small garden nerd

It's seven. I am looking into microgrowery. The random function on spotify not work. Not perfect. I am in negative mode there. I seek quick returns rather than playing with something that's interesting to me. I feel like comparing myself with others whose paths are different than mine.

I am not happy with odesk. It's not a good reflection for me. It's mostly contrast. Then stop working there. Find one that is in alignment. I just removed a track from my playlist. It's not in alignment. It's that simple to make changes in your life. When you find something that's not in alignment, change it. Change the definition. Replace it with something that is more in tune with who you are.

This playlist I use for background music when writing. Do I really want to write? Yes. It's something I do in the meantime. It is practice. It puts everything in perspective. I guess I am still a farmer then. It's in the source code. Wife is up early today for a workout. She's doing kettlebells again.

I had carbs last night. I chose that. Why did I stop filtering when it got home? That is the big question for me. When I revert to that, I turn off the filter and become that other person not in alignment. How to change that?

Use the feeling to find the definition. The program is not working so use the feedback to find the error in the code. Not error, but it's not working as intended. And that's why I write code. I will go to bunnings and check out the soil and whatever else is needed for my garden. I am thinking of moving them outdoors.

I will change their potting then move them outdoors. Maybe I don't have to go out and buy potting mix. Maybe I can go to that place outside. Or maybe get my own composting bin. Do I have to buy that? I can simply put them in a local bin or container that I have and compost from there.

But I am definitely moving them out. That is in the roster today. There is that arduino tangleball meetup tonight. I can go there. But if I were going for that appilcation then I don't have to go there? We shall see. If you had funds, would you go there? Probably not.

I think there's more fish in the school network. How to do more of that? Be active there. But working there is not for me? Do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. Go for alignment. There are a lot of songs in my playlist that don't get played. No rush. He can still sleep. He will get up when he's good and ready.

I can compare the quality with the other headphones but you already know how that fares. This m40x is far better than any I have tried so far. Stick with this for god music. For vocals, I can use that other one. My kids are using my headphones.

That be good. They get used to good music quality. I can go there, but if it's not in alignment, I don't have to go there. Why am I not getting any response? And where are those floss? I was watching tv and placed them somewhere I forgot. It's probably there somewhere I will find them later.

The kids are going to school today. I can go out and run after they go, around ten. And that's the time the two are headed back. I went to bed soon after I hit the bed. I wonder if wife slept soon enough. I think so too. I said good night though.

I am on the season finale on poi. It's not as intense anymore. They are running out. The story is getting strung out. That's how they are. No longer as hungry as the first episode. It's the story. What can I do about it? Write about it. There's plenty that you can do here. It's rather early to be doing something else. Wife is serious with her workouts.

I wonder if third daughter is going out to school today. She had rash issues last friday. She had to get injections. She has allergy issues. Wasn't there milk container I saw? I can use that as alternate pot for my plants. That and the big juice container. This kid has issues? It's his choice. I don't have to respond to that.

Now what? I don't know. Finish writing. This is page three. I am at seven hundred words. This is a lot of writing and I do this everyday. I don't have to be like someone else. Go for alignment. Be in the light. That is the daily habit. No need to be like someone eles. Their path is different from mine.

What to do next? Even if it were just sitting in front of my pc, if that were the most interesting thing that I can do, then that is the...THE thing that I should be doing in all time and space. And also trust the synchronicity. That it's there for a reason.

No need for end game run times. Only do this and see what happens. I have that library thing finished. I can turn that off when I finish this. In the meantime, only do this. How is it going to end. They can work together. It's not good or bad, only different. It's all contrast. And the wise man will use both to be in the light.

That is my path. And if you don't know that, then there is a lot of things local that you can do. Grow local is something that can be done here. I can do sunday flea markets. That is fun. Go move to the city? That is also in alignment for me.

I can go there tonight. I have meetups lined up for this week. I will look into that and see what to make of it.