earning potential play

I did not write earlier. I gotta move that coriander to another container, or at least add holes to the current bottom situation. I don't think it's draining enough. Is there another way here?

Daughter is asking for a phone. How to do that? I don't know yet. I can't give her mine as I don't really want to tie myself down with this expense. It's going to cost me at least two hundred to get a new one. If I go with a monthly tie, it's going to be painful and I won't be able to unlock it so I am going to have to use it continually.

I think there be a better way around this. Or do something else completely. Like company will get me that. But the setup is more important for me. I can move forward with that. How? It's going to have to wait until next year, or at least two paydays. What else can I do there?

Start operating as a business. And then what? Can I do copywriting with that? I don't know yet. Maybe start it like a consulting business? I can do that. Marketing consultants? Plain consulting is good enough. I can go there. And it will be like a multi-purpose thing. Should I do focus, or work with what I got. I think that makes better sense that way.

This spotify is also an expense if I let it. But I am going to do a lot of walking home from here on. The music may be good for tuning in there. Cello will make for a good playlist. You align with the quiet and it's good to go there too. I will look into that. I like this better than jazz. Classical with a lot of violins, maybe. But the cello has a deeper sound that resonates with me for me. It's that deep sonata—is that the right word?

Anyway, that's the sound. Wife says she can go half and half with the daughter's phone. We'll see how it goes. For now, only do this and get to the other side. I don't really need a new phone right now. Mine is working after I removed a few apps that was a drain on the battery. I think it was btsync. But I could be wrong. It could be something else that's always running in the background.

I like It's an expert site that a lot of us go to. I go there for reviews. I see what they are talking about and make decisions from their experience. There is not one expert. I don't think that exists anymore. Someone else can and will call it bullshit.

And that's why they were resistant about the amateur professional on the internet. They don't have control over the information. A lot of teachers in uni are like that. That means you have to go deeper into what you claim to know, otherwise, you get called out.

I have issues with that. This is good music. I like it. How about solos. Maybe I can get something in there. I will look into that later. And maybe get daughter that phone, or I can give her mine and get that for myself. I think that will work. She gets second hand all the time and she don't use it that well?

I don't know. I don't really need a new one. I would rather have a dac-amp for myself. But it's not really that much of a requirement. Then I can go from there. I don't think I like this one. Removed it. Not all in the playlist is going to work with you. Remove it replace it with something else.

And that is how it is with life. I think we are going to have good weather for the rest of the week. I am going to takapuna later to get more work clothes. I am going to redefine this. It's not work, it's more play. I get to interact with more people. There's potential for me to get back into copywriting or programming. Copywriting seems interesting and not a lot of people are into it or can tap into that creative flow.

I need to see their channel. Maybe there is something in there that I can go into on the internet. I can go there. I can do with a bigger phone. And what else? I am a marketing man. More like a social engineer. I think that is a better and more apt phrase, but it's still a label. It's an interest is a better word for it.

I can ask and look around once I get in there. And that's one of the first places that I go to when I get in tehre. I can offer my skills for free and work on it when I am in there. I can have coffee with whoever is in charge of that department.

But do you want to get into that? Only if I can get more out of it. It's that equation again? I think it's more if I will enjoy it. Or stay in sales and do that as a side gig. I can do that. What else is there for me?

I don't know. Finish writing and get to the other side. I think that direct mail word was noted down in the hr person. I think there was a note on that in the application reference. We'll see. Will that work? I don't know yet. We'll see.

If I can get gadgets for that and a better play situation, why not. Maybe I can play write outside and do telecommute playwork. That's how I call it now playwork. So it pertains to the job. And it's a better definition label for me. That works best for me then.

And I don't have to listen to anyone? Only what is the creative flow.

post mortem thing

Do more with less. This seems to be a part of my process or path. What am I getting out of it? I don't really need much to get in the light. I can choose to be in the light without much of anything. When I see the contrast, I can let go, or look into the source cod. One other option is to use up the energy. This is what I get out of it.

Does it serve me? I think so. There be times when I, the local mind don't get it, but I can choose to allow it to be so. No need to make it otherwise. And what do I get out of that? Idon't know at times. All I know is that if it's here, then there is something there for me. The local mind sometimes can't get why it is so, but understands that there's a reason for it.

