battery not charging

Use the energy and I am shifting again. I have always thought that I had good connection to flow when writing. That this is an advantage compared to programming. That I am able to connect when writing.

I think circumstances...synchronicity is telling me to go this way. The three dots are working now? I can use that more often. It seems to have fixed itself. I am listening to late night jazz playlist on spotify. I like this music when writing.

The markets have been sideways on the h4. How can you write that into code? I think you can check out adr or standard deviation for a fixed number that you can use as filter. When it goes to that level, you go on scalp mode.

I wonder why traders use sarcasm when they ask for help. It's there to hide the fact that they can't. And they would rather use that? Maybe so. I had a sour dream. I woke up that I couldn't afford the rent and it was hidden from me. There was gemma in the dream, or a representation of her.

And I went back to sleep and I had variants of that state of being in my dream. I wonder what that is? I don't know. But the insight I had was to use that energy and choose to be in the light. I am doing that. Maybe there was something planted in my head and that it will come up later.

Or maybe it is synchronicity telling me that I am on the path. I am always on the path. What's the right way to spell that? Maybe I can turn off spellcheck. I don't have to. It gets the editor out wanting to correct that spelling.

Do I want to trade now or later? I can trade later. The market Is not going anywhere. That is a divergence there. I can go for this short now. Or wait until later? I can go for me 2bentry. What was the other b for? I forget. There's plenty here. I can go for the google adwords thing. I can go for that sales job. I used to do that a lot, but only if I have support for mail order.

Maybe they haven't used that. I can do lead generation for everyone, then they follow up. Maybe they already have it in place. I don't know. Why not do it yourself? I can approach local businesses with my proposal, then take it from there.

That talier has plenty of cars waiting to be serviced. I think he has something good workting for him. That is great. Maybe he don't need help with that. That real estate shop will always need help. How can I help? There is that agency manager. I can do with content marketing. Do I need google for that?

You create a blog, then update that regularly. Not a blog, but a site that can go there. Do I walk with the wife? I can do that. She leaves early this time. I can go out for a walk with her. It's time for that anyway. I can do that, come back and do something. I did three workouts yesterday.

Do I need to tell her what to do? I think I can do that. I can send her the files and see how things go. I can even upload my own file. Do this later?

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