, but didn't.

I guess I need to let go now. If she wants me out, so be it. I don't know how it's going to turn out, but this is my synchronicity. I don't know what's next. I am listening to anne bisson. Changing my playlist now. I have a good cello playlist. I added another album last night and we'll see how this one goes. This one track doesn't sit well. I will weed this one out.

Trash wasn't collected yesterday. I think I heard some garbage truck moving around, but i'm not sure it's them. Jorge the sec had another stroke recently. It's his third. I wonder how he's coping. I would help if I could. I offered to assist him with his odesk account. I wonder if he kept on with it.

I wish I could help. How? It's defined as money. Send your blessings. You don't have to be recognized for it. I don't like these songs. Weeding again. Wait. Maybe there's something to it. I was listening to them last night and thought maybe I can add the whole album. It's easier this way. I can just weed out those I don't resonate with.

I have water bottle in the freezer now. Son got upset with me last night. I don't know how or why. Maybe it had something to do with his chicken burgers. He was ignoring it. I had to get rid of it as I was cleaning up. They don't get it at this time. They have their own circle. Everything is so delayed this time, even that orange gollector.

What is next? This is the local mind asking contrast. Sifting through contrast. So be it. I don't have to invalidate that. Can I drive to city today? So much fear with that. It's the first day of the month. Halloween was last night and it's the first time the kids did not go out.

I think my son wanted to go out. If he asked me to go out with him, I would have dropped everything I was doing. Why? Synchronicity. If someone asked and I can give, I will. It's how I live now. No need for explanation. Even if it's not evident, I know there's something in it for me. Even if there be nothing there, that means I need to go this way.

Does it have to be a success? I don't know. All I know is that it's connected. Even if the worst were to happen, I can still choose to be in the light. This is my process now. Even if 'god were to abandon me', I still get connected. It's the light. And there is no god anyway other than what is. And it's not outside of me. I don't have to explain this here.

And things are shifting. I heard the history yesterday. I think things are starting, or is already there. You just need to align with it. No need to make things happen. It's already there. You just need to align with it. And this is the part I don't have to teach anyone. They won't get it anyway.

It may seem like I am insensitive. They will get it later. It don't matter rigth now, when they get it, they will see what I went through for them. And it's not disconnected. This is my process. This is the contrast I have in my reflection.

The random function doesn't really work. It's supposed to choose randomly from those unplayed tracks, then sort by last played. It's not happening that way. Should I get my flacs and sort them my own? It's still the same. The random is seeded but is not entirely random. Clementine has that last played functionality, but it's not random, unless you have had enough data in there.

i am. . . .

I don't feel like writing just yet. It was raining when I woke up. I am surprised that the sky is almost blue with notch of gray clouds here and there. Why the difference in spelling and grammar and all that. In the meantime, I have all these voices in my head saying shoulds and needs.

That is the contrast? Two kids are not going to school today. I have let go. No need to be in this relationship. I can go my own way without having to lose my kids in a divorce. It's called having an affair? no. it's about being myself and not put my self esteem in a relationship that is one sided.

I don'thave to put my peace, my ligght in the hands of another. I am responsible for my own self. If no one else can see that, so be it. Does it have to be secret? no. it will be out in the open. There is, and everything is here and now. No need to be someone else as I am all that is.

And that's why it feels like that I am not. It's because it has to be empty so it can be filled in by anything you put in it. It's the empty cup. That has been your gift all along. You are who you become. No need for conditions. This is unconditional love.

And you have known this all along. You never needed validation from the outside. And some can't see that. But if they did see it, they are in the same frequency as you are. Use the energy. That's why it is there. And you know now how to go from here?

The next step will show when you are going to take that next step. All you need is to be in your light. You have been alright all along. Even if you did not know how things were going to turn out. It was there all along. You only need to align yourself with the frequency. Everything else came up for you, path of least resistance.

And that is the beauty of it. I never expected to be living in auckland. Imagine, of all places. The goal back then was some plush village. But look at where I am now. It is in those times when I have nothing, when I was an empty cup that I had everyhting. And it was so much better than I expected it would.

Be that empty cup. Then you will find the holy trinity. It's not about religion. It is that this and that. When you see it, you are aligned, in alignment. The color has shifted.

