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This dubstep is like, it's banging my cans off my head. And the appeal there is that it is, the music won't make sense logically as they are rhythmic beats. And I love it. I listen to them when I go into zone.

I can go check out that gym. What's different this time? Ten dollars a week. I have that. Is that something that excites me? What if it starts to rain again. Will I be able to afford that? I haven't been getting gigs at odesk since I started.

It was like this back when I started. You'll get there. You need to ground this. You don't have to hoard, but what you do has to be in alignment. You can't go to gym when there is that definition that you won't be able to sustain it.

But you have to ground it. It has to be in alignment. How do I expand on that? Enjoy it. Go there and enjoy it. It's cheaper than the aut gym by as much as fifty percent. And I only go for the basic equipment. I did not avail of the other features in the gym.

What can I do differently? It's in takapuna. Where else to get the money? Can I network there? How will that affect my plans?

See that? You have plans. No plans. Only act on what interests you. No need to make plans as you, the local mind, don't know and can't tell what's going to happen next until it is tarting to happen. And when you are in alignment, you see it unfold.

I can go there and check it out. Or do something else. Can I sign up there? No need. I can do it online. Or do something else. I save that money and in a year, it's like how much? It's a grand? Maybe. We shall see.

What can I do with that? I can trade, but I am not that confident as a trader anymore. It crossed my mind, but what if I traded the london open only? Or take no losses and only trade with swaps? That be interesting. If it goes against me, then I can do something else. Is that even possible?

I can go take a look. No need for anything else. Only watch the market. I am training for a marathon. Can I go to a farther gym? I think so. But only if it is cheaper there. And it can expand on that if I am having fun with it.

Then only go if you think you can make it. I will check it out today. I'll see what happens next when I get there. I have eggs boiling. How long has it been? I think I need to turn that off now. I go see the wife later. I need to get my kicks someplace else. It has to get there. It will align with that.

How to do that? I don't know yet. I see it when I get there. It wasn't heavy dinner last night. I had a few dumplings, some rice. And I went out for a walk. It was about forty minutes of easy walk, something to refresh the stream of energy in me. It was a different...shift. And it was enjoyable. I do that often.

I don't enjoy writing thinking that someone is going to read this. I am not in alignment there. But I can use that energy and write about it. And no need for editing. I am trying to explain myself here. Move on or use up the energy.

The flow is shifting. Wife wants to meet on her lunch break. I can do that. I have stuff to do around here anyway. There is that season three to finish. I also have an album to listen to. I don't plan anything here. I only write. It's a weekend. I can do with a fun break.

The kids will want to be in charge of themselves. I can spend the rest of the day outside. I don't know how I can listen to my stuff, but going out for a ride is also listening to my own stuff. So I don't have to bring these cans with me.

Do I want a job? It's not the job, but a different perspective. I am looking for a different experience. I am going to email tracey later. Is she expecting anything there/ I don't know. But it's the right thing to do to notify her as she might be waiting for that.

What else needs to happen here? Check on daughter how she is doing. And then I can watch some stuff or do that arduino thing. I can go check that nearby electronics store. I think I saw that they have something in there. I can use the gym money to get my stuff.

That be fun. What else is there? I don't know. Maybe create robots that kids can play with. Maybe there is a game there that can be played. That be fun. I can get funding from kickstarter. And there's a lot of fraud going on in there but nobody is compalining. What are they getting out of it?

I don't know. Maybe that is my definition. Then I am going to get that effect. The odesk thing is low level work. You don't want to go there. Do something else. I can go for local clients. That be fun. I can go around that way.

I think I have an edge there. It's not that they are local that they know what I do. I do things differently and I get something out of it. I can do that. And it's the same as looking for work. The difference is that I am in charge of my gigs.

And what else can I do here? This is the last paragraph. I can have breakfast, then do my morning stuff. I don't have to. I can choose to do things differently. I am done.