deezer seems nice

Was I rejected and feeling bad negative about it? Yes. That is possible. And if I am negative about it, then I allow that. This way, the feeling points to the definition. That's how I find them. When is the next meetup?

I don't know. Am I going? It's a long walk. It'd be nice to get a ride. That organizer is coming from here. It's still a long way from here, but at least I get a ride less. Or maybe I can take the bus going to his place. Maybe we can start up a partnership that way. I don't know.

For now, it's like this. Go to the light. No need to look for it. It's a choice. You get into that and everything is here and now. It's all within. Nothing is on the outside but a reflection. And this is why I write. It puts me in there. I did not sleep early last night. I was hoping to get lucky.

You know how to get there now. What's next for me? I don't know. Maybe there was the promise there to change. I too have changed. After that incident, I did not need to take control. Everything is on the inside. Maybe typing is going like bike. It will change and input is going to be from flow.

There is that link there. It is mechanical. You see an example of that and you can take it from there. Why is son up now? We had an incident yesteday and I got upset. I was stressing myself all morning yesterday. It was unnecessary. I was waiting for something to happen. That book is going to take another week to get here. That is like forever.

Wife is up to work out. I can go back to bed and take a nap. I can do that later. I cwill go out for a walk this morning. I can do yoga instead when it's quiet. Then I will go out for a walk later on. Son is going to school later. I will walk him there with his stuff, then I go for a walk. That sounds good.

Wife will want to go later. I am not sure I want to go. She can walk. Other daughter might want to go with her. We shall see. I'm not sure I want to be there for her. It's not that I am punishing her. I am learning, being in the light where my state of being is not dependent on someone else. It's all contained within.

And this I write. I can do something else in the meantime. I can practice connecting. How do you do that? You go inside. Nothing is ever on the outside other than your experience of it. It's all that trinity. Is it always that? Basically it's that. Everything else expands from that.

So it all comes from the one. Then you have all that is. The angelic realm I do not grasp. Is that the oversoul? I think the oversoul comes next. The builders are the angelic realm?

I am not sure. She is in a good mood as she had payday yesterday? That is contrast. She is up early. That be good. She needs that? I want to go to the city. What to do there? Walk around. I can do that ride my bike today.

That is easier for me. I can ride later today in the afternoon. Which library is going to be open? I don't know. It's a thursday. The takapuna library might be open late.

I can go there. I post this to blog, then ride. Or do something else. Everything is connected. Path of least resistance determines what I do next. First is the interest. That tells me where the light is and that it is connected.

Kid got up. I do something else. Or not. That is always connected.