That is where the practice is. What is next? Take the next step always. It leads to where you want to go. What comes next you will see when you take that step. You can go and be open. Everything is connected. You don't have to know where it is you are going.

And that's the beauty of it. You don't have to be defined. You only need to be empty and you are filled by your light. The religion is using it but never understood the power of it. It's like they are using it, but really, they are as clueless as the sheep they herd. But that too is the empty cup. Not really. There are a lot of preconditions in that ligth.

But it is still part of all that is. No need to invalidate that otherwise, you give it your power. That is what you create. You are god. What would it be like teo be god?

You already know the answer. Like it.

Did you see that?

I was.

I still am. Walk this way now.

new format test

I am now going to write for half an hour. I want to go out for a walk, but I don't feel like leaving the wife alone. I have seen three episodes of Person of Interest. I like it. I have three seasons lined up. It's like the equalizer. That's one more movie I would like to see.

The reason I write on vim instead of open office is to practice. Maybe I can write with capital letters on the first word of the sentence. I don't have to do capital i, but when needed, i can go for it.

i don't even have to do that first capital anymore. i can fix them later before i post these. i can copy paste on word processor, then run a spellcheck before i post. but if it's writing practice, i may not have to do that. i wonder how the people are at that trading group.

i have shifted. i am out of that trading thing. we don't have internet now. we got cut off. wife hasn't paid them for more than a month. this is synchronicity for me. i don't know how things are going to turn out. how to get a job from here?

i don't know. i may have to go out and do something about it. or i can borrow money make sure i get something going for then next three months at least. is that enough? i think so. i will hit them from both ends. i apply local and at the same time on odesk.

i don't know if there is something wrong with her. she has been in the bedroom since this morning. she did not go to work. she is so distressed right now. did she want to cry yesterday? i think she is blaming me for all her problems. if that's the case, why so? i have been helping out. i have been applying for work. i don't have work. maybe she blames herself?

i don't know. she is having a hard time though. i can tell by the way she looks. what is going to happen now? i am not going to act out of fear. there are things i can do. i am fasting now. this is path of least resistance for me. the lawn mover guy is here. i can go for taht job?

if it's related, then it is going to be there. half an hour writing feels like a long stretch. i can do fifteen minutes, tops. i can resume watching that series again. but that is what i set. i do that and see what comes out the other side. this is also good typing practice. i can get better with typing this way. it is half an hour of typing and i will get better when i come out the other isde. not better. that is a value judgement. i think the right word is different. more in alignment is also an apt description. so be it then.

i keep behaving like this is a word processor. the book was not delivered this morning. maybe tomorrow then. it was a holiday yesterday. i think wife knows we don't have internet rigth now. how come she is not doing anything? maybe she is broke. what's next? i don't know.

i don't know. maybe things are changing. everything is shifting here. i don't know what's going to happen. i am allowing myself to be vulnerable. i am open to what is. no need for expectations. all i can do is be in the moment.

i can and am practice writing. this is downstream for me. this is something i can do. it's in alignment. this is what i want to do then. it is interesitng. i want to see what comes out on the other isde. no need to expect anything. it can be good or something i did not expert, and i am ok with that. whatever happens, it's happening and it tells me that it's a part of my process.

what is the wife doing there. i don't have to type wery fast. all that's needed is to connect and write that which comes to mind. i don't trade anymore. should i? it's not for me. it is time to move on. i don't have anything there anymore. i wonder what is next for me. i don't know yet.

there is a lot of i don't knows around here. third daughter was close to her mother. i think she understands. the other two are there as well. they see there's someone there so maybe they let it that way. i don't know how this is going to be. this is me connecting.

i was able to figure out how to work taht ea. that is something else. i even have one running. and that's where that needed to be. now i am done with that. it is not in alignment anymore. this istuation led me o this. it is in alignment then. this is part of the process.

even if i have to keep repeating myself here, this is what's supposed to happen now. i can recharge the battery. i don't have to listen to music. i wonder what the wife is doing in there. i went in and asked how she was. no answer. she is blocking everything out. what's next here?

when the kids get home, i go out for a walk. i need a break. i can do this as my fast day. i can have soup or something to eat tomorrow. i can edit these as i write. only to practice correct spelling. i don't want to develop habits i have to unlearn later on.

