and yet again

That be interesting. I can do this and finish writing. For now, this is what's interesting for me. When I finish, I do the laundry. Then I get ready for work. Wife is getting ready herself. I can hang out in the mall or something. I go early.

I feel like I am ready and good to go for monday start work. I have my script that I worked up and played with since yesterday. It's like being an athlete, a solo athlete and you don't play against someone else, but align with that self who is already in the top ten.

I am learning a lot in this process. I guess this is why it's here. I am learning how to read between the lines and respond appropriately. Maybe this is something that will come in handy as I integrate myself with all that is my path.

That's cool. The kids are at my friend's house. We don't have internet at the moment, they do. Kids want to conect and slept over. They are there for each other. My job here is done. I don't have to worry about them when they are older. They are there for each other now. I allow that. I am happy for them. I am hapy for myslef. Things are in place. You only need to check under the hood when you don't see it that way.

It has been raining since yesterday. I will go see the kids later after I finish here. I am doing morning pages. After this I have breakfast. Soon as I am done with that, I go to takapuna, library and then do something else. I might go there and ask who else wants to go. Or I can text them and see. Give them a call is better.

Maybe the kids will want to do something else. I think it's better that I stop over first and then see who else will want to go. It's raining a lot. I bring my jacket and that umbrella. I did not run today. It was raining and I woke up at three am to poop. I had carbs yesterday. Pizza. It felt good. I enjoyed it. No need to fight myself over it. It was my choice.

What's next here? I have breakfast then get going with my day. I have everything organized and good to go for monday. I do two hours with integrated self. Everything in alignment. I shift into autopilot and ther grow from there. Thrusday is going to get here son enough. Friday is my day off and sunday I start work again. Then the week after is a different schedule again. This is what my days are going to be like. I think the team is going to be in the same shift.

That be fine. I have all day anyway. I can use the free time to integrate everythig else, then choose what is relevant or me. What happened there yesterday? I think he is still anchored in the past. He was so anchored in the past. Why is that? Maybe that tells him who he is. It gives him identity. But these definitions are made in the present. Do I have such references ifrom the past telling me who I am? I think so. Yes. I wasn't that aware of them but notw I am.

How to work with that? Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. This is your opportunity right here to be the person you want to be. Check under the hood and see if everything is in alignment. If so, be in the light. That revs up everything. That is the ignition key that starts the engine. Be that and everything flows freely. How do you teach that to anyone?

Be the example they seek. No need to teach. That will only go over their head like water to a duck. I think that's what the saying is like. I can't ride, rather I choose not to ride today. Will I run tomorrow? I can go run later this afternoon. I can go run now. It's going to be quiet though. I can run tomorrow. I am off to a late start anyway. I can go after everyone has gone. I finish everything at ten then head off to work.

It's going to be interesting how things will go monday. It's first day with the new team. It's been fun. I wonder ho else is going to be there. Who else will be there is who you need to integrate with everything. So if it's there, that means there's a reason for it. So be it then. No need for expectations. Be in the moment. Seek ye first the kidngdom of god. Then all these things shall be added unto you.

I am not a christian but that phrase is apt to describe what I do here. I can look up other quotes but that is not here so I don't have to know about them. What else is there? Simply be this and see what happens. I wonder how things will turn out? No expectations. Only be this. I can tally up everything then go from there. But that might be expectation as well. Might as well have that in the head in the background and see how things go rom there. Don't worry about keeping score. Focus on what you need to do at that moment. Nothing else. Focus on the conversation. That is your see the ball, hit the ball. Answer all? Address concerns, then test close. If not, move on.

That is simple. I am simplifying everything here as I process the energy. My energy. So that monday comes and I start playing, everything is automatic. I had to stop for a few seconds to turn off the oven timer. Breakfast is ready? Not yet. That was for lunch and later on. I have chicken for lunch the whole week. How to not have breakfast? I think I can do breakfast for now. Two meals as that will tide me through until eight at night when I get out.

