earning potential play

I did not write earlier. I gotta move that coriander to another container, or at least add holes to the current bottom situation. I don't think it's draining enough. Is there another way here?

Daughter is asking for a phone. How to do that? I don't know yet. I can't give her mine as I don't really want to tie myself down with this expense. It's going to cost me at least two hundred to get a new one. If I go with a monthly tie, it's going to be painful and I won't be able to unlock it so I am going to have to use it continually.

I think there be a better way around this. Or do something else completely. Like company will get me that. But the setup is more important for me. I can move forward with that. How? It's going to have to wait until next year, or at least two paydays. What else can I do there?

Start operating as a business. And then what? Can I do copywriting with that? I don't know yet. Maybe start it like a consulting business? I can do that. Marketing consultants? Plain consulting is good enough. I can go there. And it will be like a multi-purpose thing. Should I do focus, or work with what I got. I think that makes better sense that way.

This spotify is also an expense if I let it. But I am going to do a lot of walking home from here on. The music may be good for tuning in there. Cello will make for a good playlist. You align with the quiet and it's good to go there too. I will look into that. I like this better than jazz. Classical with a lot of violins, maybe. But the cello has a deeper sound that resonates with me for me. It's that deep sonata—is that the right word?

Anyway, that's the sound. Wife says she can go half and half with the daughter's phone. We'll see how it goes. For now, only do this and get to the other side. I don't really need a new phone right now. Mine is working after I removed a few apps that was a drain on the battery. I think it was btsync. But I could be wrong. It could be something else that's always running in the background.

I like It's an expert site that a lot of us go to. I go there for reviews. I see what they are talking about and make decisions from their experience. There is not one expert. I don't think that exists anymore. Someone else can and will call it bullshit.

And that's why they were resistant about the amateur professional on the internet. They don't have control over the information. A lot of teachers in uni are like that. That means you have to go deeper into what you claim to know, otherwise, you get called out.

I have issues with that. This is good music. I like it. How about solos. Maybe I can get something in there. I will look into that later. And maybe get daughter that phone, or I can give her mine and get that for myself. I think that will work. She gets second hand all the time and she don't use it that well?

I don't know. I don't really need a new one. I would rather have a dac-amp for myself. But it's not really that much of a requirement. Then I can go from there. I don't think I like this one. Removed it. Not all in the playlist is going to work with you. Remove it replace it with something else.

And that is how it is with life. I think we are going to have good weather for the rest of the week. I am going to takapuna later to get more work clothes. I am going to redefine this. It's not work, it's more play. I get to interact with more people. There's potential for me to get back into copywriting or programming. Copywriting seems interesting and not a lot of people are into it or can tap into that creative flow.

I need to see their channel. Maybe there is something in there that I can go into on the internet. I can go there. I can do with a bigger phone. And what else? I am a marketing man. More like a social engineer. I think that is a better and more apt phrase, but it's still a label. It's an interest is a better word for it.

I can ask and look around once I get in there. And that's one of the first places that I go to when I get in tehre. I can offer my skills for free and work on it when I am in there. I can have coffee with whoever is in charge of that department.

But do you want to get into that? Only if I can get more out of it. It's that equation again? I think it's more if I will enjoy it. Or stay in sales and do that as a side gig. I can do that. What else is there for me?

I don't know. Finish writing and get to the other side. I think that direct mail word was noted down in the hr person. I think there was a note on that in the application reference. We'll see. Will that work? I don't know yet. We'll see.

If I can get gadgets for that and a better play situation, why not. Maybe I can play write outside and do telecommute playwork. That's how I call it now playwork. So it pertains to the job. And it's a better definition label for me. That works best for me then.

And I don't have to listen to anyone? Only what is the creative flow.