so i am going to correct while i write? not so much. only to see what is happening. is this already page two? i don't know. maybe so. i wonder how many words have i written already. how did anyone come up with a word processor? that must have been a lot of work. but it's inspired work. you know how it gets when you are in the zone. everything flows right through you.

and what can we do here? i don't know. only that i keep writing. no need to have expectations here. i have fifteen more minutes to write. i guess this is how i am going to write from here on. and then i can extend from there and see where that gets me. this is the adventure.

should i have interceded more often? i was allowing. i was open. then whatever is happening now is where i need to be. no need to be perfect. i don't know how things are going to turn out. if she commits suicide, can you take these collection agents to court and sue them? they caused emotional distress.

someone must have gone through this before. if that happens, what then? i don't know. i will take that as something that had to happen. i can't blame anyone else. otherwise, i am not going to get the most lesson out of it. everything happens for a reason. once you accept that, you will be more allowing.

it is going to be sad. it's going to be hard. but it's there for a reason. what now? i don't know. i can take a nap after i finish these. i have an hour to nap after this. i can post this upload later on. i don't have enough pictures to post with these but i can get them when needed.

and what else am i going to do about it. i was going to pay them back. should i borrow some more? if i had to. how much does she make per hour. how can i match that? odesk probably. or i can get a job. but where? i don't know yet. all i know is that this is where i am. i can test something else later on.

i may need gimp to post an image there. or not. i always have copy paste. i can get something from here and see what happens.

i dreamed i had connection and got guidance. nothing made sense in my dreams, as always they do. and what can i do about it? i don't know yet. i just don't know. stop asking so you can move on to semihnig else. like what? keep witing. keep eyes closed while writing. you will know what is in alignment. you don't have to seek them out.

do i need internet to test node? i don't think so. it's a local server. it serves pages through he browser. these are availbale in the local. i can have that working here. the problem is when i get a problem. what is she doing in that room.

i think she just lays there. maybe she is healing. maybe it has been tough for her. but if she keeps blaming me for everything, nothing is going to change. she has to accept the fact that it's her creation. why do i keep going back to that. how is this my process?

maybe i need to allow her to be miserable. you already know. what is going to happen? i don't know. you can't tell the future. you only get a sense of what is. then you can see what is happening...not what is about to happen. why not zoom out? will that help?

you get a zoomed out pictuer of what is happening. is that what you are looking for? maybe. the fingers are getting tired. i can write again later. in the meantime, this is all i can do. and i don't have to do anything else. i don't know if we are going to get internet connection. i think she used up the money yesterday. that is what i was worried about. now what?

wait for the next payday. in the meantime, this is where i need to be. maybe there is something here for me. look into that and see where it goes. i will take a nap after this. i have eight minutes to write. i wonder if this is page three by now. maybe so. it used ta take me this much time to write. do i need fountain pen?

i can go there, but i don't have to. if it's there when i get there, then it's part of the process. if it's not there, then i go someplace else. i don't have to fight it as that blocks the energy. i keep the enrgy flowing and it gets to the other side sooner. keep itsoft and malleable. that's what needs to be now.

everythng is here and now. you don't have to be someplace else. i like that series. why? it's obthe me. me the hacker and the other side that is into taking care of business. and where ishis taking me...

my book is here. i am now in business.

unfollow new word

It's cloudy outside. Sunday morning. I don't feel like doing anything. I feel like that young grasshopper being sent by the oldies out to the world. Why did they do that? Was it to be a missionary and preach their gospel? Or was it part of the learning process, that they go out and practice what they have learned. In that path, they can choose to come back and share, guide future students, or they can grow roots wherever they fancy.

I think it's that latter. How will that play out then? If so, how many will remain? They will assign someone to stay. Will that be a good way to grow the next branch? Probably. Maybe they have something in place to ensure that. But it breaks zen. Then that becomes like a church with rules and all that.

And you will not find the better students in such a closed environment. The best students are the ones outside doing the application. You bring them to you by synchronicity. You will not find them unless that too is part of your path.

Listening to jazz this morning. Is there a cello only jazz genre? I can look that up, but for now, I will listen to this. It's a short playlist. It's like one of those seed playlist probably, that the developers put in place.

