what i know?

I may have discovered(?) the best way for me to play. Play like a salesman. You only spend time on a hand that will bring you a big pot. Anything else you either check down or fold. It's popularly called tight aggressive. In pt4, it labels me as abc poker. I am alright with that. It's a steady uptick on the chart. I'd rather have that than variance here and there trying to make everyone on the hand fold.

I think this works for me. I have data from past showing the results. Rigth now this year, I have been playing as someone else and it don't make any sense for me. I am on a break so I write. I was thinking of going out for a walk, but I can do that later. I am also doing yoga. Tomorrow I run. Right now, this is what I do.

Also day one now. No more explore on that side. I have seen it before and that is not where I am going. I would rather be myself here. That movie the judge was good. That is the kind of movie that I go for if it's heavy drama. Other than that, I would rather do something else.

I seldom see something that i've seen before and did not like. Grey is boring. I've seen porn with a better story line. The only difference is that grey had hollywood in its pockets and it still failed to hold my attention. I only went through the movie because wife wanted to see it. If it were just me, I would have closed the videeo within fifteen minutes.

This thing is running slow today. Maybe it's that usb thing. It is too full? It's not. I just deleted some old files there. I think I can do something else here. I am finishing my son's books from the library. I can ride there today but there be something else I want to do.

Are those fishes in that scene? You can play something else. It's not the other regs you want to play, it's them fishes. And everyone is a fish, in some way. How do you get to that level? Keep to your game. There is no one way to play this. There are as many ways to play profitably as many as the sand. The way I play is specific to mine.

How is that so? I play differently in different spot. The same principle holds—small hand, small pot. That has helped me through a lot of difficult situations. Remember that you can get that back with good play. You can fold easy with that in mind. You will always get a good hand downline. All you need to do is be patient with it. Enjoy the process.

Be in the light? Of course. That is a constant in my life now. Also looking into the source code and see what is out of alignment. If so, look into what you are getting out of it. Wife is taking the kids to church later. I can go with them, or I can do something else.

This is like yoga for me. I enjoy doing this although sometimes I don't do them. I see that now. Do something else. And this is taking some time to get books from the library. I can ride there, or do something else. Like what?

This app is good creation. You can go there, or do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that I am writing whatever comes to mind. I will then post these later. I have a few in my folder. I can use them local and get the other one later on. It's like this everyday. You don't have to be in that light if it...rather, when it fails to hold your interest. Do'nt do things out of rote. There is always a choice here for you.

This is page three. I am editing out sentences that start with and. How did I develop that habit? I want to watch idol. There is this lady in there that is interesting. I can see that after this. For now, finish this up then get that before posting. This is what I do. We also saw four movies yesterday. That is a long time doing nothing for me. Robocop was surprisingly good. I enjoyed it.

My son said it was good. I think he has good taste in movies for a child. He spends a lot of time on the internet. One child is up. The other had a cold over the weekend. They all go back to school tomorrow. I grind during the day. When they get home, that takes my attention and I tend to play less.

That be fine with me. I need a break anyway. I can do somtehing else while they are at home. I usually do the dishes. I don't wash if...when it's just me at home. When it's my break, I do somethin gelse that's related to artist's date. I can also choose to do the dishes or some other chore. Everything for me is a valide choice. What matters is that it gets my attention.

Son is up. He is going online now. We were supposed to go to that lantern festival. Good thing that did not push through. I find it boring that way and it was already late as she wanted to see that movie. That was played well then? Of course.

The transfer is half way done. By the time I finish these it will finish. I can do the rest when I work out later on my next break. In the meantime, I am about to get to page three. I write three pages each morning when I remember to do it. Am I going to get another affair? Not that, but something that excites me. It's there for a reason. An affair is not entirely that.

It could be and I am not invalidating it. It can be an affair, or something else that I do not know. All I know is that I am open to such and am going there when I see it. Son is going through the hobbit movie. He learns a lot from the internet. He enjoys telling me about the things that he's learned. That's good. I spend time with them.

The son I spend time with the most as he is youngest. The other three, I would like to spend more time with them. When an opportunity arises, I take it to spend time with them, even if it were only for a minute.

At times, it could be we were both at the kitchen preparing something and I take the time to ask them questions on how they are doing, fishing for something to talk about. That works. Sometimes they don't feel like talking and at least I asked, took that opportunity to ask.