I have been woozy since last night. It's all the junk I had yesterday. I put a reason in it that serves me. It's that fast going into the next day. I did not have anything for dinner other than coffee and diet soday. I can do without the diet soda, but it was there. I feel like there be gaps in my process.

I like the cherno project for java programming. It's starting to make sense. It's like c++ but with memory management built in. yes. It is like so. But there's still a big gap in there. Why the need for that? I do java to get into android programming. That seems, feels like something I can enjoy doing. Hacking into my phone and learning how to get things done.

Do I need a job for that? Not necessarily. I can get gigs here and there. That seems interesting enough for me. That's where I am headed. I can't get why people I know can't get into that when they need jobs? Like my bro and some people I know. But that's life. And when they retire, there is that nagging feeling that it's going to run out.

And I have that now? I think so. Then use the energy. What can I do here to get in the light. Let go. Be at peace. That is ultimately where you want to go anyway. You don't have tohave the outside reflection. You don't have to have the toys that go with it. Be in the light and the toys have a better chance of coming. Not that you need them, but that if it's relevant for you, then you will be having that experience.

I am feeling woozy. What now? This is day on. It's one year of this. Tonight is a test? It's contrast. I don't have to fight iti. I only choose which light to get into. I understand the challenge. I would rather label it as contrast. You need contrast for the reflection. It...they go together. You can't have one without the other.

Sometimes it may seem like the other, contrast is not there. It's like you have all dark without light, but light is there, you just can't see it then. And that's the nature of my experience. To see the contrast. It is this is that.

And there is so much to learn. I don't think it will end. It's expanding. You can go to a different level, but the level is already there, you just don't see it. There is so much to explore. And I can let go of all if I choose to. And it's still part of the whole.

I have the kids' lunch in the oven cooling off. When I finish writing I can move that out, then start wrapping them. One child is staying home. She is done with school. I can call the uniform shop and see if they are open today. I can go over and get the uniform.

I can bring along the existing uniforms to get their sizes right. I don't want to have to go out, but if this is the process, then so be it. Do I have to run? That is what I look forward to. I have one more page I am dizzy. I need water? Maybe this is something else. I took my bp last time and it was something else.

How to use this then? Am I scared of that word? Why? It was an unpleasant experience. It's the label I have. I see. It's like I have to deal with a teacher with a limited or different perspective. And this is why I don't like school. They don't get it. They got carried away with the labels.

You don't teach. The students learn. They are not even students. They too can teach. It's just that they believed in the label and never seem to question anything about it. And this is where the path goes. You can go deep into the forrest and get the experience. And that is the learning process as well.

And how do you get out of the forrest? You choose it. Or you don't have to get out of the forrest. Maybe the forret will change. Maybe it shifts into something else. Maybe that is so.

Why is wife up early? And what was that vibe about? It's probably gmail sending stuff. I have gone forward from here. No need to deal with the past. It's an illusion. Everything is here and now. I can look under the hood when I am here and now. Sometimes it's hard to work with the reflection. You think that the reflection is reality. It's not.

What then is real? Your experience of it is real. How do you grasp that? Go inside. See the awareness. That is the one having the experience. And how do you connect that with reality. I don't know. Is she going to workout? I think so. She is getting her cup of water. She is going for the workout. I can get a video of that and put it in plex.

That way, you don't have to get the dvd. I can look into that. Maybe get that as a gift for her out of nowhere. She has been losing weight. She runs everyday. I don't think she is running today.

dlang to light

Surprisingly, I feel that I get better random plays with vlc. Spotify they are getting plenty of complaints with that on the net. This old friend, through his partner wants to know if he can hang out. I think that was unnecessary for both of them. She blurted it out when he could have asked me straight on.

I think there wasn't enough interaction going on in there. I reached out with that meetup but he did not reply. I went sms and email. No reply. He knows where I like. He can come over anytime and he'd be welcome. I have a lot on my plate at the moment but he can come hang out. He's got a laptop anyways.

I had a great time last night with the family. They are part of the family. There was a moment there when we could have started arguing or shut down, but wife was patient and allowing. That was good.

Interstellar got a lot of talk in social media but the movie was kinda boring. It's just that the concept in the story—metaphysics was new for a lot of people that got them thinking and talking about it. I think the movie would have been better, storywise. They could have gotten rid of the mann fork.

