keep inside out

I am annoyed with wife. She thinks she knows everything. Look at her life right now. She's seldom happy with the way things are. I am not going to argue with her. If she thinks that way and insists on doing things her way, then she do it. I am not going to go down that path with her.

In a way, I am being positive about it. I am putting myself first. She wants to go that way but I don't, then we part ways. I still keep to my own light and allow her to be in hers.

Arguing about it, trying to get her to see things my way is negative. It gets everyone upset. You don't want to go there. You want to be in the light. The state of being I prefer is 'pleased with self'. That's my light. I don't have to bring her with me if she don't want to.

Now that I have that vented, I can let it go now. I don't have to hold on to it all morning. I was at this meetup last night. I saw that I was doing good on my own. I learned web development on my own. There was this charlie that I was talking to. He is gung-ho about web dev and yet he's only doing front-end. I don't think he's that deep into it either.

There was also this rav guy who has a certificate in marketing. He looked clueless about it when talking about it. He said he was doing adwords, but it feels like he was not confident about it. Like he wasn't projecting his light when talking. He wasn't shining.

There were others who knew what they were doing. Jay the seo guy knew what he was doing. There was also this lady who projected it. There was another lady, she was russian. She was into social media marketing, or at least marketing. She wasn't pushing anything. She was there for the meetup. She showed up alone. I saw her walking away from the meetup alone. I was in the bus stop waiting for my wife then. Not that I was stalking anyone.

What was weird is that, soon as she passed this guy in the sidewalk, he started walking after her. He was wearing a black hoodie. I hope things are great with her. There was a mobile police car that was driving by regularly. I had the impression that crime rate in the area was higher than in the shore.

Wife eventually got there. She got lost again, even with the navigator. My son was with her. Maybe there was nothing good to do for him and decided to come along for the bribe. She promised to get him something from mcdonalds.

I have stuff to do outside. I write practice now so I don't have to do that later. I can do marketing stuff. Path of least resistance now is ebooks. I can write something, adwords that to get traffic then sit back and see how it goes.

Is there a market for that? We will see. I can look it up on the keywords, do market research and see what happens. Also will check if my book has arrived. It usually takes this long to get it, then another one week to ship it back.

Do I need a url for that? I think I will need a url to sell that thing. It needs its own stand-alone. That kettlebells lady is hot. I think she is married and has kids now. I could have kept it up, but things, life got in the way.

This is where I am now. This is where I should be. No shoulds. This is the energy. This is what I play with. I got a lot of things from my friend over there. Good teacher? Good reflection. It's a channel from the higher self.