This happens at times on weekends, school days...mostly when they are at home. I spend a lot of time at home. Is that good? It is what it is. No need to invalidate that. Is it going to go up now? I am done with three bets. When stake says I did not change the way I play it's because that don't work for me.

I don't think they have the holy grail on that. I tested it and it don't work for me so I do something else. I think I can make something out of it though. You wait for the turn and it changes there. Or they really have nothing and trying to make you fold. That's not me. I would rather use that to see more flops.

That is my method. There be others. Maybe that works playing live. On this age, I don't think your winrate is going to like it. You are wasting resource on something that might be a dud. Do something else. Then this stake is not going to be around for long then. Yes. That is true. Then do this and see what happens. I am still in touch. I am getting that back, then ship it back then start over.

That is the game plan now? Yes. I can't do that right now. It may take a month and at least it is now headed in that direction. Do I play 6max again? It is in the mix. I am doing that and see where this is headed. I have one table in the mix and it looks promising right now. Do that then and see where this leads to. I am doing one more cup of coffee? Do something else. Yoga feels better in the morning.

unite seven air

Two sessions down for the day. I discovered that cmod has a built in amp/equalizer. Now my headphones give good music to my ears. I am probably not going back to basic android. I was chatting with an old friend last night. I'm blown away that I can chat with someone I knew from two decades ago who is thousands of miles away. We were chatting sms in real time. There was probably a millisecond delay in our messages and that to me is amazing.

Back when we knew each other, the only way you can do that is by landline phones. And we did not get direct access to that as well. Times have changed. And now I live in new zealand. I wonder how others see me? Does it matter?

This music that I listen to is beautiful. Maybe there's a way to get rid of the ad. I can look it up and see what happens. I think there's an app for that, but last time I checked, it did not work. But and I can try again later. The base is now hard hitting. And I can work with this.

Now I listen more on this phone than on the pc. And the random play seems better here although this could be the same algo. Anyway, the better base is what keeps me listening to this. And I can get monthly when things settle down. How soon is that? I don't know yet. March?

It feels that way. When that is stable a feeling, then you see the reflection. And there is a source code in there out of alignment. I get carbs it's going to get me out of the light for the rest of the day. I had carbs last night and went to bed sooner. I did not feel well the rest of the night. There was plenty of junk food there. If that were my partner I don't think I can hang in there. But there could be parts of the story that I don't know so it's not for me to judge or label that.

I can and am using that as contrast though. In what way? That I see the difference and what is similar there. Do I have to be sweet like that? Not really. But wife knows how I feel. I'm not into doing what other people are doing. I have my own settings and config file. I stick with that.

I edit my playlist every now and then. I get rid of music that don't appeal anymore. Or that they sounded good the first time but I don't want them in there anymore. Second daughter chose not to go to school today. She does that regularly. And I think they can take time off when they feel like it.

And this is good music here. There be base and electronic synth sounds. Is this my thing? They vary every now and then. And son is consistent with going to school. He'll ask for that one of these days, but in the meantime, we do this. And wife is a bit controlling. She be home tonight and tomorrow. That is good.

What to do next? Pt4 seems buggy as it stalls every now and then. I had to restart. And the other one looks stable now. I can go there but I don't want double apps as the db will take up disk space. We'll see what happens. I have a good setup now. I can make changes, but this is what I prefer now.

Am I getting out of that? When I get there then I sign out. I think I get there soon. The other half may take another week or two. And it can be sooner but the process is there for me. So I allow that. I choose to use up the energy. And those old shows are interesting. I'll be watching them on my breaks.

And do I have to go there? Not really. I can do my own thing here and that is writing. And I don't have to be that person. I am not in that situation. I can do something else here. So be it then. I think there's a lot of privacy in there. So get to the other side and pay that off...balance that and get on with the light.

And what else is next here? I don't know yet. There's that trading biz that is on the sidelines and it's good to go. It needs capital and I can get that when it's there. Right now, there is process fer me here. And process is what is needed and otherwise it's there when you see it. Sometimes the process is like contrast. It shows you where you need to go.

And that's how I see it. What's for brunch? We can go to that buffet for lunch. Or go there dinner. I can ride the bike going there. That be good for me. I see that. That tells me it's in my process? It's part of the reflection. It's contrast rigth now because certain source code is out of alignment.

This is meta-data that I work with. It's all good? I miss riding through that tunnel to albany. I can go there now, but there be nothing to do there. I can go to library and send some books on its way. I can and will do them on the weekend.