Everything is connected anyway. They could have used a more boring path where there was no conflict but more reflection and contrast. But that's hollywood. How to do that then?

I don't feel like the music in the background is helping there. Better to do this instead. How can you make that story better? What were they rtrying to solve? How to get plan b to work? Get people off the earth with that space station. That was the more immediate problem. It was more economical and more effective to do plan b but they did not have the whereabouts how to make it happen. They can build a space station outside of orbit, but it is going to be more expensive.

I think they were writing the story based on today's tech. That is how they want it to be more believable. But what if there was outside colab? It's going to happen in 2016 anyway. The technology is going to be there the earth, if it were dying, is a reflection for the mass consciousness. At that instance, everything they do would be in futility, unless they, the lead character were in a positive alignment., in the light.

If they were in the light, then they would have shifted to an earth that was more in alignment with who hey were. There was no need to save the planet. So it was going around in circle. I was shifting in my seat. That was a boring concept and hollywood couldn't profit from that.

Why not onecharacter shifting in that context, then saving the world. Then he would have to live in an oyster for a while. And how would that happen? Live in a farm, yes, with his family. There will be that situation to hack. The earth dying and need to save the people? Not save them. More like hack up something to be in a slightly better situation. Something that will be interesting for that hacker.

Maybe he is part of a community of hackers online and they work together to come up with a solution. Steve jobs was selfish to take linux and make money off it, but it did bring to light that you can use linux and make it work. It's that open source community. But not to use it to profit for yourself. You do it to grow the community.

Did he give back? Who is giving back? Linus. He is not making a ton of money off his os and that stillman guy. These two people made a lot of work into it and never became billionaires. And that is where you want to be? If there was interstellar, then they are going to be a part of the story. At least people like them.

Instead, it was up to michael caine to solve the equation. I don't think he was even a hacker. He was a teacher and as teacher. He wasn't in a positive field. He was solving the problem by himself. And that's what was missing in his equation.

Everything is here and now. That means you wil use other people's perspective to get a different light on the equation. You show it to someone and see what they think of it. And how to get there? Do you need a virtual machine? Probably. But the way things are going, you learn how to program, then take it with the more apt programming language. Dlang sounds good for me. That's how you get there.

Is google going to be there? They seem to be doing all the right moves right now. Maybe they'd still bethere. But android is closed off. You can't open source anything else. That has to evolve. How?

I don't know yet. And google can buy that when that happens. But mincraft is an examlpe there. You can make something big out of it. How? Be in the light. Finish that tutorial and go farther than that. Ubild on it. You can create that ai and make it go from there.

What is the material? I don't know yet. That is further down the line. How are you going to get it to work? Connecti t with your aveareness. That is more apt than letting it learn by itself. Connect it with your algorithm. Then it iwill be an true extension of your awareness.

And I got this insight last night. It's not that the answer is comig form the outside anyway. I haven't been there for a few days. I don't have to anymore. I get the answers anyway. And the timing is always perfect for that. I can go to the tcity for this. I can go far with java with this anyway. And I don't have to go there. It can always be here. How? Go there. Be in that light right now.

south park redefine

That was the intention? What was? I don't know. It came to mind, that phrase, so I wrote it. I have pizza cooling off in the kitchen. That's what the kids are having for school lunch. It's a thursday. We had another situation last night as we headed to the grocery.

I felt that she was mean to my son when he told him we don't do grocery on wednesday. I could see him start to tear up but was keeping it inside. She could have said that in a more empathic way, but she didn't. She just put it out there not caring about how it makes people feel.

My son was looking forward to being with his mom and dad. It turned out to be a bitter experience. What did I get out of it? I saw the baggage she was carrying and would not let go of. She said she was under stress, but where was the stress in that moment?

My philosophy is that if I can't do anything about it in any given moment, then I let it go. It's not the right time for it. I cross the bridge when I get there. Doing so, I pick up things that's there. I don't know how it will help but I know that it's connected and may come in handy when the bridge is there.

She don't see it that way. Her way is to think about it until she finds a way to solve her problem, then hold that light until she gets to the bridge. I am done showing another way. She just can't see it. And this gets me upset because I am letting myself get affected by this.