I unfollowed that. I already have this one. I can make changes later. It's not going to be such cloudless blue skies today. It was yesterday and I was out had a great time. And I chose to be in the dark. It was a learning experience for me. I don't have to invalidate that. I was in the light even so.

How to choose differently next time? Be in this moment. Everything is here and now. I can do that thing and apply for that. Or offer them something free of charge. If they find it useful, they will say thank you and be on their way. But if they need help with it, you might get something in return.

I keep adding to my playlist. It's how you grow them. And it's something I enjoy doing anyway. It's like morning pages. I have been at this for a decade now, more I think. Like things started to happen when my kids were born.

And how will it change? Use up the energy. Be in the light through the contrast. I know. And this is why I am set out to the world, so that I will learn more on my own. No need for the teacher with that. Get out there and you will learn what you need to learn when you need to learn it.

Everything happens by reflection. You can always check in once a month. Or check in when there be new updates. For now, everything is with me. No need for others. And I can play with that.

What else to write about? I don't know. Only be in this moment and see what happens. Maybe he was fishing for a dole-out. I don't have it. I guess that is something for him. I need to unplug that charger. That thing is falling apart.

And things are going to change. They don't need laptops. I can get them their own desktop. That is more manageable when they break down. I can fix them when needed. And what else can I do about it?

Do the searth. Wife is up. She's going to shower. I need to get my cards from the car. I can go to the library early today. I have my water bottle in the freezer in case I go. I want to get them audiophile mags from the library to see what is the reflection in that.

No need to learn. You pick things up as you go. And that is what's interesting right now.

deezer seems nice

Was I rejected and feeling bad negative about it? Yes. That is possible. And if I am negative about it, then I allow that. This way, the feeling points to the definition. That's how I find them. When is the next meetup?

I don't know. Am I going? It's a long walk. It'd be nice to get a ride. That organizer is coming from here. It's still a long way from here, but at least I get a ride less. Or maybe I can take the bus going to his place. Maybe we can start up a partnership that way. I don't know.

For now, it's like this. Go to the light. No need to look for it. It's a choice. You get into that and everything is here and now. It's all within. Nothing is on the outside but a reflection. And this is why I write. It puts me in there. I did not sleep early last night. I was hoping to get lucky.

You know how to get there now. What's next for me? I don't know. Maybe there was the promise there to change. I too have changed. After that incident, I did not need to take control. Everything is on the inside. Maybe typing is going like bike. It will change and input is going to be from flow.

There is that link there. It is mechanical. You see an example of that and you can take it from there. Why is son up now? We had an incident yesteday and I got upset. I was stressing myself all morning yesterday. It was unnecessary. I was waiting for something to happen. That book is going to take another week to get here. That is like forever.

Wife is up to work out. I can go back to bed and take a nap. I can do that later. I cwill go out for a walk this morning. I can do yoga instead when it's quiet. Then I will go out for a walk later on. Son is going to school later. I will walk him there with his stuff, then I go for a walk. That sounds good.

Wife will want to go later. I am not sure I want to go. She can walk. Other daughter might want to go with her. We shall see. I'm not sure I want to be there for her. It's not that I am punishing her. I am learning, being in the light where my state of being is not dependent on someone else. It's all contained within.

And this I write. I can do something else in the meantime. I can practice connecting. How do you do that? You go inside. Nothing is ever on the outside other than your experience of it. It's all that trinity. Is it always that? Basically it's that. Everything else expands from that.

So it all comes from the one. Then you have all that is. The angelic realm I do not grasp. Is that the oversoul? I think the oversoul comes next. The builders are the angelic realm?

I am not sure. She is in a good mood as she had payday yesterday? That is contrast. She is up early. That be good. She needs that? I want to go to the city. What to do there? Walk around. I can do that ride my bike today.

That is easier for me. I can ride later today in the afternoon. Which library is going to be open? I don't know. It's a thursday. The takapuna library might be open late.

I can go there. I post this to blog, then ride. Or do something else. Everything is connected. Path of least resistance determines what I do next. First is the interest. That tells me where the light is and that it is connected.

Kid got up. I do something else. Or not. That is always connected.

real people true

Never the same river twice. This was the insight I had when I got up this morning. It's a different day. It can be the same day, but it really is different. How I respond to it is different in every way. I can respond the same way, but the day is different because I am thinking that I am responding to it in the same way.