At times the dry spell feels like a weight. But that is part of the process for me. Then I can use it up. And I am still in page two. Not much happening here other than writing what comes to mind. I guess this is part of the writing practice. That even if...when it don't mean much you still write them down.

Is it about the speed typing? Not really. You get what you need when you need it. So you don't have to be fast. You only need to write down what comes to mind. We do grocery tonight. That is two hours not playing.

And I make three grand hands each day or so. I update them blogs at the end of the week? Sundays is there. I can work with that. Do that on mondays? I think that's possible. I can make changes to the start day when I get here. For now, it's on my todo list.

And I got google keep. Right now it seems alright. I go ahead and use that. Is that available in my pc? It should be, or maybe I need to use chrome for that. I can test that later and see what happens. I am getting sleepy. I make rice later? I can do that.

For now, stick with these. The people at the snl show I saw the other night are getting old. Is that my generation? Maybe so. Are they better than you? Only that their path is different. And this is contrast for me. No need to feel sorry for myself.

When I feel sorry for self, then there is source code that is out of alignment. It's time then to look under the hood and see what that is. So what is it? That others are better or I am less because I don't have what they have...?

is that true? That I am less of a person? no. not true. My path is different just as their path is different and may seem that they are less than I am. In essence, no one is better or less. Everyone is not equal, but different as a person.

And driving home is good with a playlist like this. Imagine you have that and your market is global. That is a big market to tap. You get one percent of that and you are good to go. Do I need an app for that? I can go there, but it's not that interesting right now. Maybe in the future.

I have such good songs here. Most are kinda old, but they appeal to me. I listen to them regularly and there be more than enough to keep me interested. And the playlist grows. When I get new songs, I add them and it's always expanding. I feel sleepy.

I must have slept late and got up early. I had alarm and I woke up got up before that. I made lunch for school. I got that wrapped then started a set. I had another one earlier and things felt like stagnating. So I stop to write. I go there again after I post these.

And this is what my days are like. Is this what I prefer? Definitely. I can take a break when I choose to. That to me is more important.

vent steam pages

I have the kids' lunch good to go and now cooling. I think I have time to write and post later. I am not doing anything anyway and I like writing in here. First daughter is up and getting ready. She is a responsible person. How did we get here? She does get anger situations where she needs to vent. Maybe I can introduce her to running? That is a more productive way to vent off steam.

And that's why I run. Tasker won't run on cyanogenmod. What else can I do here? Maybe there is a switch in there I can use. Let's see what happens there. She makes her own boiled egg. I am training all my kids to exercise their wings and learn how to fly. It's best, imo that they do so in a safe environment. But that's just me. I hope it don't rain today. But and if it does, then so be it.

I be playing poker. See the source code there? You are in the I am not zone rather than being that person who has contrasting situations. That is what it really is. And that is how I respond. And I can always choose at every moment. I don't have to slouch when I write. I can choose to, or not to slouch. And then it becomes a habit. And that's when things take off.

If there was a linux version of that, i'd be in here all the time. It's easier to do it here since everything is open source but they don't do it that way. They have a negative definition of that. Someone somewhere has that figured out already. And you don't need one language for that. You can easily move or port it to something else easily.

And what else is there? Only be in the light here. I think you know where this is headed. I don't think it's slow. It's just that things are moving up faster now. Soon as I get that signal working. The radio signal is off. That is something I can search. Maybe it's that and that's why you can't get it to go.

I can look it up. I can follow the thread from there and see what happens. This is page one. I'd be in page two by now if...when I use a bigger font. But it's not what I prefer. I am connecting to flow and this is why I write. Let me do their lunch when I finish here. I let the meeat cool off for now and then do the lunch. It's still early anyway and I can't wrap them when it'sstill hot.

You don't have to change the outside. Only remember when she is in that good mood. Be ...lost train of thought there as I had to turn off stove timer. And I write. I am learning how to tweak things. Hack has negative meaning and you don't want to go there. And that is also a negative attitude. What else can we do here?

Do so on tuesday. I go there anyway. Be in the moment and you will see. I can play in this os but I don't have the tools I use. So be it then. I can go in here whenever I want and get in the moment. The meat is still cooling off. I am using inconsolata. I think it's good and simple. I am using it now. No nonsense font that is easy on the eyes.

How do you create such stuff? You get in your light. Someone was interested in it and started doing without conditions and expectations. You do it because it's you. And is it hard to get? If you...when you are not in the light, not in that channel then you are not going to get it. Do I need to get writing jobs?

