christmas day blog

I have framed the motivation, I think. They saw the tv ad. It's pointless to ask what they liked about the ad. You'll only get vague answers which you'll use up your three questions quick getting nowhere.

The better question is how can I afford it. The question in mind they have when they call is, can I afford it. Your job now is to turn that into how can I afford it. So how can you do that?

This is why I write. To explore options available. What are the options? How do you convert that? You tell them that it's an opportunity for them to see how committed they are to their goal. Not everyone is that committed. How do you find out?

You ask. How committed are you to achieving your goal. You won't get an answer to that of course. How do you break that ice? You spend time with them. You gain their trust. How do you do that? You tell them about yourself. You connect. How do you connect with them on two minutes? You ask about them? You give them what they want. Price. There's a risk there.

You give them the price and they will have an answer to can I afford it. So ask them that. Can I afford it. Some can, some won't. How do you weed that out. I don't know yet. What can I do then? Ask. Can you afford it? This is the price. Can you afford it? The better question is, how committed are you to achieving your objective. How do you find out what their objectives are.

You ask. Will you get an answer? Maybe yes, maybe no. more often than not, no. it hurts to be in the negative there because they can't afford it. How do you find their motivation to afford it? To overcome their present definitions. Things are moving now. There is that definition there. How do you get them to be in the light? You ask questions to get them moving along.

It's getting there. How do you shift into that? I don't know yet. All you can do is see how things go from there. I think it's going to be fun. It's that thing there. You can do something there and you can see. Be like a kid and ask them why. Ask them how committed they are. How is that possible.

I did not like that music there. It sounds flat. Maybe the jazz version is better here. An what else is there? This song is so around in christmas. I think that elf had something to do with it. It's a fun movie. That is good acting there. How did he get there.

How do you help htem shift? How to find that motivation? You can't assume that. You ask questions. You give them one, then ask questions. How to do that? That's a hot lady. Who is she. I don't know. That is something you can look into. I write and see what is on the other side.

And then what? I think it's like that and I am turning into a zombie. I am doing something about it so I can be in my own light. And it will take a year? Maybe. Everything is possible. Soon as I find the light, I can shift into it unconditionaly. No conditions. I think you see it there. That's what you do.

How soon? That's expectation. Only be in the light without conditions. The conditions will get you out of the light, not resonate. What you want is to resonate with it. And that's how you get to the other side.

Is that the answer you were looking for? I think so. And now you see where this is headed. And what else can I write about? Be fun. Have fun with it. How do you do that? Don't worry how to get there. You get there when you get there. You will know when you need to know when you need to know about it.

There's a lot in here for me. So be it. And I get to the light, get into frequency when I am the person in my own light. And I don't have to look for conditions. Only be in my own light. Do I have to listen to this? You don't have to. Only be myself and see what happens.

And this is what it is all about. Who made all that? I am listening to christmas songs. No need to get into facebook. It's a poison now? It's not my thing anymore. So be it then . This is a good song. I think I can do something here. I like her voice. I like the love story here.

This is what's interesting about it. I think you will see it when you get there. And that's what this is all about. How do you get to sleep. What to do tomorrow? It'll be fun. I think I was going there all along anyway. So be it. I can go to that gadget shop and see what's in store for me.

Do I want that phone. Soon as you shift into I want it here, then I can think how can I afford it. And right now, I don't really need it. I can do without it. So you get them to shift into I can't do without it. How do you do that? I don't know yet.

They are already there when they called from the ad. How you shift them into that is what this is about. I am have taken a big step here today. Do you talk about it? I don't know yet. I think it'll be there. One more step and you will see what happens. How did you decide to lose weight yourself? I got sick and tired of this condition. I think I am deserving of it.