poker insights writing

Someone lost 35 percent of their bankroll and that was playing their a-game. I guess I am going through a downswing then. What's so great about this? I am improving my game while I am on the bench. There's nothing wrong with being benched. It gives you time to see the long term bird's eye view perspective. You get to see the big picture. Allow it in. things will fall into place.

As it is, I have narrowed down my tables to ten. It's not much but I get to spend time with the hands. Do you want to see showndown hands? I think so. I want to see how things turned out and that gives me time to see them in action. Is it still in place? I can go check that out with one or two tables then make changes from there.

Maybe I can increase time show to twenty seconds. I am going to email wife later. She could be coming home late today. Also need to get that work and income papers in place again. And what is that? I don't know. I think this is going to be here in place anyways.

And I have something coking anyway. Taht's what's important here. It's not that I jumped shipped with no backups. I have one and it's a good one. Is it gambling? I don't think so. Poker is math intensive. This is the skill required, not scaring people off their hands. I will be playing tighter than usual. I don't think that's the right term there. I'll be playing my a-game now. It's going to be intense and that's part of my days. I email the wife soon as I leave so she can go over it in her day.

Maybe make the email, but send it later before she comes off work. Or she is coming home early today. I can have that talk with her later then. How do you explain things with her? I don't know yet. All I know is that these things happen and I can use the energy. I have a backup and it's in place. I go play my agame and things will get there.

The math will even out in the long run. What if it doesn't? Then keep to your agame. There will be opportunities to improve your game. Get back to the classroom. I think 2p2 has a lot of resources to get you going. Stick with that path. Long term is good and you will reflect back the contrast you need.

That is a good insight there. You reflect back the contrast you need. Need meaning something you can use to course-correct and make you align with that expression reflection being that you defined. Everything is here and now. No need to respond to the contrast. It is tere to give you feedback as to how you are doing. This is why I write. I deon't get these when I think outright. Thinking in my head I go around in circles. When I write, they come out. I connect with the flow and I see them coming out on paper.

Seeing them on paper is secondary. As I write them I realize the insights that I am getting here. And this is where the point is. I am going to be honest with the wife here. I can talk about that when I pick up later. Is she going to ask for pick up? Then I can do that. I can also go up the bus station and get her there.

If it is tptk, then do so. If not, you might want to do something else there. Is it going to be there? I don't know. All I know is that you can use this situation to get something out in the open. See it for what it is and do something about it. I think I see the point here. So be it and see what happens.

Does everyone in there have huds while they play? I forgot to get some stuff from the grocery. Tissue and soy sauce. I will play today. It may take longer, and that be ok. I can do that. I enjoy playing anyways. Be at zero. No need to push something that's out there. Put in the state of being. Is the definition, the source code in alignment? Yes. I used to play that well. So be it.

Align with that and get to the other side. Wife has gone off to work. She goes to veggie store later. We can have that talk then. This is page two. I have a full day today. I get timed out then so be it. I can go to that place and find alignment. This is what it's all about then. The kids are still sleeping.

Eldest daughter has good confidence in her. I think they all do. It's good that they have a good relationship. Me and my bros have that undercurrent. People say we're too cold, but that's the upbringing we had. And I think it's also has to do with habit and choice. It became a habit to choose that way.

And do I have to change things here? It's already changed. No need to do so on the outside. Respond that way. It's from the inside that matters. And this is what you want. No need to go out side. There is no outside. There is reflection and that is coming from you anyway. Why change the outside reflection working on the outside. You respond in alignment and that's how you change the reflection.

See why this is happening. This is how you use the energy. You see what is in therefor you. Then you use the energy. Everything happens for a reason. This did not happen outside of you. Your higher self put this here so you will see the sign on the road. Go this way. It's not a diversion. It's pointing you in the path to alignment. This is contrast.

If you resist this, then you get stuck. You are not allowing alignment. You stay in that fork in the road going back and forth complaining about the road sign saying go this way. Instead you rely on your map that is probably outdated. See the path and you will know that if you took left or right, it don't matter. You will find yourself there when you align yourself.

Test it for yourself. You get that and you still will find it. Tilt is an issue? How to deal wit that? Write about it. There are stuff in there that you can use. When you write, you can edit them out later and make it better. That's how you get more traffic to your site. This is what it is all about. Do I need that playlist?

I can have that in my list. I use it anyway. It is in alignment and is part of the process. So be it then. I will email wife so we can talk about it later. I can even text her but I get better milage when I write about it?

I think so. So be it then. No need to worry yourself sick. How soon to move up? You already know that. You cross the bridge when you get there. And I am already at that level. This time, you scale up. You move up stake levels.

You don't have to do zoom. You can do ten tables and add more when needed. You see the point here? I see it. Use it and see what happens. You don't have to see it that way. All you do is use this and you see something else.

Maybe I can make a second hud to show me the stats I need. Like per street per position stats. I get there when I get there. For now, this is where I am and I can finish these. Synchronicity told me this is the right path. I am headed this way. That is what the clock numbers are for.