I can do so only if when it interests me. Do I want to get this one? I think it's best that I concentrate on my game and move up stakes. And that is what I am doing here. It's not that they call a lot. It's that I am not getting much? Maybe I fold too much? This is not so. Then get on with it and do something else.

Like what? Finish writing, make their lunch then post this afterwards. You have all the time in the world. You are an eternal being. If...when it's not done then it's not meant to be done. Everything is here and now anyway.

What else can I do about this? Where is this file saved? I can look that up. I can choose to change it when I want to. Wife enjoys playing boxhead so when she has free time I play also. She has fun with it and it don't take too much time. An hour is more than enough. And I help out whenever I can.

What's it like to be that person? We spend more time with each other. She smiles a lot. We travel. We talk a lot. She buys her stuff. We have the kids with us when they choose to. We travel a lot. That's the thing there. And she respects my time to play knowing that it's what works for us.

And what can I do here? I switch tables often. I used to play them regular tables. How to do that again? Do so in one set then see how things go. And you get more players that way over there. You switch things around.

And it's the same thing, only that you are last to act and you see. But it's really what they have at this level. So be it then. You can't play every hand to showdown or scare everyone off. And you get different players anyway anytime. It's all random. And you play that way.

And that's what worked for a week. It's not that it's not working. It has shifted. I shifted? Maybe. But I like that background now so I keep it there. And maybe I can change back but that's ok. I keep using that. It's there. Use it anyway coz it's there.

And I have four to go. There be things to do here. I have enough time to wrap the kids' lunch. And then I can do something else. Son has the alarm clock. I think so...yes he has his alarm clock. I had to stop writing to check into that. He usually gets up early and without issues now. It's a situation. Not necessarily a problem. But it is meaningless a word.

Sometimes it is. Only be aware of where you are each moment. You don't have to go there as it's already different. And you are always changing anyway. Do you need those movies? Not really what to do on break? Do something different. Do something for your self. And what is that?

Today I run. I also do yoga later. I can make the shrimp or the dumplings for dinner tonight. Wife might be home tomorrow. Is there a way to bring bike there? It's going to sit at the back and take up space but it be nice to ride home from there. Do I need to poop?

Soon I need to. Kids are probably awake but sleeping in some more. I would rather get up at the same time and take a nap later. The next celebration is third daughter's birthday. That is four months from now and it's winter by then. So be in. I am in the zone when I keto so I keep to it.

I enjoy being there and when the woosh comes, it feel great to be there. And I am not there. I am here. At this moment when I choose to I change frequency. It is based on thought? That and two more things. And when you get one, you change everything. That is how powerful you are.

And when you put conditions, you are not there. It's like you switched channels. Is that possible? I need to see where the end is so I can budget the lines in the paragraph. And go to takapuna? I don't know. If it's sunny, when it is sunny it be nice to go. When it's not sunny I can do something else.

I am not bound to do anything. This is why I choose this light. And all things are valid and I can choose this or that but this is who I am. This is my light. I like this frequency. So I stay here. I don't have to choose differently unless I choose to.

That gets confusing but everything is here and now. You get that and you get it.

method hello world

I feel streesed with all that noise comin from the neighbors. I had a great run the las two or three days. Bankroll went up from 148 to 179. is that sustainable? I think so, ta the rate I am playing, the worst that can happen is that I get set over set on stack. And how often does that happen?

One in ten maybe, one in five definitely more than that. How come these kids do not walk to school together? Maybe they want to hang out with friends? Or they want to do something else. I grind today. I can post that on facebook or something. But that gets old pretty fast and you don't get juice on it from goog.

So I just write. I don't go into linux that much anymore. I go there on my breaks, at least once a day. I feel sick. Too much carbs yesterday. Today is day one. Kids have sports today. I think they do that all day. And these kids have issues. And then they are getting older. That means I too am getting older.

Do I go to library today? I can choose to take a break instead of run. I got too many toxins in my body. I can do something else. Like what? Go to library then play later. Or not. Let's see what happens. Tomorrow is a saturday. There be lots of fishies tomorrow.

I can turn off spellcheck. That's in options. This is a better ui than libre office. I can stick with this but it's difficult to install on ubuntu. And I have been an ubuntu user since version 8. garbage is collected today. I get wife to bus stop so I don't play now. What be my other options? I don't feel like runing today. I go to blibrary. Then I do something else.