There are a number of nuances that are different. The time is different. And I am using that word a lot of times already. Is that how google indexes your site. If so, there is something wrong about that algorithm. Or maybe not. Not that they are geniuses or better than you. They have credentials, but it's the rich experience that each of us have that is essential.

And the path—it's varied. No two people have the same path. They may be in the same org but they each go their own path.

And I am moving on now. I moved the other url custom to the other blog. That serves as a not taking blog, also where the back office happenings are. The other one is more polished and serves as the showcase website. Showcase is hosted on heroku while the blog is on blogger.

What now? Start behaving from the inside rather than make things happen on the outside. There are products down the line. Respond that way. No need to make things happen. It never works that way. You respond as that person that you want to be. Not that it's out there. You only need to change your frequency and you will have that experience.

You have three variables. You get two and the other one is a bonus. That's how you shift. That is my equation. Everything changes on the autumn of twenty sixteen. It's an illusion. Eeverything is different here and now. Everything is here and now. It's a clue that it's going there.

And how come no one is mentioning that? Those in the know have that in mind. No need tobring it up. You can discuss that with them. It's all the same thing. You can choose the dimension that you are in. you have three variables. It's also the laws, principles of creation. Everything is connected.

And what happens now? You continue on this path. You can go back, but there really is notihng back there. There is only and everything is here and now. You get this. No need for teaching. What to do today. I can go out for a ride. I can ride my bike or run. It's going to be bright and sunny. There also is the laundry to do.

I can do that soon as wife is up. She has plenty of baggage. I am no longer there. I respond to it differently. At least I choose to respond to it differently. This is what my friend told me about. I don't know how tihings are going to be from here on. All I know is that everything is connected and that it all turns out for thebest.

No need to change he. That serves as contrast for me. I am using that already. It's like swimming in a deep pool. You let yourself drift down to the bottom so you can propel yourself easily and guide to the direction that you prefer.

Also consider that you propel in the path of least resistance. When you go against the flow, you are going to have resistance. Remember and you know all this already. No need to remind you. It is instinctive. It is engrained in your soul.

I can do a session later on. Do I go out? Do my own thing. I can switch to that chair later. Everything is diffenet now. Ever if you go back to that place, things are so much different. I wonder how they are now? I can and will go back for a visit.

friday trash collection

I haven't looked at a chart a few days now. There is notification on reddit when you have something on your inbox. Is it that people are nice because they are hoping to get randomized? I think so. That's what my reflection is and that's how I feel about it.

Son is up now. He's not like before. Things are moving forward. I feel like I did not get any sleep last night although I was dreaming. That's good enough. I can play with that. I can always go take a nap later in the day.

Am I running today? I think so. That's the intention. I like this headphone I heard that stomping there and had soundstage. But the playlist feels like not quite there. I can listen to this for now and see. Will it be good to have playlist when I run?

This music is so pop but has good soundstage. Maybe I can expand on to this genre and see what we get? The playlist here is not random. I hardly hear some of the other songs. It's the same with a local native app. It's not as random as well. Why is that?

Kids are up now. I can recharge his thing, but not now. I am writing. He is not going to use it soon enough anyway, unless he needs to restart the internet. I don't really dig pop right now. But listening with my m40x makes the experience good.

Should I go out for a walk instead? That be good as well. I can't listen to good music like this but that's something different for me. The lights are still on and it's light outside. It's a friday. I need to do some chores later. Maybe I can write during the in-between.

We have guests later tonight. That be good. Wife is up to work out. I have a big tummy. And I am here and learned about shining. It's not about how much you have outside. It's that ability to shine that is more important. I had that insight as I was taking out the trash.

Why is it important. That is what others pick up on. And people will choose that shining than someone who has everything but can't shine. You can have everything and still shine. That's the reality of it. But if you don't have that so be it. I can always do something else here.

Like what? Like I can write. And I can practice shining on with my writing. To let the light shine through to the reader and connect. That is the practice here. The birds are here. It's never too early for them. They can finish that bread before wife gets out for work.

no. this is not the music for me. Why did that no not get capitalized? I am even changing my spelling habits. Why use z in ized instead of ised. It's easier to use the ised version. Then that is where I go.

