topher grace story

Yesterday was interesting. I was paired with a hottie for introductions. She had short hair and tall, lanky. What's beautiful about her when she smiled? You can see that I look back to that a lot. I don't get that often around here. How is this synchronicity for me?

Inside out. You see beauty on the outside because there is beauty from the inside? And the people there were nice. And there was this lady who made a commitment to eat healthy. When I saw her again for lunch, she was having a donut—and some starwebrries. I guess the berries made it a healthy meal for her.

I was surprised that I only had one drumstick for lunch. That lady I mentioned earlier, she was on a budget and was looking forward to having noodles for lunch. I think it's not cheap. It's junk food put together that made the price low and affordable, but if you looked at the nutritional value, it's not worth it. But she's young. Her body will recover fast enough for it.

I felt old and fat sitting in the training room. At least that is my contrast. And things are already in that frequency. I only have to make it over time to crystallize everything. And that's the process right now. Do I need dacs? I feel like I can have them, but I get tired of listening to music all the time.

There be times when silence is golden. It's the zen thing again. I can run later when I get home. Let's see if there be games on the field later. Countdown was terrible. The other exit was closed becaues of construction. Traffic inside was terrible. It would have been easier to park outside.

But that was my process. I spent the afternoon with my son looking for secret santa stuff. Had my daughter gotten her shared lunch for tomorrow? I can ask her later. Maybe wife can get that on her way home this afternoon. There was a miscommunication last night and I picked up when she already went home.

Anyway, I had a good time listening to music so it was good. What else is there for me? Write and see what happens. I am editing some parts as I write? Then I am aware. There is awareness in there. Spendmore time in that light. How can you spend time in something when there is only here and now? Everything is now. So you are aware now. And there is only now. The energy changes.

Do I want to be travelling like that? It would be interesting to be there. I can do nz top to bottom. I can stay in hostels instead of a tent. That be interesting for me. But there be stretches when I will not have access to that. I can have a camper thing as well. Do I get that folding bike?

It will be nice to have that for when the wife and kids go out. That way, I have an option to come and ride my bike to explore when I get there. I can not bring bike today. I will look into the possibility of parking them in the basement, but I will have to ask this time.

Or maybe there is some other place where I can park it. The basement parking would be ideal for me. I will look into that. And what else is there? Go for interesting. Getting a house is interesting? Moving house is good. I pay rent so maybe I can invest the money in a business that will pay off that rent.

How much is it? One percent of something. And if I traded swaps, I think I can get there soon enough. When do you stop traveling? You don't. You only choose to stay in one place long enough before you start to head out again. I enjoy that so I am going to look more into that. I like the netherlands—amsterdam. That's my next destination. I can work there for a year or two before I move on.

That be an interesting lifestyle. I wonder if wife will want to be there too? We shall see. If not, I can do office play there for a while before I move on. Playing poker online is also an alternative. How much do you need to get started again? Do I even like grinding?

We'll see. I don't like to be tied down to something. I would rather have that swap business and take out profits every so often. I am looking into that now. It looks weak at the moment and you can do a short there. No losses. Only that you can't take money out on certain times. And while you are on it, you earn interest.

And that's the beauty of it. You trade like an investor. You only take money out, profits when it's there. You add more funds to it on a regular basis to keep things current. I can turn off that boiling egg now. But I can...and I can do that in a moment. I want to finish writing before I do something else.

It was nice to be labeled as smart by someone. It's not everyday that this happens. Do I need that? It was reflection. And it's nice to see reflection. There be contrast too. I haven't created something more because of the motivation. I can get back to that tonight.

What will I work on? Java and android. That is more interesting and things are always evolving for me. I am always learning something new. How do you hack into it? I don't know yet. I think the intranet is very slow. I can make something with node that loads faster.