Why not go then with wife going to work? And this daughter is in wairau house. And then they start testing their wings. I encourage that. Anything and everything is connected. All I can do is show them they have a choice at all times. They don't need protection. That is not the earth dimension that I am in. everything is possible though. It can go this way or that.

And this is page one. I go brush my teeth? After I finish writing. One daughter leaves early and the other two take their time. And wife is getting ready for work. She has a spoon on her eyes. She says it gets the wrinkles away. And I can create a write up like that and give supporting reasons as to why it will work.

People, some of them, can see through the bullshit. And do I have to go there? I don't know. I can do facebook updates once a week. That won't...garbage truck is here. And that was for rubbish. And roblox seems to be making money off the kids. And you get...lost train of thought as kids ask questions. And they divided up the morning tea. Are they going to school together.

And I have one more page after this. I can bring in the bin when they leave. And wife keeps asking things. She comes home midnight. And then what else is there? Second daughter just left for school. This third one waits for her friend and they walk together.

That neighbor don't look where they are going. This kid brought her jacket with her. It's going to be hot. And they know that. I have fear in me. See the source code there? It's there and the emotion tells you how to get there. It's all connected. And what can I do about this? I don't know. What can I do to play?

Get woosh and you can play everywhere. That be cool. You have to show people that? Not really. I just want to get around when I play. I think you can even play on the bus with that. But that takes time. I can do that. Can I take a nap there?

I would like to do them buffet lunches on play break. That's coming up. Get the feeling and everything else lines up with it. And then wife keeps asking a lot here. So what else is next? I can go take a nap? I feel sick with toxins. I can do something else in the meantime. Like whatL I don't know.

I can do that when it's there. For now, I do this. When to get there? How to get there? Will I get there? I think so. I have a method that works. I think 2nl is tough as fish can call you down as it only costs them two dollars. And are better players on higher stakes?

I think so. But stats work no matter what stake level you play. I want to go take a nap. I want to go lie down for a while. I can post these when I finish. And someone changed the cap settings? Maybe so. I post these then lie down. But I need to get wife to bus stop.

And that one needs to be changed. Into what? I don't know. It's not in alignment. And it will be fun to move there. How much fun? I can walk that strip when I feel like it. I can also ride my bike going there. And I can get me a house over there. That be fun. What else is there?

Get the kids braces. You need to set up that account and make auto transfers into that. You do that here and now. How does that feel? Like you see it and you are pleased with yourself. And be in that light. That'show you get alignment there. And is this how I got here? I think so. I feel easier with my game. And I don't have to share that.

I think they don't know that. But I need more hands? Not really everything is here and now. You don't have to prove anything. I need to brush my teeth now. I just had coffee. And kids don't remember what they did yesterday. Why is that? I don't know. What else is there?

Why did I do that then? I don't know. Was it habit? But now I am aware of it. Headed into weekend. It's the wife who's extra baggage for me. The kids you just let them run. That truck is coming in here. They deliver regularly.

And abouth three more paragraphs. And that truck is about ten grand plus inventory. With that much capital, I can get thirty percent return each month? At least once a year I can do that. So that's a good and reliable business?

I think so. And you don't have business overhead like they do. And I can go and expand on that. And I get wife to bus stop. What else do I do here? Kids are leaving now. I do this and see what happens. They have friends.

Do I have one? Not here. I need to get out more often. How to do that? I don't know yet. Meetups sound fun. I can do that and see what happens.

as expected not?

I don't know what the right hand position is, but there is pain on my wrist from putting pressure on it. I think my seat is too low. Time to change again. Now, this here is higher and there is less pressure on my wrist. The thing about it is that I have to sit straight and not lean back. This gets tight for long hours. Maybe I need to take more breaks more often.

I started updating my blog rather than pining about the downswing. I am moving over to fr play. That's home to me. I will go to 6max eventually, but maybe not now. I am still trying to figure things out. I will update stake later on in the afternoon. I am going to play after everyone has gone. Window repair is happening later.

I do that too, like let the door close itself and that sounds like you are slamming it. Nothing you can do about it. Maybe be more aware and close it easier that way. Everyone is getting ready to leave now. So much anxiety in me.

Why not play as and go on make up? I can do that and keep that up and close the stake. It's going nowhere and the sooner I can do that, the better off i'd be. I can easily move either way later on. The stake is a safe bet for them when they get honest players, but with degen, they lose money so it's an issue with being a part of the community.