Wife is going to be there when I get in. I get home earlier than her and I can go back to pick up. I am changing my schedule again. The kids are growing up. Soon they go to uni. It's going to be me and the wife. At least I enjoy her company. We can stick with that. I don't know how things will turn out. I am in the path.

I am feeling so much better now with my work. It's a label. Work feels like work. There's a better word for it. My daughter sits on my pc to watch her movies now with these headphones. She says she can use something else, but this here are an awesome pair of cans. She'll be able to tell the difference over time.

Do I like those interstellar music? Some of them are good. This here cello music is good as well. I like listening to them. Kids are going to bed. Wife is probably going to have dinner. Son keeps kissing me goodnight, like three times before he finally settles down in his bed.

I decided to take a nap and woke up past nine. I must have been sleeping for an hour. I couldn't sleep earlier. I got up, sat in the living room with the kids discussing a lot of things. I found myself sleepy again and it was some time around eight. That was more than an hour's nap then.

I can go lie in bed later. If I can't sleep, then I can get up and do something else. How long will I stick with this job? I don't know. It feels interesting at the moment. Is there really such a good product? A good product stands out these days, specially when the competition is cheaply manufactured. You can tell immediately when you use a product if it's going to last.

This here at headphones are made in taiwan. The sound quality is excellent. I don't know how long this will last me. I am careful about using them. I use it a lot though. I use them whenever I can. I did laundry earlier. I am going to do another set tomorrow. Wife said she's going on leave on thursday to make sure the connection comes through.

That be good. The modem came in today after she signed up for it. It's vdsl/adsl combination. I think we can downgrade that. Is that bottomless connection? I think so. She knows that we need that. She is more budget aware than I am. These cello music I love to listen to them. Do I need high quality accoustics?

I can go check them out. It's pricey. Maybe headphones sound better alone. But that aired sound quality might come in handy. I can take a break on day off, but that is only going to slow me down. I will stick with this. I seem to have lost an inch from when I bought my pants. They are a bit lose now. I am not sure.

But I feel like I have lost some weight. I forgot to turn off the phone. Should I leave that charging? It's my day off tomorrow. I can leave that charging all day tomorrow. In the meantime, I enjoy cello while I write so I listen to my playlist.

It's going to be christmas soon. What do I get the kids? Second daughter likes them short jammies. Where do I get them? I would rather get them those tools, but it's over budget. Give them twenty each and that wipes me off. When is the next payday? Two more tuesdays from now. Not this tuesday, but the next.

Wife is going to use my pay for next week's grocery. I am on strict mode now. There were words coming out when I did not mean it. This day's calls were abysmal. Wife said the calls were low today. Is that my energy? It's a definition. Use the contrast then. Things change all the time. How to go from here?

Create that site. Offer value. People will buy that. I can do that on my spare time. And I can do an ad so when people look into that I can come up in that list. I already have something up and running anyways. What else is there for me?

This is page three. I write. Do I go back in bed? I can read later if I can't fall asleep. I do feel refreshed now. It was a good nap. The run this morning was longer and I enjoyed it. There was that familiar pain in the ball of my foot. I remember my karate days.

That was a long time ago. I then went on to finish aikido. And it's behind me now. And I am using the same principles in my job now. It's about testing something and adding that to my psyche. That's interesting. I was processing my energy that way early this afternoon. I had a lot of learning this past two weeks. This job got me extending my comfort zone. That is good. It feels good. It's interesting. I am expanding with that.

Now what? I am not exactly writing from the imagination. I am making a lot of changes here. What's next? I don't know yet. Only go for the interesting things. Everything will settle into place. What else is next?

Listen to the music. I will shut things down when I finish these. And then I can lie in bed. Wife has period. No sex for today. I wonder who else goes through these blogs? Maybe those who like to read unconventional things. I don't think my writing is mainstream. It won't appeal to the majority...and that's alright. I don't have to connect with anyone. This is practice writing.

I will finish these and move on. I am done now? Wife still has stuff to do. It will take her a few more minutes. What's next? I want to ride my bike tomorrow and go to the library. I can take things from there. Is there anything to eat tomorrow?

