everything here now?

I have time to write before I leave for work. It's a social experiment. This time tho, it shifted, the definition. I help people discover who they them see the definitions they keep.

It's in alignment, relevant to who I am. I had the insight when I woke up. I had a dream, poop was coming out of my pants and held it back, literally pushing it back. Then my uncle was in the dream. He found a lady he liked and they were going out. I remember this house with a red ribbon on it. Then I looked away, then back and the ribbon was gone. And that's when I woke up. Sitting up, I got the insight.

And I wrote about it. I put it down on paper. It's in my briefcase now. This is creativity at work. It flowed. I connected and got it down. It's there. Now I shift into that. The local mind wants to map everything out. It's better to use concepts instead than trying to figure out everything. It's like that compass and the map. The map is static. The compass is dynamic. And that's how I go do this. This is my process then.

Everything is expanding. Everything is accelerating. It's going fast now. It's like time is there, but I skip some of it. My phone is still charging. I have time to let that be. It's not a test, but contrast to see who I am. Everything is reflection. Life experience is a mirror. What you put out is what you get back.

Wife comes home early today. Do I get that phone? How can I afford it? That's the question you want to expand on? Get better call experience. Help people involved in your product. This is where I am now. It's the contrast I have. That means I also have the other end of the stick.

That's ego giving back the sups script. It's a show off. I will use something else. It's contrast to see who you are. It's not a challenge. It's telling you that you have the stick. You get one end, you also get the other. Everything is here and now. How do I shift into that? Yousimply respond as that person.

Every moment is an opportunity. Given or presented with the opportunity, you respond as such. Even if things don't work out as expected, you respond as such. That is the path here. This is hwhere I am. And please, no expectations. Only be in the moment.

I am going to stop by work and income to drop off some docs. And then I am off their back. I can check the phone later. This is page two. I am waiting for my chicken to finish cooking. I may have to check what the bus schedule is. It's twenty forty, or something like that. It's around the clock during the day. At night, they follow a schedule.

I feel this anxiety. That's ok. I allow that. There is a definition there that is not in alignment. This is why I feel this way. What's next here? Finish writing. One more page after I finish these. I have smaller font now. I was doing good in the morning. Taht's because I was an order taker. That's the contrast. Now I seek opportunity to respond differently. Then it's going to crystalize more. And that's where you are. You have shifted. You will get that opportunity all the time.

And how are things going to be then? I don't know. No expectations. See where this is headed and take it from there. No excuses. You don't have to be top dog. Only that you are in alignment and everything will expand from there.

Which comes first then? I don't know. If the oven dings, then I can take it out and see how that goes. Or leave it there for a moment to cool off. It's windy outside. This is the life now. This is where I need to be. I am getting something out of it. Use up the energy. The energy is there to help...get you to accelerate. Use thet energy. When it's all pent up, then things change. Everything is changing all the time. Billions of times per second. You don't see it because you only see that which is of the same frequency that yo uare in. test that. Change your frequency and you will see.

What is that frequency? No need to define it but you know that signature. Match that signature even if it don't make ense to you. At times the local mind cannot grasp what's there. Only with the heart that you see clearly. So let it be.

We get internet on thursday. That's two days from now. And then we can see what the schedule is going t obe next. It feels kinda isolated working in that environment. That's ok. I can work with that. I can even move to a different seat when I need to. And that's where everyone is. And that's what this is all about. It's three strikes. You get there when you get there. It makes sense the logic I present. I am not going to talk about the product. They already know that.

I have evyrything. They come up when they come up. No need to memorize scripts. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it. I have a guide. I connect with that guide all the time. No need to be a show off. It's there. I think it will help if we can play role.s to practice. But there's no time for that. And it's ok. This is how you learn anyway. And it's going to get better from here on, believe you me.

And daughter sees that I write often. I think I have enough heirloom in me to ...that they can have when I move on. And it's good. They have something that I had that will help them remember me by. You can talk about that. That is a concern for everyone anyway. They can talk about these things anyway.

And I don't have to address that thought. It's not here. When I get there I get there. I will know. Trust that. Know that. You already know that. Close your eyes and conncet when you go there. That makes it esay to emphatize with the person you talk to.