contrast stands out?

Still no sex with wife. She's shut me down again after I quit my job. It's more like my manager said I did not have a future with the company. It's corp-speak meaning you may get fired. Rather than waste my time sucking up, I decided to follow/act on my synchronicity. I started playing poker a few days before that happened. I was thinking it would be nice to do that full time.

And now I got the reflection and I acted on it. Wife doesn't get that. She'd rather do the job thing. Since 2011, I have been getting more than one hundred percent returns for my money playing my poker method. Why did I give up on that? I think it was pressure from the wife—but really it was my choice. I think I got burned out playing. And now that i've had the opportunity to work at a regular job, I prefer playing poker, grinding it out at the felt than work at a job. Poker play is my job now.

I have a game plan now. Soon as I hit a hundred in bankroll, I can mix up my tables with the next stake level. I can do the points thing while I am doing that. It's fit and fold actually. It's the telemarketing way of playing poker. I think I see that now. If you get on a table like that, you find the reflection. I skinned a donkey at the tables yesterday. I think that donk too had a big hand. I didn't see what their showdown was, but donk's winrate was solid as well. Is that variance?

It is. If donk had a big showdown hand then it is variance. And that can will happen to everyone. I am no exception. This is why you play telemarketer. You don't care who plays back at you. When you see that on the tables, you switch and get a different one. That way, you are mixing it up.

Sometimes you get different hands. And that's rk. I am learning a lot. Mornings I get insights. I am going out for some chores today. I can use my money to add more funds. But is that where you want to go? I'll add them tomorrow. I will play my game and see what happens. There's more players now.

And I have some videos to watch. It's on my list. I can do that after dinner. No more play after dinner unless I had a good midday nap. I was tired last night and played tptk. Not for me. I was easily off my a-game when I am tired. In the mornings, I am better off as I am rested. Maybe I do that this time.

How to get better vibration while playing. I think I can do stretchings while seated. Or do something else. I can listen to music or something else. That is the second video there. See when the other one finishes up. This is why I write here so they can catch up and finish force check.

And then there are other things. It's summer. Son asked to sleep in our room. I was happy with that but wife you can tell by her voice she was not happy with it. She feels bad about herself and she makes everyone else feel the same way. And it's a cycle for her. She sees the reflection and she responds to it. She thinks she doesn't have a choice, but choosing to respond to the reflection is a choice.

I don't know how to share with her what I know. She thinks that I believe in ufo's and all that but ufo's are more real than the gods in her religion. The day is coming up when this is validated. And then they change their definitions. I have known this all along and tat is why I made that choice to give up on religion.

And she is not happy with it and I allow her that. So be it. This is my contrast here. This is what I play with. No need to change anyone. This is who I am. I am getting back to dlang. I can do that or do android. I can choose which one. It don't really matter. I do programming on this os than windows.

I like it that I have better granularity here than all gui interface. And I can take it from here. If I had to, I can change the operating system on the laptop. It's not there yet but it'll get there. I can get me a new one soon. I do this and see what happens.

Anyone will go for a thirty percent return on their business. It's just that they don't know anything else. But when you are open to what is, then you see what else is there. What is is that everything is here and now. Soon as you grasp and understand what it means, everything else expands around that knowing.

And how do you teach that? You don't. You teach only by the clarity of your example. This is why I am learning a lot these days. And how do you show to your kids? They already see the difference. You be the contrast and it stands out. That is what contrast is.

That was big there. Contrast stands out? How to use that? I don't know yet. See the difference and you align yourself with it. It's a choice you make. You can choose to be this and stay there, or see the contrast and align yourself. That is what contrast is for.

And you write to put it out there. Ideas and isights like that sneak up on the page and you see it. And I never thought of it that way. This ish ow it is connected. I wonder if kids have it? I can explain things to them when they want to. I think I have a good relationship with my kids.

I am happy with that.