friday trash collection

I haven't looked at a chart a few days now. There is notification on reddit when you have something on your inbox. Is it that people are nice because they are hoping to get randomized? I think so. That's what my reflection is and that's how I feel about it.

Son is up now. He's not like before. Things are moving forward. I feel like I did not get any sleep last night although I was dreaming. That's good enough. I can play with that. I can always go take a nap later in the day.

Am I running today? I think so. That's the intention. I like this headphone I heard that stomping there and had soundstage. But the playlist feels like not quite there. I can listen to this for now and see. Will it be good to have playlist when I run?

This music is so pop but has good soundstage. Maybe I can expand on to this genre and see what we get? The playlist here is not random. I hardly hear some of the other songs. It's the same with a local native app. It's not as random as well. Why is that?

Kids are up now. I can recharge his thing, but not now. I am writing. He is not going to use it soon enough anyway, unless he needs to restart the internet. I don't really dig pop right now. But listening with my m40x makes the experience good.

Should I go out for a walk instead? That be good as well. I can't listen to good music like this but that's something different for me. The lights are still on and it's light outside. It's a friday. I need to do some chores later. Maybe I can write during the in-between.

We have guests later tonight. That be good. Wife is up to work out. I have a big tummy. And I am here and learned about shining. It's not about how much you have outside. It's that ability to shine that is more important. I had that insight as I was taking out the trash.

Why is it important. That is what others pick up on. And people will choose that shining than someone who has everything but can't shine. You can have everything and still shine. That's the reality of it. But if you don't have that so be it. I can always do something else here.

Like what? Like I can write. And I can practice shining on with my writing. To let the light shine through to the reader and connect. That is the practice here. The birds are here. It's never too early for them. They can finish that bread before wife gets out for work.

no. this is not the music for me. Why did that no not get capitalized? I am even changing my spelling habits. Why use z in ized instead of ised. It's easier to use the ised version. Then that is where I go.

Son has internet connection. I am going to do laundry. I like that base. And that tophat. It's the contrast with the base and top hat that's nice to listen. And then there is the separation between the different instruments. It's the source of sound or that thing that makes the sound.

We had whoopy last night. It was awesome as usual. I wasn't planning on it. That is synchronicity there. And it's a reflection of everything and who you are. And I write a lot these days. And I don't have to get clients. I shine and that's all I need to do.

This is my process. I like the way music plays here. It's pop, but it's ok as the soundstage seems awesome. What is next?