What am I getting out of it? Control. Local mind wants to control the turnout. But you don't have to. You know that if and when you get into the light, you will see the reflection. There be contrast, but it's there so you have a choice. And that choice is still part of your process.

And right now I have this baggage that I should be retiring but instead I am on the lookout for work—in IT. It's like me reinventing myself again. Why do I not want that? I want to be in that light, but have definitions that are not in alignment. Then you know what to do first before taking another step.

And this is why I write.

How do I redefine that? It's not that I want a job. I am doing this because I feel like this is a part of my process to expand in computer science. That label, computer science is so out there for me. How do I redefine that?

Working with code. That sounds better. I'll find the right set of words later. For now, I can call it IT. And will use that. It's shorthand and I know what it means. So how do I redefine this? I don't have to convince anyone why they should hire me. I offer solutions that they might need. If not, then I move on to something else.

And I don't have to be someone else. I only have to, is that the right words for me, align myself with being that person with my solutions. Everything else will go for that. In the meantime, I have things lined up for the day. I am not running today, but if that sounds good later, then I can do a make up run.

I did seven rounds in the field yesterday. That was almost an hour of running and I was at peace after round three. At peace means everything was sync'd up. I was in the zone. It was a slow run, but I was enjoying it. I can run today, then take a break tomorrow. Or I can go for a walk and do yoga later.

I can do yoga this morning before brunch, then walk when the kids get home. It's not that I don't want to be with the kids. It's the pattern that I am changing. I see the pattern and find the motivation behind it. The trigger was when the kids are home and I am hungry. Besides, I have stuff to listen to while doing yoga. I do it in the living room this time. And that feels good for me.

It is a bit cold today. I can watch the series I found that makes me laugh. It is slowing down after the first three episodes. I wonder if they can keep it up after season 1. sometimes you don't have to have season 2. you can create a new one and expand from there.

Can I write that instead? I am an explorer? Im a. in the old days, you go about, find a place you can settle in, then stay ther. When the bug comes itching again, you pack up and go about again. Maybe that's how that guy did it in the man from earth. I want to see that movie again. I can do so today.

I can choose to take it easy today and nurse myself, be kind to myself. That's how I find alignment. I be in the light. No need to push things to make things happen. I know that now. And what you know is what you are. You act on it. No need to push that on someone else. And how toget there?

Do I have to run a big org like someone else? I would rather travel light. I would rather go on a bike tour and do stuff. Go ride to leyte and spend a year on that. I like that. How to get there? You need something that will run by remote control. I don't know yet. Maybe an online game with freemiums the way south park defined it.

That was a funny episode. Do you want to see more of that? When the kids watch it, I can see it with them. I spend so much time with them. Sometimes I just enjoy being with them when they get in the car. They feel the tension too you know.

I did when I was a kid. Even if I am quiet about it, I hope they didn't. But it's there. Maybe there is something there for everyone.

do you write?

I have something in the oven will ding in about ten minutes. I stop writing then to turn it off. I don't feel like writing but it's habit sort of. So I write. There's not much to do. I can respond differently in the moment. That changes everything. I shift. And there are plenty religions. How do they wake up?

Maybe if they find life in a different or outside earth. But religion can easily change their books and references. No need to convert them. They get what they have in their source code. And it gets tight to shift with too much bloat. And that's how you shift. No need to teach that. You teach by example. No need to fight them. It's how you are. It's how you respond. And I can be in my own light. No need to get others with you. You shift to a dimension where they already are. Or at least you find people in alignment. Not necessarily the same signature, but it's the same frequency, almost.

You can expand from that. It's your choice. This is why I seldom go there. Too much inertia to go through. You don't want that. It's like they are still in the dark and when you tell them there is a choice, they fight you because they are having such a hard time in there.

I can disappear from their choice and live my own life. And that's what I did. That's what I am doing now. It's the difference between facebook and reddit. It's almost the same, but reddit for me is more on the edge out there on the edge and facebook is safe and forgiving.

But it's your choice. No need to push that choice to someone else. My kids are tuning into reddit. It's more in alignment with them. More so when you see how deep it goes. As in it goes really deep and you find people with the same interests as yours and you grow from there.

I can revert back to that profile now. What else is there to do? Not much only be in your light. There is nothing out there. I vaccuumed my area yesterday. Or was that the other day? I still have ten minutes to go. I guess one page is like five minutes. More less when I don't edit. But sometimes it's like that forecast for today is rain. This is spring.

