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Everything is connected. And that was why I was in the city last night. I saw things. I experienced things. This morning as I was having mycup of coffee, all of it came back as an insight. And it gave me answers to what I was looking for.

Like, if you were the richest man in the world, what will motivate you to buy something? If you were michael jordan, why play basketball? Why go for your nth championship ring? You have alread proven yourself, why go another mile? Once you figure out their motivation, you will get why you need me on your team.

Maybe I don't need a team. It's an experience and is part of my process. I may not last long with that experience, but it is in my bucket list and that is where I am going. How to get there?

I know the next steps I need to take. I can go there and see what happens. How to contact them? I know where they go. It's all part of my experience and I just need to tap into that.

I have this conection. I know where to get water. I know how to connect. I don't have to be someone else. All I need to be is here. I don't even have to master python or c. I have this instead. And I know why I wanted to do that.

Everything is connected. Tap into that and you have the answers. And that's why it's there. Everything is connected. Things happen for a reason. And if I had to, I can connect with th erichest man in babylon and sell to that guy.

How do you do that? Find it and you kill know. He will tell you. All you need to do is connect with him. And that's where I find my answers. Where do you get that? I know where to find them. And I know how to connect with them. Do I have to start from the bottom? I don't have to. I can sell by commission. I can sell boats. I don't have to make one hundred percent. I can go there right now.

They will always need one more guy to connect withthem. Where else do you go? How do you connect with them? There are means and ways. I know where t ofind them. And this is how you connect. I can go there myself. But it is easier to just send them an email. And then they get back with you.

And I don't have to be employed. I can do that as a contractor. I can work from where I am. I can go there and apply. I can make noe percent and i'd be happy to be there. Do I need access to go there?

I don't think so. I have always wanted to go sailing. I know how to connect with them. Find that guy with that need and I can sell to them. How to get access? You don't need access. They are always looking for something else.

Whick one do we go to next? Boats? I don't need motor boats. I want to go there the best that you can find. Do they spend time with that?

Toys for the big boys. That is where I am. That's where I can connect. I don't have to hold them. I can drop ship for them. Someone else builds it and I connect. How else do you go there?

I can work with blogger. Or I can create my own site and go there everytime. I can update with blogs. When that is finished, I can do something else. Do I need exclusive? Idon't think so. Or I can join a team. That is the easiest thing to do. I can go there now. How do you connect with them? I know how to do that.