Son has internet connection. I am going to do laundry. I like that base. And that tophat. It's the contrast with the base and top hat that's nice to listen. And then there is the separation between the different instruments. It's the source of sound or that thing that makes the sound.

We had whoopy last night. It was awesome as usual. I wasn't planning on it. That is synchronicity there. And it's a reflection of everything and who you are. And I write a lot these days. And I don't have to get clients. I shine and that's all I need to do.

This is my process. I like the way music plays here. It's pop, but it's ok as the soundstage seems awesome. What is next?

keep inside out

I am annoyed with wife. She thinks she knows everything. Look at her life right now. She's seldom happy with the way things are. I am not going to argue with her. If she thinks that way and insists on doing things her way, then she do it. I am not going to go down that path with her.

In a way, I am being positive about it. I am putting myself first. She wants to go that way but I don't, then we part ways. I still keep to my own light and allow her to be in hers.

Arguing about it, trying to get her to see things my way is negative. It gets everyone upset. You don't want to go there. You want to be in the light. The state of being I prefer is 'pleased with self'. That's my light. I don't have to bring her with me if she don't want to.

Now that I have that vented, I can let it go now. I don't have to hold on to it all morning. I was at this meetup last night. I saw that I was doing good on my own. I learned web development on my own. There was this charlie that I was talking to. He is gung-ho about web dev and yet he's only doing front-end. I don't think he's that deep into it either.

There was also this rav guy who has a certificate in marketing. He looked clueless about it when talking about it. He said he was doing adwords, but it feels like he was not confident about it. Like he wasn't projecting his light when talking. He wasn't shining.

There were others who knew what they were doing. Jay the seo guy knew what he was doing. There was also this lady who projected it. There was another lady, she was russian. She was into social media marketing, or at least marketing. She wasn't pushing anything. She was there for the meetup. She showed up alone. I saw her walking away from the meetup alone. I was in the bus stop waiting for my wife then. Not that I was stalking anyone.

What was weird is that, soon as she passed this guy in the sidewalk, he started walking after her. He was wearing a black hoodie. I hope things are great with her. There was a mobile police car that was driving by regularly. I had the impression that crime rate in the area was higher than in the shore.

Wife eventually got there. She got lost again, even with the navigator. My son was with her. Maybe there was nothing good to do for him and decided to come along for the bribe. She promised to get him something from mcdonalds.

I have stuff to do outside. I write practice now so I don't have to do that later. I can do marketing stuff. Path of least resistance now is ebooks. I can write something, adwords that to get traffic then sit back and see how it goes.

Is there a market for that? We will see. I can look it up on the keywords, do market research and see what happens. Also will check if my book has arrived. It usually takes this long to get it, then another one week to ship it back.

Do I need a url for that? I think I will need a url to sell that thing. It needs its own stand-alone. That kettlebells lady is hot. I think she is married and has kids now. I could have kept it up, but things, life got in the way.

This is where I am now. This is where I should be. No shoulds. This is the energy. This is what I play with. I got a lot of things from my friend over there. Good teacher? Good reflection. It's a channel from the higher self.

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Everything is connected. And that was why I was in the city last night. I saw things. I experienced things. This morning as I was having mycup of coffee, all of it came back as an insight. And it gave me answers to what I was looking for.

Like, if you were the richest man in the world, what will motivate you to buy something? If you were michael jordan, why play basketball? Why go for your nth championship ring? You have alread proven yourself, why go another mile? Once you figure out their motivation, you will get why you need me on your team.

Maybe I don't need a team. It's an experience and is part of my process. I may not last long with that experience, but it is in my bucket list and that is where I am going. How to get there?

I know the next steps I need to take. I can go there and see what happens. How to contact them? I know where they go. It's all part of my experience and I just need to tap into that.

I have this conection. I know where to get water. I know how to connect. I don't have to be someone else. All I need to be is here. I don't even have to master python or c. I have this instead. And I know why I wanted to do that.

Everything is connected. Tap into that and you have the answers. And that's why it's there. Everything is connected. Things happen for a reason. And if I had to, I can connect with th erichest man in babylon and sell to that guy.

How do you do that? Find it and you kill know. He will tell you. All you need to do is connect with him. And that's where I find my answers. Where do you get that? I know where to find them. And I know how to connect with them. Do I have to start from the bottom? I don't have to. I can sell by commission. I can sell boats. I don't have to make one hundred percent. I can go there right now.