I can run later. I bring the car to wife later this afternoon. The kids go to school. One stays home. I run later this morning. That's my itinerary. That's who I am today. I was dizzy yesterday. It's the shift. My local mind is trying or catching up to it and felt the transition in the physical mode.

What to do? Let the body catch up. That is how things are grounded. It's all physics and energies. And that's why there is no god as everything is god. Everything is awareness? Consciousness is the more apt word as awareness entails the senses somewhat, based on how I define things. There's a difference there.

So how do you measure awareness? It's a step down. There must be something in there that you can measure. Maybe the electrical impulse is generated when a response is made. You can work with that. But how do you determine its direction?

Mabye when it spikes higher somewhat. But not really that is the next question for me then. I am going to experiment with that and see how far it'll go. And then do something about it? Python seems logical as there be libraries to get the job done. I can go lower when I have the model working. For now, python is where you want to go.

Ruby seems like a good fit. It has less baggage. Python has backward comp issues. It's the same almost with the libs. What now? I don't know. Node maybe? It's all there anyway. I see. But I don't have to cross that bridge if I can't find it. Universe is telling me you don't need it. This is how I live now. This is how I respond. Not here means not for me.

I am moving from that. What else is there? Meetups seem to be quiet. It was the weekend. This is the start of a new one. Do I go check that out? Not quiet. Only write and get to the other side. I can go and close my eyes and still write. I can request for that and see what happens. And that is why I have this layout. It's a step up but you get there eventually.

And this is why it's connected. Things are like this. I slept early. Son kept doing his goodnights. I love that kid. That was a release. Yes. It has been an upward spiral and it's all good. It's all connected. I wouldn't be who I am if it was not there.

How to go from here? Finish writing and get to the other side. If it dings, then I am finished wiritng. Eldest daughter leaves around lunch time for school. I may be out running then. I don't have anything until after I run. The sooner I run, the sooner I get breakfast.

It might rain so it's going to be a quiet run. Or I can bring my rain jacket while I run. That keeps me company in the meantime. There be something to listen to and I am taking a call. And that's how the day might go. Things can change and I am open to that.

Last night wife ran over my plants. I had to move them and it's quite safe now sitting near the fence. She'll have to run down the fence to get to them. And it's growing alright. I have to water them when it's not raining though. That is part of the equation.

Do I want to live rural? Maybe so. If it's in that snow region. Then I can go to that snow mountain on weekends. Do I want that? I can even ride my bike there. I can talk to people that way. There is always something to do to connect.

hills and mountains

I am enjoying my new playlist. I ran a search for audiophile and found it. I've been listening to this since last night. I don't have to ramp up the volume. It's better on low slightly below mid level. That way, my ears do not fatigue as much when listening.

This is what being a connoisseur and gourmet is. I can play with that frequency and use it all over. I have interview later. This company needs my help. I can go there. That be interesting for me. It's a step up, not down and it's part of the process for me. It's alignment. And a diversion. I am going to get plenty of ideas there.

I can develop the programming skills in the meantime, build something. I am playing with python and javascript. The idea will come and make things interesting. And probably move to the city soon as I see the path. Things will align for me and go when the timimng is right. I don't have to make things happen. Everything will fall into place.

Eldest daughter is not leaving for school until after or around lunch time. She can stay with son in the meantime when I go. I be back by the time she leaves for school. It's thursday. Keep to the light. I can go in the dark as well. It's not this or that. It is this and that.

And this I have been learning all this time. It's more like unfolding as everything is here and now. It's been there all along. I only need to switch to that channel to reveal it. How to go from here? What's the next step? Look for what is interesting. That tells me that is where I need to put my awareness.

It may seem irrelevant, but it is because it's interesting. It has that signature. It has my name. So I go there. I do that. I wonder when I am supposed to start training? Maybe two weeks. That's usually how long the ad will run, then they interview as they come in. when they have the right number to fill in their bucket, they process everything.

In the meantime, I can enjoy the process and see how things go. It's a panel interview. They want this over and done with as soon as possible. I may be different from everyone else. That's ok. I can do something here. And if I don't get it, then it's telling me to go this way instead. That is a possibility and I am ok with that happening. No need to invalidate. It's still me.

