dlang to light

Surprisingly, I feel that I get better random plays with vlc. Spotify they are getting plenty of complaints with that on the net. This old friend, through his partner wants to know if he can hang out. I think that was unnecessary for both of them. She blurted it out when he could have asked me straight on.

I think there wasn't enough interaction going on in there. I reached out with that meetup but he did not reply. I went sms and email. No reply. He knows where I like. He can come over anytime and he'd be welcome. I have a lot on my plate at the moment but he can come hang out. He's got a laptop anyways.

I had a great time last night with the family. They are part of the family. There was a moment there when we could have started arguing or shut down, but wife was patient and allowing. That was good.

Interstellar got a lot of talk in social media but the movie was kinda boring. It's just that the concept in the story—metaphysics was new for a lot of people that got them thinking and talking about it. I think the movie would have been better, storywise. They could have gotten rid of the mann fork.

Everything is connected anyway. They could have used a more boring path where there was no conflict but more reflection and contrast. But that's hollywood. How to do that then?

I don't feel like the music in the background is helping there. Better to do this instead. How can you make that story better? What were they rtrying to solve? How to get plan b to work? Get people off the earth with that space station. That was the more immediate problem. It was more economical and more effective to do plan b but they did not have the whereabouts how to make it happen. They can build a space station outside of orbit, but it is going to be more expensive.

I think they were writing the story based on today's tech. That is how they want it to be more believable. But what if there was outside colab? It's going to happen in 2016 anyway. The technology is going to be there the earth, if it were dying, is a reflection for the mass consciousness. At that instance, everything they do would be in futility, unless they, the lead character were in a positive alignment., in the light.

If they were in the light, then they would have shifted to an earth that was more in alignment with who hey were. There was no need to save the planet. So it was going around in circle. I was shifting in my seat. That was a boring concept and hollywood couldn't profit from that.

Why not onecharacter shifting in that context, then saving the world. Then he would have to live in an oyster for a while. And how would that happen? Live in a farm, yes, with his family. There will be that situation to hack. The earth dying and need to save the people? Not save them. More like hack up something to be in a slightly better situation. Something that will be interesting for that hacker.

Maybe he is part of a community of hackers online and they work together to come up with a solution. Steve jobs was selfish to take linux and make money off it, but it did bring to light that you can use linux and make it work. It's that open source community. But not to use it to profit for yourself. You do it to grow the community.

Did he give back? Who is giving back? Linus. He is not making a ton of money off his os and that stillman guy. These two people made a lot of work into it and never became billionaires. And that is where you want to be? If there was interstellar, then they are going to be a part of the story. At least people like them.

Instead, it was up to michael caine to solve the equation. I don't think he was even a hacker. He was a teacher and as teacher. He wasn't in a positive field. He was solving the problem by himself. And that's what was missing in his equation.

Everything is here and now. That means you wil use other people's perspective to get a different light on the equation. You show it to someone and see what they think of it. And how to get there? Do you need a virtual machine? Probably. But the way things are going, you learn how to program, then take it with the more apt programming language. Dlang sounds good for me. That's how you get there.

Is google going to be there? They seem to be doing all the right moves right now. Maybe they'd still bethere. But android is closed off. You can't open source anything else. That has to evolve. How?

I don't know yet. And google can buy that when that happens. But mincraft is an examlpe there. You can make something big out of it. How? Be in the light. Finish that tutorial and go farther than that. Ubild on it. You can create that ai and make it go from there.

What is the material? I don't know yet. That is further down the line. How are you going to get it to work? Connecti t with your aveareness. That is more apt than letting it learn by itself. Connect it with your algorithm. Then it iwill be an true extension of your awareness.

And I got this insight last night. It's not that the answer is comig form the outside anyway. I haven't been there for a few days. I don't have to anymore. I get the answers anyway. And the timing is always perfect for that. I can go to the tcity for this. I can go far with java with this anyway. And I don't have to go there. It can always be here. How? Go there. Be in that light right now.