I think so. There's the beef ribs. I love that.

I feel like I am scamming people here. I guess this is the contrast that I need to process. The next tep in my evolution. It's not scammy. It's how you define it. I'd rather see it as a lesson in social interaction. Someone else is paying you to learn something from it. I don't have to hang out in that area. I can do something else altogether.

Llike what? I don't know yet. Only that you go deep into this and see what comes out on the other side. It's like going to prison and doing your shawshank redemption. That's what this is. What was his name? Andy. I cando andy. That will remind me of that story it is about story. Make your own story. People will love to listen to that story.

It's about a guy who went to prison and transformed everything and everyone around him. I don't have to be like them. I can choose and that is what it is about .you are always have presented a choice. Everything is an opportunity to be the person that you want to be. And it's here now. Everything is here now.

And I asked for guidance before going to bed. I woke up, saw the contrast and got my answers. Answers seem final. I was shown which road to take from here. I got my dircetions. It's my journey. The path is what I choose. This is what it's all about.

And I am changing internet sevrvice providers. Ours suck. I can do with something else. It's like a utility provider. You make sure that they get their utility and they pay you for that. If there were interruptions why should the customer pay for that?

It doesn't matter what caused it, if the power is cut, you get right to it. You lose this months profit on that one customer but you get their business the rest of the year. This is what and how I choose to do business. Do not hire managers and bean counters. They remove the connection with people.

Go after people people. People who can connect. That's what it's all about. And this could be an impetus for me to go there. I learn something I just learned something new here. What's next? Isolate? Scarcity. I see. It's everything there. Only that I write.

I won't be able to post this today. I will do so later on. For now, this is what I do. Ican spend mornings there but fifteen minutes is more than enough for me. I can sit in the park and enjoy the scene. Or I can walk around. I can even go to the lbirary. But fifteen minutes before time is more that enough.

When you sit things out, that's when you,... is ee. I had a throve of informaation that got downnloaded there. It's not there. That is not the reality that I am. It's different for me. Do I want to join toastmasters? I think there is a better way to do things.

I wonder if they do ab testing? Maybe so, maybe not. It's always there. Do something. Do this or that. It's all there. It's all connected. It's not that one is better than the other. Only that you each both have different paths. He's not protected? I think you nkwo how to go about this. And what Is the best way for me. Learn. There is something here for you. What are you getting out of it? So much. I am interacting. I am learning. Stick with this. I had stress coming home yesterday. It was that thing I had before. I wasn't doing what I was supposed to do. I see that now.

Move on from tere. I am getting a headache if I read what I wrote close the ees and start writing. You can edit these later on. These marketers, there is the sense of urgency about them always. I like andy. That's a good sounding name to use in the business. I can grow things from there. This is the path I am in. it's related. Trust me and everything else is going to grow from here.

If anything, I have changed my eating habits. I am leaner now than I was last week and my yoga has gone deeper today than it id the last time I traned two days ago. That is a positive and relevant direction for me. I am making lunch.

It just rang. I can read through the questionairres and go from there. I can do that. It don't matter that anyway. The structure is in place. You only need to test one script then grow from there. Let's do that then. You get that know in your stomach when you do not do it that way. Pick from there and see what happens. Always learn. There is always something to learn form the experience. Write notes. You can take the notes home at the end of the day and review them.

I can input them all later on. It's a social experiment. Remember that. And you can expand from there. No need to label as good or bad. Everything that happens is there for ar reasn use it to your advantage. It's not that people are gullible. It's only that you learn something from the experience. And you transform the dark into light. And not one of them is better than the other. Use the force. Aha. That guy there was the general. Vader knew how to use both sides. He was lord of the universe. Why did they not expound on that. And luke may not be s good as his father was.

How do you do that? See the path now unfolding? It's right in front of you. This is where you go now. It don't matter what it is. You labe them. And someone else is going to benefit from thee xperience. Even if they are going to pay tuition from it, you learn from the experience. Go from there.