They will always need one more guy to connect withthem. Where else do you go? How do you connect with them? There are means and ways. I know where t ofind them. And this is how you connect. I can go there myself. But it is easier to just send them an email. And then they get back with you.

And I don't have to be employed. I can do that as a contractor. I can work from where I am. I can go there and apply. I can make noe percent and i'd be happy to be there. Do I need access to go there?

I don't think so. I have always wanted to go sailing. I know how to connect with them. Find that guy with that need and I can sell to them. How to get access? You don't need access. They are always looking for something else.

Whick one do we go to next? Boats? I don't need motor boats. I want to go there the best that you can find. Do they spend time with that?

Toys for the big boys. That is where I am. That's where I can connect. I don't have to hold them. I can drop ship for them. Someone else builds it and I connect. How else do you go there?

I can work with blogger. Or I can create my own site and go there everytime. I can update with blogs. When that is finished, I can do something else. Do I need exclusive? Idon't think so. Or I can join a team. That is the easiest thing to do. I can go there now. How do you connect with them? I know how to do that.

battery not charging

Use the energy and I am shifting again. I have always thought that I had good connection to flow when writing. That this is an advantage compared to programming. That I am able to connect when writing.

I think circumstances...synchronicity is telling me to go this way. The three dots are working now? I can use that more often. It seems to have fixed itself. I am listening to late night jazz playlist on spotify. I like this music when writing.

The markets have been sideways on the h4. How can you write that into code? I think you can check out adr or standard deviation for a fixed number that you can use as filter. When it goes to that level, you go on scalp mode.

I wonder why traders use sarcasm when they ask for help. It's there to hide the fact that they can't. And they would rather use that? Maybe so. I had a sour dream. I woke up that I couldn't afford the rent and it was hidden from me. There was gemma in the dream, or a representation of her.

And I went back to sleep and I had variants of that state of being in my dream. I wonder what that is? I don't know. But the insight I had was to use that energy and choose to be in the light. I am doing that. Maybe there was something planted in my head and that it will come up later.

Or maybe it is synchronicity telling me that I am on the path. I am always on the path. What's the right way to spell that? Maybe I can turn off spellcheck. I don't have to. It gets the editor out wanting to correct that spelling.

Do I want to trade now or later? I can trade later. The market Is not going anywhere. That is a divergence there. I can go for this short now. Or wait until later? I can go for me 2bentry. What was the other b for? I forget. There's plenty here. I can go for the google adwords thing. I can go for that sales job. I used to do that a lot, but only if I have support for mail order.

Maybe they haven't used that. I can do lead generation for everyone, then they follow up. Maybe they already have it in place. I don't know. Why not do it yourself? I can approach local businesses with my proposal, then take it from there.

That talier has plenty of cars waiting to be serviced. I think he has something good workting for him. That is great. Maybe he don't need help with that. That real estate shop will always need help. How can I help? There is that agency manager. I can do with content marketing. Do I need google for that?

You create a blog, then update that regularly. Not a blog, but a site that can go there. Do I walk with the wife? I can do that. She leaves early this time. I can go out for a walk with her. It's time for that anyway. I can do that, come back and do something. I did three workouts yesterday.

Do I need to tell her what to do? I think I can do that. I can send her the files and see how things go. I can even upload my own file. Do this later?

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coltraine has it

I like this music. It's john coltraine. I saw this one time on tv. I can't remember. It's cool music. Like there's only four instruments playing and you can pick each one out. With m40x's that I use, I have great soundstage and each instrument is playing right behind me in different locations.

And this is what I listen to when I write morning pages. It's quiet and doesn't get in the way. When I write, I do not prefer vocals. The words get in the stream of thought and it affects the writing. I don't prefer that. I would rather have this music like coltraine and it's easy.

And I get upset with all this marketing videos as they are always pitching something. I would rather have it like no pitch and just offer content that will help other people. Why not do that? I am doing that. I have a website for that. I can go there again.

What I am looking for is something about copywriting for videos. Also something on video editing. I can go to lynda for that. I remember seeing something in there that's related. You need good voice over for that as well. I can go into that and see what happens.

There are a number of voice over artists on the internet. I can go there and check that out. Or do them myself. What else is there to do? I don't know. You need good mics for them. I can go there.

