i am. . . .

I don't feel like writing just yet. It was raining when I woke up. I am surprised that the sky is almost blue with notch of gray clouds here and there. Why the difference in spelling and grammar and all that. In the meantime, I have all these voices in my head saying shoulds and needs.

That is the contrast? Two kids are not going to school today. I have let go. No need to be in this relationship. I can go my own way without having to lose my kids in a divorce. It's called having an affair? no. it's about being myself and not put my self esteem in a relationship that is one sided.

I don'thave to put my peace, my ligght in the hands of another. I am responsible for my own self. If no one else can see that, so be it. Does it have to be secret? no. it will be out in the open. There is, and everything is here and now. No need to be someone else as I am all that is.

And that's why it feels like that I am not. It's because it has to be empty so it can be filled in by anything you put in it. It's the empty cup. That has been your gift all along. You are who you become. No need for conditions. This is unconditional love.

And you have known this all along. You never needed validation from the outside. And some can't see that. But if they did see it, they are in the same frequency as you are. Use the energy. That's why it is there. And you know now how to go from here?

The next step will show when you are going to take that next step. All you need is to be in your light. You have been alright all along. Even if you did not know how things were going to turn out. It was there all along. You only need to align yourself with the frequency. Everything else came up for you, path of least resistance.

And that is the beauty of it. I never expected to be living in auckland. Imagine, of all places. The goal back then was some plush village. But look at where I am now. It is in those times when I have nothing, when I was an empty cup that I had everyhting. And it was so much better than I expected it would.

Be that empty cup. Then you will find the holy trinity. It's not about religion. It is that this and that. When you see it, you are aligned, in alignment. The color has shifted.

That is where the practice is. What is next? Take the next step always. It leads to where you want to go. What comes next you will see when you take that step. You can go and be open. Everything is connected. You don't have to know where it is you are going.

And that's the beauty of it. You don't have to be defined. You only need to be empty and you are filled by your light. The religion is using it but never understood the power of it. It's like they are using it, but really, they are as clueless as the sheep they herd. But that too is the empty cup. Not really. There are a lot of preconditions in that ligth.

But it is still part of all that is. No need to invalidate that otherwise, you give it your power. That is what you create. You are god. What would it be like teo be god?

You already know the answer. Like it.

Did you see that?

I was.

I still am. Walk this way now.