moving up stakes?

I realized coming home that I haven't done morning pages yet, so here I am. I am almost back at breakeven, at least in terms of big blinds. And that is a better gauge than money values. It can get skewed when you move up stakes so I am watching that. But then again, if I were profitable in the lower stakes, then it'll show as that. I think there is a better way to show the charts.

I am using a different fot here. I am tired of the monaco font. This font I use for some of my vim fonts, like here in windows. And I can keep it this way for now, or at least when writing in this operating system.

And what else to write about? I think this scene is interesting. That features that guy who teleports. That was a cool scene there on the xmen 2. it's where jean grey dies? I think so. It's that alaska scene or was that for wolverine? Maybe. We shall see. I write and I am distracted here. Why not ride there? That would be interesting.

First things first—aussie millions. I can go there for the week and fleece tourists. I think it may be soft as they are mostly tourney players looking to practice and while away their time after they get kicked out. I think the team can go there. I have a year to audition for that then.

I can be up there in about two months. This is my first week. I am going back to 5NL and will start grinding on that level with the new found skill I have—test for weakness. If they bite, then good. If not, I do that two out of three and I am in the black.

This is part of the process. I am doing something else and this is interesting for me. It is my son's birthday in two days. He is quite very excited about it. Two daughters start school tomorrow. The third one starts in two days. Then we have birthday celebration on saturday. I wonder if we are going to have guests here. And there be some catching up happiening. Jean grey is getting old there. She was hot, but she got in late. And that's part of her process.

I will take a nap after I finish these and then I will bring car to wife. When I get back I start grinding again. I might have to take another shower. Things are looking bleak in our relationship. She is so in the dark. Or am I? She is a reflection for me. Am I reading these? I think so.

Why am I reading these then? Maybe I can do something here instead. Like what. Keep writing. And then I can get to the other isde. And then I can start playing agin. And that be the fun part there. And then we see what else is going to happen. Like what? I don't know. Only that I finish writing.

Close your eyes. Write what comes to mind. I had this weird dream. That someone said goodbye and I had to tell a friend about it. That person was close to that friend. Man, is someone dying? This ieda just game up. What do you want to communicate? I can tune in and write down things you want said.

I love you. That's the first and important thing to know. And that I have always been there for you. Pleas know that I will be here always. Am I? And that there is connection to the other side.

Why am I judging what comes out. I only write and I remember athena drive. That neighborhood was good. We stayed there for a while and I enjoyed it. This time isdifferent. I am moving up stakes. No need for expectations. I am in this moment. I have access to all that is here and now.

Maybe I should make that my player name. I think the one I have is good enough. It is going to go up stakes soon. How do you claim that for yourself? I don't know yet. All I know is that I can be supernova elite this time. Will I make it this year? So much the better if I did.

I only do five grand hands each day. Is that possible? I think so. Do an hour of sixteen tables. I can do twenty. How soon do I get there? I can get there soon enough. I do a lot of pauses when I play that much. And that be part of the process for me. And what else to do? I don't know. All I see is wat to write next.

Wife is coming home late all week, until friday. So we spend birthday with son. How do I make that special? I don't know yet. I think we knowwhat is going to happen. I see this and I allow. Things are in place. All I need to do is align with that reflection and be in the light. No need for expectations. I keep writing the same. I remember antipolo. I would love to go tehre again, but the traffic going there is hell.

When we visit, I won't go around much other than stay in the hotel and go around the vicinity. I can visit some people in san kuan. That be interesting there. And what else can I do about it? I don't know. Hang out with some people. When is that bull cap coming? I don't know yet. She's hot, ana pacquin. I think she has a tv series that bombed.

That was good while it lasted. And then some. And that guy in mr cool. If you were a superhero what would it be/ no need to fight other villains. Vereyone is a hero in their own right and that be my power to shift dimensions. It's not about time. And if you did that you will know that time is an illusion.

And that you never really time travel. You only shift. You remember the past from here and now. And a few seconds ago is another perspective from here and now. So how do you prove this on the computer?

Create an algo that tracks time and it will always come out to here and now. Print hello world is here and now. Even if you scheduled it in the future, by the time it prints, it is a different view of the here and now. You see it printed here and now. So how do you prove time? It's like proving god, that old man in heaven exists. People are so habituated to thinking that he's real that no matter what proof you present to them, you won't convince them otherwise.

For them, the consequence of even considering that as fact is to consider eternal damnation. I am glad it is behind me. When did it shift? When I was in that hospital. I knew there was something wrong there. And it had already been declining for some time. Another incident is that church thing. I did not have to know much to see what the priest is all about.

Maybe he is gay and he was starting to have sex thoughts there. Maybe. I never thought of it that way. That priest was troubled. And it's good that it is behind me. Some people will follow crazies like that to kingdom come. And they have some nice phrases in there. You have a lot of talent following blindly.

My kids, they have a choice. They are forced by their mom to go to church on sundays and that I allow. That way, the kids will get sick of it and will think about the options and examples that I present. Do they pray for me? Maybe so. They know I don't go to church but there is this idea growing in their head now. I wonder if wife needs car later.

I have time to nap. Or I can do it later. I was able to take a nap earlier. I can do more hands now. I can ramp it up and get going again. I can look it up and see how many hands I was playing back then. I think it was twenty or eighteen. That's the target number of tables then? I can do that now. Only do a lot of pauses to catch up

if not, then I can lower the tables again. Do I go up now? I think so. Did I check earlier or was it something else? I don't know. I am no longer reliant on luck. You make them fold and you see what happens there.

You don't try to guess what they have and see what happens. I do two tables later and ask more questions this time. I think that be fine there. How to put them on ranges and determine most likely range. It's not one hand though.