Use the energy and move forward from there. What else is here? I can go to the toilet when I finish this. No laundry for today. Enjoy the process. I don't think that part there is relevant. Only get to the other side and see what happens.

Everyone is private and want their own space. They asked. I did not offer. And I can and am allow that. No need for grammar correction. It's getting the message acros as it sticks to the awareness. And that's where you want it.

I don't know how I can be of service in there. I can look at the source code, then make changes where needed. But from where I am now, I don't know what's next. So I only look to the other side. It's not this or that. I only write.

I found this friend on fb. She's a good friend. She is a good person. Big heart. I am pleased that she held on to the friendship. But she is too far from me now. We only connect thru the net. This is how the world is smaller now. The connection is there, but it's starting to blur.

What's next for me? I don't know. All I know is that I take the next interesting step. No need to resist. Everything is connected. If it's there, it is there for a reason. It's for you, like a present on an ordinary day and you don't know why you are getting a gift.

That is an interesting way to see it. This is page three. I have audiophile music. No need to push out the others. They too are interesting. As this one is. I am listening to tom hopkins on my free time. I have these headphones while I sit. It puts me in the light. Or I can let the awareness wander. It wants to play out like a child.

And this is all connected for me. I don't have to be someone else as that path is not mine. Their path is different and not mine as well as the point of view. And another great track is playing.

I can make this is my other writing playlist. I am a writer? Better to put a question mark there as it makes the statement open and malleable. You don't want it etched in stone. It can be, but it's not what I prefer. I can change as change is the only constant.

And it is always changing anyway. How to go from here? I don't know yet. Do I want to go to school. I can do that. But it's not as fun as I thought it would be. I can do something else in the meantime. I can and am homeschooling myself. I am always learning anyway.

To see what is coming is unreal. The local mind can make it up, but the best position for me is to keep it open. I like this track that's playing. Everyone is still in bed. Maybe I can get an upgrade when I get there. That way, I can listen to this when I go offline.

Also get a sony. I think the quality is better than samsung. They also have that walkman which plays good material. I have vlc too. That works well for me. There be others, but these two are tried and tested. I can play with that. I am losing interest in this writing now.

At least I am almost done here. It's always like these when I get near the end. Why not go four pages instead?

small garden nerd

It's seven. I am looking into microgrowery. The random function on spotify not work. Not perfect. I am in negative mode there. I seek quick returns rather than playing with something that's interesting to me. I feel like comparing myself with others whose paths are different than mine.

I am not happy with odesk. It's not a good reflection for me. It's mostly contrast. Then stop working there. Find one that is in alignment. I just removed a track from my playlist. It's not in alignment. It's that simple to make changes in your life. When you find something that's not in alignment, change it. Change the definition. Replace it with something that is more in tune with who you are.

This playlist I use for background music when writing. Do I really want to write? Yes. It's something I do in the meantime. It is practice. It puts everything in perspective. I guess I am still a farmer then. It's in the source code. Wife is up early today for a workout. She's doing kettlebells again.

I had carbs last night. I chose that. Why did I stop filtering when it got home? That is the big question for me. When I revert to that, I turn off the filter and become that other person not in alignment. How to change that?

Use the feeling to find the definition. The program is not working so use the feedback to find the error in the code. Not error, but it's not working as intended. And that's why I write code. I will go to bunnings and check out the soil and whatever else is needed for my garden. I am thinking of moving them outdoors.

I will change their potting then move them outdoors. Maybe I don't have to go out and buy potting mix. Maybe I can go to that place outside. Or maybe get my own composting bin. Do I have to buy that? I can simply put them in a local bin or container that I have and compost from there.

But I am definitely moving them out. That is in the roster today. There is that arduino tangleball meetup tonight. I can go there. But if I were going for that appilcation then I don't have to go there? We shall see. If you had funds, would you go there? Probably not.

I think there's more fish in the school network. How to do more of that? Be active there. But working there is not for me? Do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. Go for alignment. There are a lot of songs in my playlist that don't get played. No rush. He can still sleep. He will get up when he's good and ready.

I can compare the quality with the other headphones but you already know how that fares. This m40x is far better than any I have tried so far. Stick with this for god music. For vocals, I can use that other one. My kids are using my headphones.

