coltraine has it

I like this music. It's john coltraine. I saw this one time on tv. I can't remember. It's cool music. Like there's only four instruments playing and you can pick each one out. With m40x's that I use, I have great soundstage and each instrument is playing right behind me in different locations.

And this is what I listen to when I write morning pages. It's quiet and doesn't get in the way. When I write, I do not prefer vocals. The words get in the stream of thought and it affects the writing. I don't prefer that. I would rather have this music like coltraine and it's easy.

And I get upset with all this marketing videos as they are always pitching something. I would rather have it like no pitch and just offer content that will help other people. Why not do that? I am doing that. I have a website for that. I can go there again.

What I am looking for is something about copywriting for videos. Also something on video editing. I can go to lynda for that. I remember seeing something in there that's related. You need good voice over for that as well. I can go into that and see what happens.

There are a number of voice over artists on the internet. I can go there and check that out. Or do them myself. What else is there to do? I don't know. You need good mics for them. I can go there.

I don't like rainy weather like this. I can't go out. I stay at home all day. I want to go out on weekends. What can I do about it? I don't know. Only go to the other side. I finally got me that nash book. It got out the door from amazon last night. Give it three days to get to the warehouse.

Being a weekend, it'll get there maybe tuesday. I process that and it goes out the door before friday and it gets here the wek after that. I can work with that.

Do I really want to get back into copywriting? I think so. I can do programming on the side. I t's my edge, connecting to flow. Writing comes easy for me. And then I can go from there. There is that book, ogilvy on advertising. There are copies out there. I can go get myself one.

Is that something you want to read? I will see how that book goes. If I like it, then I get one. If not, go do something else. It's about practice. You get practice as you get gigs. You also learn from experience. They can talk all they want, but when you apply, you learn something in the process.

And it don't have to be clever ads. What you want is not, what a clever ad, you want I want that. I buy that now. That is what you want the effect when you rite an ad. And that's the focus of my writing. And that doesn't have tobe clever. There's a risk that comes with that. Either it will get attention, or it will turn people off.

I don't respond to that myself. Like thi m40x that I got, I spent a lot of time on youtube looking for something. I made up my mind on the m50x, but since it was a bit off my budget, I looked for something else. And that's where I found the m40x. It's almost the same except for a few minor differences.

The sound quality isn't really affected and I took it. And now that I am using it, I am happy with it. And that's how people are these days. I can talk about this when I write. But how do you sell experience? It's the same. People will want to look it up first, then make their decision from that.