rumble ramble abouts

I like this one domain name. It's a bit more general, not niche enough, but it can go several ways, and it's something that I enjoy doing. And it's not just about the athlete. I present it as a way of living. It's also about writing. I can post thoughts to it. But why get the domain name? You don't need that.

I can go with a blogger account and ride that to infinity. No need to convince anyone of what I am doing. I think I can do with the finetuning and practice coding. And I am done selling. I would rather be in that light than to join that movement. It's changing. I would rather be in that earth. I don't know what's going to happen now, but it's interesting for me.

The kids are going to school today. I can go out and go to the library. It said it was going to rain. The weather changes a lot. Do I want to do that gardening thing? I can have someone else do it. It's going to take two hours a day to finish all that. Will there be bees? Insects, maybe hedgehogs. Is that what I want to do? Or should I ask someone else.

You already know the answer to that. Move in that direction. Be in the moment. I can ride later. I can check things out. I also need to see that lampkit and see if it can be done. How do you bore a light through a bottle? And will it be safe electrically doing so?

I can get wood, maybe some junk thing and create from there. Or let the imagination do its thing. I can also check out that antique store. That is something that someone was interested in. an antique store would be interesting. I want to go into one and see. Not the expensive store. More like a very used and very old thing. Not like the hospice shop. Something else that is more interesting.

How to get there? I don't know yet. Be in the moment. No need to stay in the past. Be in your light. Do I really want that domain? Maybe there is nothing there? Maybe. It could be. But I can take pictures and write about it on my own. No need for something like that.

It's all about them thoughts there. It's like a hobo, but there is a negative meaning to it. Its' something else. Maybe they have that light. You don't know that. Moments when you jjust enjoy being in that moment. You don't want to be in the negative. It's there, but it serves as contrast. I can choose somehing else. And that's why I listen to my friend. I learn a lot from that interaction.

Wife has issues with that. She can go there in front of the kids but I can't. I don't know. Hat tells you something there. It does. It is reference into power. She is in that play. You don't have to go tehre. The greatest power requires the lightest touch. I almost lost it there. I chose differently.

I can do three pages of these. No need for another one. This here is nz based and it's a dot com. I can play with this. No ned for something else. I already have one and I am quite happy with it.

Which way now? Be in the light. I will go out for a ride. It's something I do. I ran yesterday. Lsd. It was fun. I have pain in the foot. That needs resting. Do something else for the day. I also want to get out and ride. It's spring. The weather is getting warmer already.

It was cold this morning. I wasn't able to get some sleep last night. I think it's the max I took around six. It's so potent you don't want to go there. I can do that this morning, do something else later on.

I can have breakfast now so I don't go on rampage later on. But there is somethig. I stopped eating after that noon time rampage. And it's already gone there. Is it worknig?