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It's cloudy outside. Sunday morning. I don't feel like doing anything. I feel like that young grasshopper being sent by the oldies out to the world. Why did they do that? Was it to be a missionary and preach their gospel? Or was it part of the learning process, that they go out and practice what they have learned. In that path, they can choose to come back and share, guide future students, or they can grow roots wherever they fancy.

I think it's that latter. How will that play out then? If so, how many will remain? They will assign someone to stay. Will that be a good way to grow the next branch? Probably. Maybe they have something in place to ensure that. But it breaks zen. Then that becomes like a church with rules and all that.

And you will not find the better students in such a closed environment. The best students are the ones outside doing the application. You bring them to you by synchronicity. You will not find them unless that too is part of your path.

Listening to jazz this morning. Is there a cello only jazz genre? I can look that up, but for now, I will listen to this. It's a short playlist. It's like one of those seed playlist probably, that the developers put in place.

I unfollowed that. I already have this one. I can make changes later. It's not going to be such cloudless blue skies today. It was yesterday and I was out had a great time. And I chose to be in the dark. It was a learning experience for me. I don't have to invalidate that. I was in the light even so.

How to choose differently next time? Be in this moment. Everything is here and now. I can do that thing and apply for that. Or offer them something free of charge. If they find it useful, they will say thank you and be on their way. But if they need help with it, you might get something in return.

I keep adding to my playlist. It's how you grow them. And it's something I enjoy doing anyway. It's like morning pages. I have been at this for a decade now, more I think. Like things started to happen when my kids were born.

And how will it change? Use up the energy. Be in the light through the contrast. I know. And this is why I am set out to the world, so that I will learn more on my own. No need for the teacher with that. Get out there and you will learn what you need to learn when you need to learn it.

Everything happens by reflection. You can always check in once a month. Or check in when there be new updates. For now, everything is with me. No need for others. And I can play with that.

What else to write about? I don't know. Only be in this moment and see what happens. Maybe he was fishing for a dole-out. I don't have it. I guess that is something for him. I need to unplug that charger. That thing is falling apart.

And things are going to change. They don't need laptops. I can get them their own desktop. That is more manageable when they break down. I can fix them when needed. And what else can I do about it?

Do the searth. Wife is up. She's going to shower. I need to get my cards from the car. I can go to the library early today. I have my water bottle in the freezer in case I go. I want to get them audiophile mags from the library to see what is the reflection in that.

No need to learn. You pick things up as you go. And that is what's interesting right now.