I don't like rainy weather like this. I can't go out. I stay at home all day. I want to go out on weekends. What can I do about it? I don't know. Only go to the other side. I finally got me that nash book. It got out the door from amazon last night. Give it three days to get to the warehouse.

Being a weekend, it'll get there maybe tuesday. I process that and it goes out the door before friday and it gets here the wek after that. I can work with that.

Do I really want to get back into copywriting? I think so. I can do programming on the side. I t's my edge, connecting to flow. Writing comes easy for me. And then I can go from there. There is that book, ogilvy on advertising. There are copies out there. I can go get myself one.

Is that something you want to read? I will see how that book goes. If I like it, then I get one. If not, go do something else. It's about practice. You get practice as you get gigs. You also learn from experience. They can talk all they want, but when you apply, you learn something in the process.

And it don't have to be clever ads. What you want is not, what a clever ad, you want I want that. I buy that now. That is what you want the effect when you rite an ad. And that's the focus of my writing. And that doesn't have tobe clever. There's a risk that comes with that. Either it will get attention, or it will turn people off.

I don't respond to that myself. Like thi m40x that I got, I spent a lot of time on youtube looking for something. I made up my mind on the m50x, but since it was a bit off my budget, I looked for something else. And that's where I found the m40x. It's almost the same except for a few minor differences.

The sound quality isn't really affected and I took it. And now that I am using it, I am happy with it. And that's how people are these days. I can talk about this when I write. But how do you sell experience? It's the same. People will want to look it up first, then make their decision from that.

dacs to trade

It's muscle memory now when I type. I don't even have to look at the keyboard. I only fel where the letters are and I write. It's how I connect with flow. How do you connect? You allow whatever is coming in and write it down. It's the same with life. My life. I wrote lie.

Is life a lie? How is it a lie? That's how I explore things. How is life a lie? It's all a reflection. So there's nothing out there really, other than your experience and definition of it.

Do I like guitar acoustics? I think so. It's good to listen to this in the mornings when I practice connecting. So it's not writing? It is more apt to say that I connect. That I allow. And that is what I do really, I allow the ideas, the thoughts to come in, translating what is in the imagination.

I have my m40x now. It arrived yesterday, a day earlier than expected. I feel like there was intervention, like my mom smiling as she hands over her gift. I celebrated her birthday yesterday. This is what I am going to do from now on. It is for the kids also. That when we pass, they remember us on the birthday and celebrate.

That's what I did yesterday. I celebrated that I spent time with my parent. Even if she wasn't here anymore, I spent time with her. Wife is up now. I think she is going to shower. And I have a position open. I think she knows how good this sound is. She is not a gourmet with sound. To her, they are all the same.

But I experienced good sound acoustics. I was at this party and I loved how sound was amplified and I can feel it. It was truly an amazing experience for me. And I can go there. I can look into that sound place in takapuna and get work there as copywriter.

Maybe I can send them a letter asking if they need help. Since I am not doing anything, I can work for free or as an intern. If after three months nothing happens, or if sales did not improve, then I can simply walk away.

Maybe we can do social media marketing. There be audiophiles in this town. We can connect with them. It's good to listen to good music. Maybe djs go there. But their competition is china. How do you lower cost with that and still compete? Not compete, but provide service to the audiophile community?

You already know the answer to that. You go to the community and be part of that. It's how you connect. How about being just part of the community. They are into diy. Simply provide information and if they have it, you go there. It's easy for them to get it from amazon. Why not provide assistance and see what happens.

Or maybe do something else. Like what? They have expectations. They have expenses. Or I can really do something else here. Like they can import dacs. They can sell those. And it's the overhead that's killing them. I can go into that but is pbtech going to kill you?

I got my m40s cheaper than if I got them from local. I think you see the trade, you take it. No need to think about it. Should I shift into jazz? I just did. It's also good listening. Here be sounds that you don't hear with loudness. It's the little things that matter when you are gourmet.

And how will I get my attention? They go shopping. When it's time to go, they go to the internet and get their information. Should I do trademe? It seems like a good way. How long did it take? About two weeks. Order the latest and it goes cheaper. How much will I sell this one? It cost me about, let me go check that out. Maybe I get better rates with bulk.