do you write?

I have something in the oven will ding in about ten minutes. I stop writing then to turn it off. I don't feel like writing but it's habit sort of. So I write. There's not much to do. I can respond differently in the moment. That changes everything. I shift. And there are plenty religions. How do they wake up?

Maybe if they find life in a different or outside earth. But religion can easily change their books and references. No need to convert them. They get what they have in their source code. And it gets tight to shift with too much bloat. And that's how you shift. No need to teach that. You teach by example. No need to fight them. It's how you are. It's how you respond. And I can be in my own light. No need to get others with you. You shift to a dimension where they already are. Or at least you find people in alignment. Not necessarily the same signature, but it's the same frequency, almost.

You can expand from that. It's your choice. This is why I seldom go there. Too much inertia to go through. You don't want that. It's like they are still in the dark and when you tell them there is a choice, they fight you because they are having such a hard time in there.

I can disappear from their choice and live my own life. And that's what I did. That's what I am doing now. It's the difference between facebook and reddit. It's almost the same, but reddit for me is more on the edge out there on the edge and facebook is safe and forgiving.

But it's your choice. No need to push that choice to someone else. My kids are tuning into reddit. It's more in alignment with them. More so when you see how deep it goes. As in it goes really deep and you find people with the same interests as yours and you grow from there.

I can revert back to that profile now. What else is there to do? Not much only be in your light. There is nothing out there. I vaccuumed my area yesterday. Or was that the other day? I still have ten minutes to go. I guess one page is like five minutes. More less when I don't edit. But sometimes it's like that forecast for today is rain. This is spring.

I can run later. I bring the car to wife later this afternoon. The kids go to school. One stays home. I run later this morning. That's my itinerary. That's who I am today. I was dizzy yesterday. It's the shift. My local mind is trying or catching up to it and felt the transition in the physical mode.

What to do? Let the body catch up. That is how things are grounded. It's all physics and energies. And that's why there is no god as everything is god. Everything is awareness? Consciousness is the more apt word as awareness entails the senses somewhat, based on how I define things. There's a difference there.

So how do you measure awareness? It's a step down. There must be something in there that you can measure. Maybe the electrical impulse is generated when a response is made. You can work with that. But how do you determine its direction?

Mabye when it spikes higher somewhat. But not really that is the next question for me then. I am going to experiment with that and see how far it'll go. And then do something about it? Python seems logical as there be libraries to get the job done. I can go lower when I have the model working. For now, python is where you want to go.

Ruby seems like a good fit. It has less baggage. Python has backward comp issues. It's the same almost with the libs. What now? I don't know. Node maybe? It's all there anyway. I see. But I don't have to cross that bridge if I can't find it. Universe is telling me you don't need it. This is how I live now. This is how I respond. Not here means not for me.

I am moving from that. What else is there? Meetups seem to be quiet. It was the weekend. This is the start of a new one. Do I go check that out? Not quiet. Only write and get to the other side. I can go and close my eyes and still write. I can request for that and see what happens. And that is why I have this layout. It's a step up but you get there eventually.

And this is why it's connected. Things are like this. I slept early. Son kept doing his goodnights. I love that kid. That was a release. Yes. It has been an upward spiral and it's all good. It's all connected. I wouldn't be who I am if it was not there.

How to go from here? Finish writing and get to the other side. If it dings, then I am finished wiritng. Eldest daughter leaves around lunch time for school. I may be out running then. I don't have anything until after I run. The sooner I run, the sooner I get breakfast.

It might rain so it's going to be a quiet run. Or I can bring my rain jacket while I run. That keeps me company in the meantime. There be something to listen to and I am taking a call. And that's how the day might go. Things can change and I am open to that.

Last night wife ran over my plants. I had to move them and it's quite safe now sitting near the fence. She'll have to run down the fence to get to them. And it's growing alright. I have to water them when it's not raining though. That is part of the equation.

Do I want to live rural? Maybe so. If it's in that snow region. Then I can go to that snow mountain on weekends. Do I want that? I can even ride my bike there. I can talk to people that way. There is always something to do to connect.