am i learning?

Best play I have and I am getting variance. What is this? Just play and not get results expectation. No need for that. As long as you are playing well, it's going to give you reflection and contrast. Would you rather play bad and win? That's not what you want. This is contrast and you can use this to contrast good play even though you get sucked out on. I stopped playing tptk. That is can't help but fight variance.

This is what the game is about. Only play your required number of hands and no look at results. The results will take care of itself over time. It is not going to stay there for long. I am returning to programming. I am looking at c and dlang. These two are system languages. I am going to use them to build myself some tools for playing. Maybe a bot?

That will be a good project. I am doing that on my free time. So it's not just poker, I am also building up my programming skills. Where is this going to? I don't know. At least these are interesting for me and that's where I am. No need to see where this is going. The journey is the destination. You don't have to go there. You can pinpoint which direction you want to go based on interests, but it's not the destination. The journey is the destination.

I kept repeating that. And is there somethnig rong that I am doing here? I don't know. It was just that bad beat. Maybe I need to take a break. I am still reeling from that? no. I am still holding on to that. I am aware of that. When I am aware of it, I can drop it. It is no longer relevant for me. I got what I need from that. When it comes up, I can and am using it as contrast. No need to fight or push it away. It comes up, I am aware of the source code and it may be habit so I can change it there.

This is how things are connected. You don't have to fight anything. And this is why it's sideways. I can look at the source code and see what is happening there. I can go for supernova. The cash bonus will keep things afloat. That way, I am still a wining player and will get roi even at breakeven. That is what rakeback is about. This is why I play poker. As it is, I am getting a bull cap and it's new. Am I collecting them? Some of them are not so good. The last pokerstars bull cap I got was cheap and I hardly wore it. The full tilt poer cap was better, but still not as good.

The ftp store used to have some good stuff. It's closed now. I wonder who else has got some good store stuff? I don't see them anymore. But if I were a site, i'd use that to reward my players. They are cheap to make anyway. But taht's just me. Maybe I can create my own site? It don't have to be accessed from anywhere. With this age and time, where can you put your servers? Offshore so they can't be reached. But that is open to piracy.

Maybe in a satellite or in space. But they can be of breach for secucrity. That's in my head anyway. Daughter has tummy ache? It's her second to the bathroom. These kids are fun to be with. And I am happy to be spending time with them. It's not that one is better than the other, only that they are different.

And I don't have to judge. That only gives me neg refrection. It's not what I prefer. That only tells me what the source code is. Only write and see what comes up. Ihave that and still pcoreccing that. I see. And how long will it be there? As long as I can use them. When I can't use them anymore, then it will change. Everyhing changes. I don't have to make anything happen. They will change by themselves asa reflection. And this is what it's about.

I will run later in the evening. It's too early and I went to bed late. The routine is changing again? I can run later in the morning. That is a good run and I can do that. What else is there? Check the bike. Go there later. This is summer. Do you want to go there? Not really.

This is a better time for me. I can do something else in the meantime. Is that what this is about? Are there more regs this time? I don't know. Maybe they are also using huds. I think ps has better overall. So I can stay with them and see how things go. How soon? That is an expectation. No need for that. See when they come up, you look at the source code. I see stuff in the neighborhood that others don't.

This is why I do this. It gets warm later in the day. I can run later. People are in church. I used to go there but now I am awake. No need to put it outside of you. You are an aspect of creation. Why put your power to the side and outside. Maybe that is how they use it? I think so.

And thisi s what you write about? What is for breakfast? I don't know yet. Wife is taking the kids to church. Sex is good. I enjoy that. I was up late today. Why did daughter kill the lights? Maybe it is something that she needs off so she can sleep. And I see things I did not before.

If that did not happen, i'd still be doing that. And I enjoy playing poker. It is something that I do. I build up my bankroll that way. And how do you get to the other side. There were times when I had negative months. Imagine that. There were links to that .i can look into that. I have one neg month and the rest are cool.

At least I have that to be in the light. You use everything to your positive. No need for negs or you get hem as permanent. Negs are there all the time. They are par t of your contrast. I am replacing batteries later. Is this new battery? I think so. I replaced them yesterday and now they are down a bar.

So be it. I can replace them later after the recharge. And this is what is fun about it. No need to be someplace else. This is what it is about. No need to trade. There are too many outside factors you can't control. I can go back as part time, but it's not me anymore.

And can I practice that? No need. As long as I am writing then I can practice from here. The fingers are more relaxed this way. And I don't have to change anything from the outside other than who I am. No need to go otherwise. This is where I am and this is where things are going to stay.

And I just write about things as though I was telling someone else about it. And I can see that in the head. There must be definitions there? I think so. At least I see the source code. If something needs changing, then I can change them to align with everything.

I can bring down the trash later on. The kids see me writing all the time. I enjoy being on this computer. It's a good spot. It used to be they watched tv all the time. Now they are online. Their views are expanded. They learn steuuf everyday and that be good.

Maybe I can teach daughter how to write code. That way, she can use it in her line of work. Let's do that is she is interested. If not, do something else.