I have too many baggage to carry with this family. I am choosing that anyway. Why so? if...when I choose to do so, what is the motivation there? And when I did choose it, why am I complaining about it then? Maybe there is that ideal situation in my head where everyone is happy and there is no contrast.

I guess wife got a bum phone in nexus. Why is this here? What and how can I use this then? I don't know. Not buy lg phones in the future. I was considering buying them before. It's good that I did not. It's fancy but it's a failure. I need to go poop now. Everyone is moving in and out of the bathroom. Give it a few more minutes.

And what else to do here? These android phones are not really good. Maybe revert back to the old nokia? They were more reliable. I wonder why they had to close shop and sell to ms? Maybe sony was also good, but did not hangaround more often. That lady is working out to lose weight. What should be the situation there/ I want to go to toilet. Is anyone else going to use it?

Too many baggage here? Yes. And I have to dump. My browser page is in facebook. It gets boring in there. Maybe I am not part of a community in there that's why. And I don't dig social media so much, specially like facebook. Maybe social media is better if you are anon. That way, you are not concerned about stepping on someone else's feet.

But it's their issue if they get offended. And I don't want to get involved with that. And what else can I do around here? I don't know. Maybe that guy is a doctor. He has a benz. Why not follow him one day. And is a benz a good indicator? Or is it something else?

Maybe it's something else. Maybe he too plays poker high stakes and goes to the casino to play. I can do that. I can match that frequency myself. School is another baggage carousel. Man, I need to poop now. There's someone coming in after nine. I have a window there to go.

What else to do around here? Finish writing and I can move on from there. I have enough pics to post and don't have to. Wife has too many baggage herself and that's my reflection there. What's mine anyway?

That things have to be in a certain way before I let myself be at peace. Why not be at peace without conditions? See the reflection and choose my state of I respond to it? That is it then. See, choose, act.

Is it that hard? Or is it too simple? It's simple and I tend to forget, rather choose to not choose but go on default. What can I do about this then? Be in my light. No need to be fancy or anything. Just be in my light and see the reflection. It's not see what happens. That's in the future and is not here and now. Everything is here and now. Odesk is not interesting so I don't have to go there. I am doing something anyway.

Crying makes no sense. It is only extra baggage, unless you need to unload toxins out. But that's how kids deal with the negs. Let them be. It's their line and you don't have to choose that way. Choose to be in your light and things will go that way. No conditions. That is not who I am anymore.

Play your light and see what happens. Tell them that you are now in make up mode and will return the money soon as you have them. And that I will update and be in touch. I can do that. And do you have to go that way? Put that at peace for now. Is it going to be a problem then? Use that for six max short handed play later.

For now, do make up, then get started there when you reach that level. For now, move up and then you get to the other side. And then you see how things will turn out. And this is what I do for now. And no need for conditions. Only choose to be in the light. I can run later when the window guy is finished.

It's not going to be a late run. My runs are going into winter and I run at noon when it's warmest. Early mornings are for when I used to work and that's not me anymore. I play poker and this is my schedule now. The stake was there to improve my game. And I did get something out of it.

Maybe now is time to move on. No conditions. And I am responding to the outside? I think so. I now on make up mode then. Notify and then expand from there. This is my light and I can move up sooner. Four tables and twenty buy ins is what I am doing. How much is that? A hundred. That's easily within reach.

Do much and get the bonus. That will move you up sooner. I can do that. I can do three thousand hands each day? I can do that. Let's expand on that then. Expansion. It's not my job. It's what creation does automatically.

It's like putting a seed to the ground. You don't have to do anything there. Creation does its magic and all you do is sit back and enjoy the show. That's how it is and that's why you are not making it happen.

travel live enjoy

I had a good morning session on zoom. First two hands were pocket aces and won two all in pots. The rest of the session went sideways but I was winning small pots here and there. That playing staked has become a burden tells me there's a definition or source code in me that is out of alignment. I am gonna check that out later.

In the meantime, it has been quiet with the stake team. Maybe they decided to give up? Maybe they too are going through a downswing? That was the last impression I got. And it's tough to go through that and have to deal with other people's baggage. I am there right now. I think I can do odesk gigs on the side. There's so much competition in there and you go up against dollar per day people. The english might be a bit off but that's easy to correct.

I can do one gig a week to get to the other side. So i'll ebe doing that more often then. What else is there? I can use that to get help from the wife. At least the poker is doing well. It's not downwards anymore. It's starting to pick up. I see what was the difference in there and am making changes now.

