dacs to trade

It's muscle memory now when I type. I don't even have to look at the keyboard. I only fel where the letters are and I write. It's how I connect with flow. How do you connect? You allow whatever is coming in and write it down. It's the same with life. My life. I wrote lie.

Is life a lie? How is it a lie? That's how I explore things. How is life a lie? It's all a reflection. So there's nothing out there really, other than your experience and definition of it.

Do I like guitar acoustics? I think so. It's good to listen to this in the mornings when I practice connecting. So it's not writing? It is more apt to say that I connect. That I allow. And that is what I do really, I allow the ideas, the thoughts to come in, translating what is in the imagination.

I have my m40x now. It arrived yesterday, a day earlier than expected. I feel like there was intervention, like my mom smiling as she hands over her gift. I celebrated her birthday yesterday. This is what I am going to do from now on. It is for the kids also. That when we pass, they remember us on the birthday and celebrate.

That's what I did yesterday. I celebrated that I spent time with my parent. Even if she wasn't here anymore, I spent time with her. Wife is up now. I think she is going to shower. And I have a position open. I think she knows how good this sound is. She is not a gourmet with sound. To her, they are all the same.

But I experienced good sound acoustics. I was at this party and I loved how sound was amplified and I can feel it. It was truly an amazing experience for me. And I can go there. I can look into that sound place in takapuna and get work there as copywriter.

Maybe I can send them a letter asking if they need help. Since I am not doing anything, I can work for free or as an intern. If after three months nothing happens, or if sales did not improve, then I can simply walk away.

Maybe we can do social media marketing. There be audiophiles in this town. We can connect with them. It's good to listen to good music. Maybe djs go there. But their competition is china. How do you lower cost with that and still compete? Not compete, but provide service to the audiophile community?

You already know the answer to that. You go to the community and be part of that. It's how you connect. How about being just part of the community. They are into diy. Simply provide information and if they have it, you go there. It's easy for them to get it from amazon. Why not provide assistance and see what happens.

Or maybe do something else. Like what? They have expectations. They have expenses. Or I can really do something else here. Like they can import dacs. They can sell those. And it's the overhead that's killing them. I can go into that but is pbtech going to kill you?

I got my m40s cheaper than if I got them from local. I think you see the trade, you take it. No need to think about it. Should I shift into jazz? I just did. It's also good listening. Here be sounds that you don't hear with loudness. It's the little things that matter when you are gourmet.

And how will I get my attention? They go shopping. When it's time to go, they go to the internet and get their information. Should I do trademe? It seems like a good way. How long did it take? About two weeks. Order the latest and it goes cheaper. How much will I sell this one? It cost me about, let me go check that out. Maybe I get better rates with bulk.