That be good. They get used to good music quality. I can go there, but if it's not in alignment, I don't have to go there. Why am I not getting any response? And where are those floss? I was watching tv and placed them somewhere I forgot. It's probably there somewhere I will find them later.

The kids are going to school today. I can go out and run after they go, around ten. And that's the time the two are headed back. I went to bed soon after I hit the bed. I wonder if wife slept soon enough. I think so too. I said good night though.

I am on the season finale on poi. It's not as intense anymore. They are running out. The story is getting strung out. That's how they are. No longer as hungry as the first episode. It's the story. What can I do about it? Write about it. There's plenty that you can do here. It's rather early to be doing something else. Wife is serious with her workouts.

I wonder if third daughter is going out to school today. She had rash issues last friday. She had to get injections. She has allergy issues. Wasn't there milk container I saw? I can use that as alternate pot for my plants. That and the big juice container. This kid has issues? It's his choice. I don't have to respond to that.

Now what? I don't know. Finish writing. This is page three. I am at seven hundred words. This is a lot of writing and I do this everyday. I don't have to be like someone else. Go for alignment. Be in the light. That is the daily habit. No need to be like someone eles. Their path is different from mine.

What to do next? Even if it were just sitting in front of my pc, if that were the most interesting thing that I can do, then that is the...THE thing that I should be doing in all time and space. And also trust the synchronicity. That it's there for a reason.

No need for end game run times. Only do this and see what happens. I have that library thing finished. I can turn that off when I finish this. In the meantime, only do this. How is it going to end. They can work together. It's not good or bad, only different. It's all contrast. And the wise man will use both to be in the light.

That is my path. And if you don't know that, then there is a lot of things local that you can do. Grow local is something that can be done here. I can do sunday flea markets. That is fun. Go move to the city? That is also in alignment for me.

I can go there tonight. I have meetups lined up for this week. I will look into that and see what to make of it.

up three pages

This dubstep is like, it's banging my cans off my head. And the appeal there is that it is, the music won't make sense logically as they are rhythmic beats. And I love it. I listen to them when I go into zone.

I can go check out that gym. What's different this time? Ten dollars a week. I have that. Is that something that excites me? What if it starts to rain again. Will I be able to afford that? I haven't been getting gigs at odesk since I started.

It was like this back when I started. You'll get there. You need to ground this. You don't have to hoard, but what you do has to be in alignment. You can't go to gym when there is that definition that you won't be able to sustain it.

But you have to ground it. It has to be in alignment. How do I expand on that? Enjoy it. Go there and enjoy it. It's cheaper than the aut gym by as much as fifty percent. And I only go for the basic equipment. I did not avail of the other features in the gym.

What can I do differently? It's in takapuna. Where else to get the money? Can I network there? How will that affect my plans?

See that? You have plans. No plans. Only act on what interests you. No need to make plans as you, the local mind, don't know and can't tell what's going to happen next until it is tarting to happen. And when you are in alignment, you see it unfold.

I can go there and check it out. Or do something else. Can I sign up there? No need. I can do it online. Or do something else. I save that money and in a year, it's like how much? It's a grand? Maybe. We shall see.

What can I do with that? I can trade, but I am not that confident as a trader anymore. It crossed my mind, but what if I traded the london open only? Or take no losses and only trade with swaps? That be interesting. If it goes against me, then I can do something else. Is that even possible?

I can go take a look. No need for anything else. Only watch the market. I am training for a marathon. Can I go to a farther gym? I think so. But only if it is cheaper there. And it can expand on that if I am having fun with it.

Then only go if you think you can make it. I will check it out today. I'll see what happens next when I get there. I have eggs boiling. How long has it been? I think I need to turn that off now. I go see the wife later. I need to get my kicks someplace else. It has to get there. It will align with that.

How to do that? I don't know yet. I see it when I get there. It wasn't heavy dinner last night. I had a few dumplings, some rice. And I went out for a walk. It was about forty minutes of easy walk, something to refresh the stream of energy in me. It was a different...shift. And it was enjoyable. I do that often.

I don't enjoy writing thinking that someone is going to read this. I am not in alignment there. But I can use that energy and write about it. And no need for editing. I am trying to explain myself here. Move on or use up the energy.

