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Never the same river twice. This was the insight I had when I got up this morning. It's a different day. It can be the same day, but it really is different. How I respond to it is different in every way. I can respond the same way, but the day is different because I am thinking that I am responding to it in the same way.

There are a number of nuances that are different. The time is different. And I am using that word a lot of times already. Is that how google indexes your site. If so, there is something wrong about that algorithm. Or maybe not. Not that they are geniuses or better than you. They have credentials, but it's the rich experience that each of us have that is essential.

And the path—it's varied. No two people have the same path. They may be in the same org but they each go their own path.

And I am moving on now. I moved the other url custom to the other blog. That serves as a not taking blog, also where the back office happenings are. The other one is more polished and serves as the showcase website. Showcase is hosted on heroku while the blog is on blogger.

What now? Start behaving from the inside rather than make things happen on the outside. There are products down the line. Respond that way. No need to make things happen. It never works that way. You respond as that person that you want to be. Not that it's out there. You only need to change your frequency and you will have that experience.

You have three variables. You get two and the other one is a bonus. That's how you shift. That is my equation. Everything changes on the autumn of twenty sixteen. It's an illusion. Eeverything is different here and now. Everything is here and now. It's a clue that it's going there.

And how come no one is mentioning that? Those in the know have that in mind. No need tobring it up. You can discuss that with them. It's all the same thing. You can choose the dimension that you are in. you have three variables. It's also the laws, principles of creation. Everything is connected.

And what happens now? You continue on this path. You can go back, but there really is notihng back there. There is only and everything is here and now. You get this. No need for teaching. What to do today. I can go out for a ride. I can ride my bike or run. It's going to be bright and sunny. There also is the laundry to do.

I can do that soon as wife is up. She has plenty of baggage. I am no longer there. I respond to it differently. At least I choose to respond to it differently. This is what my friend told me about. I don't know how tihings are going to be from here on. All I know is that everything is connected and that it all turns out for thebest.

No need to change he. That serves as contrast for me. I am using that already. It's like swimming in a deep pool. You let yourself drift down to the bottom so you can propel yourself easily and guide to the direction that you prefer.

Also consider that you propel in the path of least resistance. When you go against the flow, you are going to have resistance. Remember and you know all this already. No need to remind you. It is instinctive. It is engrained in your soul.

I can do a session later on. Do I go out? Do my own thing. I can switch to that chair later. Everything is diffenet now. Ever if you go back to that place, things are so much different. I wonder how they are now? I can and will go back for a visit.