Do you get more on zoom? I don't know. I can do the regular thing and pick up from there. But for now, this is what works. Am I hungry now? I think so. Wife leaves after lunch. We have brunch. Nobody is that hungry during breakfast anyway so brunch is a better alternative.

Day one was yesterday. I saw that I can pick up a chicken when I get starved. I can also do that burger and egg thing. Son is eating some chips. He is probably hungry now. This is the process I am in. let's see where this leads to. It's just a supplement that you look for. Take the next step all the time and see what happens.

Do I have to tell her everything? I don't want her to worry, but that is beyond my ocntrol. How to do that then? Will I run later? Sometime before the sun sets. That be a good time to run. I can do yoga later on. I am taking a break for now. I start another session in an hour. I am now doing four tables in zoom. That is like a lot and my hands shot up by double in less than an hour. Do that all day and you get more in. is it profitable? I think so.

It's like sales. The more you see, the more you sell. And don't put in more chips on weak hands that won't improve. Better put them in draws as you get to have better hands when you make them. More so when you get good odds at the table. How to do that then? I don't know. You know them instinctively. Move on from there. Son is gaining weight. He is also a growing kid.

The girls are still in bed. If I asked this kid for soda he'd give me some. That's the connection we have. But I don't drink that soda. What would it be like itf I were there now? Everything is here and now. Then I get a hrand a week. How does that feel? Everything is light and easy. A grand a week is like a buy in at 100 nl each day. That is average. I think it's possible to get there.

So it's a cash problem then? I think so. What else can I do about this? Simply play and get how that feels. You get here. Get the state of being and the source code will get alignment and the reflection you see. The contrast is there to show you what is not in alignment. That is how it is with me now.

And there is no need to make thigs happen. I can only allow. There is no outside reality anyway. So why make the reflection smile when you can smile first and the reflection will follow. A grand a week is nice and easy. How soon? In about three months at the rate I am doing now. How will it feel? It is here and now. I just need to match that frequency. I see the source code there.

And that's where we are headed. Are there better players in there? As in every other stake level, there are regs in there. And you can play that way and still do the sne. I have the formula now and see what needs to be done. Not everyone is going to play that way anyway. Take that as your edge. You don't need a big edge. You only need a one percent edge and you compound that over time.

This is why my method works. It's the prospector thing. Don't spend too much time after people told you they're not interested. Say thank you and entertain the next one. You want to spend time only with people who are buying now. And that's what they don't get. And they support the other method otherwise they are no longer needed and they lose their job.

And that's what I understood there. Shaks is still in touch in fb. I wonder if she's still in there. She's pretty ok but maybe something is here? I don't know yet. I have abilities. I can do something in here to get to the other side. And what else is there?

Time to move on. That is contrast and I have learned much from that experience. It was there to get me moving the path. I picked up stuff in there. And now the energy is used up. What I hold on to is just an echo. It's there to give contrast. And now I get it and it's time to move on. Someone's coming out.

That is one cool daughter there. They are growing up fast. And I feel older now. Is it the baggage? Maybe so. She listens to her sd card in the old phone. It's good that it still works. Nokia was a good brand and people use that a lot.

You don't have to get fancy. Should I stake others? I don't think I have time for that. Maybe be a silent partner, but that is added baggage. I can go play live at the casinos. That is an option I can do there. And then I can grow from there.

What does it feel like? We move there. I ride my bike going there and park in the basement. That would will be my office. And I can spend time with the kids here and have lunch and dinner there all the time. I can get a room and make that as my office. I do a session half day then go down for live play.

And we can travel the world. The kids can come if they choose to. That would be fun. The wife is good that way. And we can go to copenhagen. That's one place I want to live in for a year. See the seasons, ride bikes. That is one. Also visit manila and spend a year in there as well. We can live in a home nearby. That is easily within reach at 100nl. I can do that. And I see the state of being . I can line up with that frequency and source code and reflection will follow.

positive ev play?

I feel negative about that last play. I had qq on bb and villain was utg. I three bet villain seeing that he has played a lot, but hand history was below ten. He went all in. I called. The guide I did not check, but qq was not part of the range to call 4bet play. I checked into equilab after I lost the pot and saw that my hand was ahead of his range, 57percent.

