allow to be

There seems to be a lot of confusion in me so I am writing this out. If you don't make a sale, or get three unsuccessfuls in a row, you get a time out. How do you avoid that? Is there a trick to it? What if the person really can't afford it? Offer them the installments?

There's something fucked up with the system. It feels like there's a lot of trickery going on in there. First they don't give you the price to get you to call and talk to sales. It's a given that price is going to be expensive, but look at qvc. They make such great drtv it don't seem to matter how much the product is.

I don't think it's up to us to build value. It's the job of the ad to build value by presenting the facts. They call in wanting to know what the price is. They talk to someone and they get into a bucket which gets a callback. At times, callbacks are like two grand. There's a backlog because the callers get struck out to inbound when they don't make a sale.

Something feels not right about it. How do you deal with it? It's on the outside. You can't affect the reflection in the mirror. You have to smile first before the reflection in the mirror is going to smile. So how do you do that? You do your job. You have a good time with it. Are they going to ever get past that?

Don't bother with that. There is something in there for you. Am I not doing good rapport? What else can I do here? I don't think i'llresolve anything focusing on the reflection. At least I am here and have my foot in the door. It's now up to me to make something out of it. I don't think they'll listen to an outsider. I can follow my own path and be my own example.

One alternative is to branch off to something else. Like what? Real estate sounds interesting. There's something else. Dm? That sounds interesting too. Will that do for me? I don't know. All I know is that I go down this path and see where it goes. Then we'll see what happens.

Do I want that piece on my playlist? At times the playlist don't look nice. Maybe I can do something in here. I don't know yet. Act on your excitement, be in the light. Everything else false into place after that. You can't change the outside. You only shift into the parallel earth that is relevant for you.

Trust that for now. You will understand more soon enough. Things are going to change in two winters. This is connected to that. See how things go from there. For now, only do this. No expectations. Have fun with it. See where it gets you. There is something here for you.

And what about the expectations of other people? Let them be. It's not yours to carry. Set your own path and you don't have to look to anyone else. When you are in the light, everything else reflects off that. You will see contrast, but it's there for a reason.

Like today, there are things that will not make sense. Let it be. Only know that it's connected somehow, even if it will only get you to move in a certain direction. And that soundtrack is ok, I can keep in the playlist for now. It works ok when I write, keep it there.

And I got up and it was almost eight. I usually go to bed after nine. I want to pick up wife from work. I don't know if i'd still be up by then. She said it's ok if I don't pick up. Friday I can go get her if she has work. So be it then. If I can't sleep then, I will go. If I fall asleep, I see her the next day. I wish I could spend some time talking with her before bed time. She's a good friend altough she gets lost in her worries.

And I can't help her when she's in her dark side. You can't pull her out from there. It's a process that she has to go through. And I too have my own dark sides. I too have processes to go through. So be it. And the kids spent a lot of time in front of the tv. Son did not go to school today. He was conplaining of asthma. I don't think or know if wife called school today.

Other way, I can write a note for the teacher tomorrow. I can do that tonight before I go to bed. That way, I don't have to concern myself with that. This is a beautiful piece of music. There are several versions of this track. And I can listen to it when I write, or otherwise. I did not ride my bike today thinking it was going to rain. It didn't. It was cloudy all day.

I did the laundry today. I got so drained I had to take time out to rest in the bed. I did not get a shuteye though. I just laid there thinking. So be it. This is who I am now. I wrote not. Maybe that's what was meant to come out. I edited that. Should I go into copywriting? If things don't work out there, then I can do that, or go into csharp programming.

I can spend time learning that, or concentrate on copywriting. I wonder what that department is like. I can go look into that and see what happens. Maybe there is something in there. Do you want to go there? I don't know. Maybe it's about the conversation. Is it live? How do you write scripts for that?

I don't know yet. The way qvc ran the livestream, it felt like they knew what to say.