different me today

I switched to googel keyboard. I think the reason they kicked out kii was that it worked pretty much like google keyboard. What to do today. I did not do yoga earlier. It's a weekend. I can do that later. I have stuff in the phone now. Do I have breakfast now? I can do that no breakfast thing on weekdays when I have work. With the new schedule coming up, I may have a different setting for that. Do I go to the gym to workout? I don't know yet. Maybe there is something here for me.

Like what? Do I want to workout in a gym? It's going to bulk up things where I might not tneed them. I am all for strength training. I can test that out next time. There be ladies there you might want to meet. Wife is good. I don't have to make changes. It's like my bike. As long as it gets me where I want to go, it don't have to be snazzy. It only has to be functional and lets me make tweaks when I need them. Like linux. I hardly use windows anymore.

Maybe if there was a linux version of the things we use at work, then things are going to be so much faster. And I think it's more secure that way. They use them as servers though. I don't get why they not use them on the client side.

Maybe it's the javascript. I think that can be fixed. Most hacks work on windows anyway. A number that I see do not familiarize themselves with linux. Or maybe I am wrong. I was second guessing myself there.

So you want to be like harrison ford? Not really. I remember that mall. I was suddenly there. It's a different mall now. I don't enjoy going to malls. If I have to, I go in and out fast. It's just going around in circles doin nothing just go there until you run out of money. When is the next payday after this? I think it's before christmas. But you don't want to do your late shopping then. I would rather get my kids gifts on january afther they have a big sale. I can do that too. I can hand over some cash on that day for them to spend, then get them something during the year. I think it's better that way.

And I don't have to be like everyone else. I found a good keyboard there. It's based on that and I can use swype actions, or do the thumb typing. We'll see. The swype seems more forgiving for me. I have big fingers and I don't like hitting keys on the dot to type.

I miss being at work. It's already routine for me? I am on shift or the rush hour. This is synchronicity. It's connected. This way, I get to have as many calls that I can handle. I twill make things faster. The learning is going to be there. I only need to be in the light and everything will line up with that. What are the kids going to have for breakfast?

I can get them pansit for later and tomorrow. What else to eat here? I don't know. Payday is on tuesday or wednesday. It won't be long now. Only a few more days. We can handle and work with that. I think I have everything in place already.

Do I need a new phone? I don't think so. I can and would rather use that to register my own business and go from there. Or I can do something else. Like get my license and take things from there. I can do that. Then I can sign up for a motorbike. That be interesting how things go from there. That's an added expense for you that won't generate any returns. It's like buying a car. You don't want to go there.

So what can I do here? Be in the moment. You only need to be in this place to know what else you can do about it. Is there team thingies? I don't know but human nature leads me to find being in a pack. We'll see how it goes monday next next week. Second monday from now is the term more apt here. This is page three?

I thought I was still in page two coming into three. What to do on payday? I want to treat the wife out. We can hang out in the city. I don't have much on my todo list anyway. She deserves a date. We haven't been on a date in a long time.

City it will be then. We can go to that brazilian restaurant in the city. Can we bring the kids as well? That be interesting. I think we can do that brazil thing then. I like that restaurant. Let's do that. We can go there every payday. Or try a new one every payday. Then we are spending more time together then.

I enjoyed that back when we did that a lot. It's time to go there then. We take the bus coming home. I get the kids something for them to enjoy. Or bring home something for them. But if I have shift, how to do that?

Maybe I can do them on my days off. That way, it's a weekoend. The kids can stay at home. But I think she has work. We do it on mondays then when I am off. We can go on dinner. I treat the kids out in the afternoon. They are on school holiday anyways.

Son is up and awake now I am now...son is asking what to do on chistmas day. He's in charge of planning that day. Shops might be closed. There might be something else to do there. I might have work. I'll go check to see what day it is and how I will be working on that day. There's a good chance that I am going to be working on that day.

Maybe get something from my wish list?