The flow is shifting. Wife wants to meet on her lunch break. I can do that. I have stuff to do around here anyway. There is that season three to finish. I also have an album to listen to. I don't plan anything here. I only write. It's a weekend. I can do with a fun break.

The kids will want to be in charge of themselves. I can spend the rest of the day outside. I don't know how I can listen to my stuff, but going out for a ride is also listening to my own stuff. So I don't have to bring these cans with me.

Do I want a job? It's not the job, but a different perspective. I am looking for a different experience. I am going to email tracey later. Is she expecting anything there/ I don't know. But it's the right thing to do to notify her as she might be waiting for that.

What else needs to happen here? Check on daughter how she is doing. And then I can watch some stuff or do that arduino thing. I can go check that nearby electronics store. I think I saw that they have something in there. I can use the gym money to get my stuff.

That be fun. What else is there? I don't know. Maybe create robots that kids can play with. Maybe there is a game there that can be played. That be fun. I can get funding from kickstarter. And there's a lot of fraud going on in there but nobody is compalining. What are they getting out of it?

I don't know. Maybe that is my definition. Then I am going to get that effect. The odesk thing is low level work. You don't want to go there. Do something else. I can go for local clients. That be fun. I can go around that way.

I think I have an edge there. It's not that they are local that they know what I do. I do things differently and I get something out of it. I can do that. And it's the same as looking for work. The difference is that I am in charge of my gigs.

And what else can I do here? This is the last paragraph. I can have breakfast, then do my morning stuff. I don't have to. I can choose to do things differently. I am done.

rumble ramble abouts

I like this one domain name. It's a bit more general, not niche enough, but it can go several ways, and it's something that I enjoy doing. And it's not just about the athlete. I present it as a way of living. It's also about writing. I can post thoughts to it. But why get the domain name? You don't need that.

I can go with a blogger account and ride that to infinity. No need to convince anyone of what I am doing. I think I can do with the finetuning and practice coding. And I am done selling. I would rather be in that light than to join that movement. It's changing. I would rather be in that earth. I don't know what's going to happen now, but it's interesting for me.

The kids are going to school today. I can go out and go to the library. It said it was going to rain. The weather changes a lot. Do I want to do that gardening thing? I can have someone else do it. It's going to take two hours a day to finish all that. Will there be bees? Insects, maybe hedgehogs. Is that what I want to do? Or should I ask someone else.

You already know the answer to that. Move in that direction. Be in the moment. I can ride later. I can check things out. I also need to see that lampkit and see if it can be done. How do you bore a light through a bottle? And will it be safe electrically doing so?

I can get wood, maybe some junk thing and create from there. Or let the imagination do its thing. I can also check out that antique store. That is something that someone was interested in. an antique store would be interesting. I want to go into one and see. Not the expensive store. More like a very used and very old thing. Not like the hospice shop. Something else that is more interesting.

How to get there? I don't know yet. Be in the moment. No need to stay in the past. Be in your light. Do I really want that domain? Maybe there is nothing there? Maybe. It could be. But I can take pictures and write about it on my own. No need for something like that.

It's all about them thoughts there. It's like a hobo, but there is a negative meaning to it. Its' something else. Maybe they have that light. You don't know that. Moments when you jjust enjoy being in that moment. You don't want to be in the negative. It's there, but it serves as contrast. I can choose somehing else. And that's why I listen to my friend. I learn a lot from that interaction.

Wife has issues with that. She can go there in front of the kids but I can't. I don't know. Hat tells you something there. It does. It is reference into power. She is in that play. You don't have to go tehre. The greatest power requires the lightest touch. I almost lost it there. I chose differently.

I can do three pages of these. No need for another one. This here is nz based and it's a dot com. I can play with this. No ned for something else. I already have one and I am quite happy with it.

Which way now? Be in the light. I will go out for a ride. It's something I do. I ran yesterday. Lsd. It was fun. I have pain in the foot. That needs resting. Do something else for the day. I also want to get out and ride. It's spring. The weather is getting warmer already.

It was cold this morning. I wasn't able to get some sleep last night. I think it's the max I took around six. It's so potent you don't want to go there. I can do that this morning, do something else later on.

I can have breakfast now so I don't go on rampage later on. But there is somethig. I stopped eating after that noon time rampage. And it's already gone there. Is it worknig?