hills and mountains

I am enjoying my new playlist. I ran a search for audiophile and found it. I've been listening to this since last night. I don't have to ramp up the volume. It's better on low slightly below mid level. That way, my ears do not fatigue as much when listening.

This is what being a connoisseur and gourmet is. I can play with that frequency and use it all over. I have interview later. This company needs my help. I can go there. That be interesting for me. It's a step up, not down and it's part of the process for me. It's alignment. And a diversion. I am going to get plenty of ideas there.

I can develop the programming skills in the meantime, build something. I am playing with python and javascript. The idea will come and make things interesting. And probably move to the city soon as I see the path. Things will align for me and go when the timimng is right. I don't have to make things happen. Everything will fall into place.

Eldest daughter is not leaving for school until after or around lunch time. She can stay with son in the meantime when I go. I be back by the time she leaves for school. It's thursday. Keep to the light. I can go in the dark as well. It's not this or that. It is this and that.

And this I have been learning all this time. It's more like unfolding as everything is here and now. It's been there all along. I only need to switch to that channel to reveal it. How to go from here? What's the next step? Look for what is interesting. That tells me that is where I need to put my awareness.

It may seem irrelevant, but it is because it's interesting. It has that signature. It has my name. So I go there. I do that. I wonder when I am supposed to start training? Maybe two weeks. That's usually how long the ad will run, then they interview as they come in. when they have the right number to fill in their bucket, they process everything.

In the meantime, I can enjoy the process and see how things go. It's a panel interview. They want this over and done with as soon as possible. I may be different from everyone else. That's ok. I can do something here. And if I don't get it, then it's telling me to go this way instead. That is a possibility and I am ok with that happening. No need to invalidate. It's still me.

Use the energy and move forward from there. What else is here? I can go to the toilet when I finish this. No laundry for today. Enjoy the process. I don't think that part there is relevant. Only get to the other side and see what happens.

Everyone is private and want their own space. They asked. I did not offer. And I can and am allow that. No need for grammar correction. It's getting the message acros as it sticks to the awareness. And that's where you want it.

I don't know how I can be of service in there. I can look at the source code, then make changes where needed. But from where I am now, I don't know what's next. So I only look to the other side. It's not this or that. I only write.

I found this friend on fb. She's a good friend. She is a good person. Big heart. I am pleased that she held on to the friendship. But she is too far from me now. We only connect thru the net. This is how the world is smaller now. The connection is there, but it's starting to blur.

What's next for me? I don't know. All I know is that I take the next interesting step. No need to resist. Everything is connected. If it's there, it is there for a reason. It's for you, like a present on an ordinary day and you don't know why you are getting a gift.

That is an interesting way to see it. This is page three. I have audiophile music. No need to push out the others. They too are interesting. As this one is. I am listening to tom hopkins on my free time. I have these headphones while I sit. It puts me in the light. Or I can let the awareness wander. It wants to play out like a child.

And this is all connected for me. I don't have to be someone else as that path is not mine. Their path is different and not mine as well as the point of view. And another great track is playing.

I can make this is my other writing playlist. I am a writer? Better to put a question mark there as it makes the statement open and malleable. You don't want it etched in stone. It can be, but it's not what I prefer. I can change as change is the only constant.

And it is always changing anyway. How to go from here? I don't know yet. Do I want to go to school. I can do that. But it's not as fun as I thought it would be. I can do something else in the meantime. I can and am homeschooling myself. I am always learning anyway.

To see what is coming is unreal. The local mind can make it up, but the best position for me is to keep it open. I like this track that's playing. Everyone is still in bed. Maybe I can get an upgrade when I get there. That way, I can listen to this when I go offline.

Also get a sony. I think the quality is better than samsung. They also have that walkman which plays good material. I have vlc too. That works well for me. There be others, but these two are tried and tested. I can play with that. I am losing interest in this writing now.

At least I am almost done here. It's always like these when I get near the end. Why not go four pages instead?