If I won that pot then I will not feel negative about it. I did make the right call looking at equilab. My hand was ahead. If equity and pot odds were to be considered, I made the right play. If we played this 100k times, my hand will still win. Even if I plugged in Aks, my hand was still ahead 52percent. It's not much but given the context, given that situation, I made the right play.

And that's important. Should I quit the stakes? Will I fail the stake and get called back? So be it. This is what's here right now. I play this hand. I can always go back to playing my own bankroll. It's not much, but playing zoom poker, I can move up stakes at this time. I only need one buy in or two. Where my bankroll is right now, I can move up stakes when I choose to. But not yet.

Wife is going to be home later and we will have dinner at friends house for having the kids fol a sleepover when we lost connection. Wife got the text message that they were fixing the connection and it went straight through right away. You will not find that with the other internet provider.

Is it the same situation? I think so. Given the circumstance, I think we made the right call there. They even sent a text message saying that they were looking into it. I guess this is what is happening here then. This is what we have. I can notify them that the internet is up and running now later on.

I am taking a break now. I write then post this then go out for a run. Maybe I should not be three betting? Htat's not plus ev. What you look for is plus ev plays. Should I go back to fr play? I can do that. But not yet. This is here so this is where I need to be. There is something here for me. I know that.

And all this is part of the process. I am getting better as a player anyway. So be it then. What's next here? I don't know. If that is going to happen, then I don't have a say in that. I can play as much as I want in that light and it will come out sooner. Is this what it happening here? What is?

Only write what comes to mind. The kids forgot a few things from yesterday and I had to bring them over. That's ok as I enjoy being with them anyway. I missed them these two days. They come home tonight. Wife and I had been busy while they were away. These things are contrast to your light. No need to resist. I can allowthem as there is something that I gained from the experience. I see that I can make the right play and though I did not know what the outcome was, I still made the right play.

And I can always go back to that. I learned a lot from this and it is added skills to my toolbox. Ican move forward from here. They might have lost money there, but that was part of the process. What can I do here then? Play as you are and move up when the timing is right.

I have until the end of the year. I think I can do that by then. Better than that. I can shift in a month's time anyway. And I can get another stake if I had to, but maybe not yet. Get the chart up and then add more hands and then I can go there. Should I block everyone off? I don't know. For now, only do this. I can go there but that is not where I am. I can do this and see what happens.

Blocking is a negative action. It wil show in your reflection and i've been through that experience. It's not what I prefer. It is not what I am choosing. I would rather be a positive person in my own universe. Even though there is contrast, I choose to be in my light. Even if failure was a certainty it's not. What seems to be failure is only a situation that you did not expect. That means you have expectatiots. Trust the synchronicity and you will see the experience in your life.

Reflection and contrast are your experience. Allw that as part of the whole. Do I listen to music when I run? I don't have to. I can do that android flash back to wife's phone in the meanitem.

There is that exercise group thing in the filend. I don't have to go through that. The kids go to friend's house after school. We meet them there. They can hang out with them when we pass. That be sad, but I know that immediately, they will be taken care of. I think I can put that down a a document here. That way, there is fallback there.

And what else is there for us? They go to manila and go to relatives? That is one more option there. It will be sad and a pain to go through that losing parents when you are young. It is even painful whetn you an adult, but not as much when as a child.

At least I am positive about it. That if that happens, when that happens, I know that it is part of the process and that this is happening for a reason. No need t obe afraid. And this too, hat I am going through is part of a process. I am getting something from the experience even if it was osnly to see the contrast. And hat to gain from this?

That I am still in the light even with the contrast. Even if I have expectations, I am aware of them and can choose to still be in the light. That is what it simply boils down to. And things are always changing. I am not there anymore at this time. That's how malleable the universe is at this time.

I am moving forward from that. I wonder what dinner is ? Chicken and pansit. That be good. I can stick with the chicken. I have lunch when I get back from the run. There is chicken, burger and eggs. That be good for this mrunch thing. Then I do another session in there.

Should I make a post of that then? I can do that, but for now, only do this. And then I can do something else. Like what was that sound there? I don't know. I can go check that out later. If it were jj I would not have called that. Qq was more likely to do so. I made a good play there. Stick with that story. It is a good story. And long term, you are profitable with that play. I will do that again when the situation arises. Is that going to pay off? Yes.

phone not work

I am testing verdana again. I like this font. It's pretty basic and looks good. I like this better than trebuchet. I got a message from the net and rather than respond to it in a neg way, I chose to let it go. It is what it is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My self value don't have to respond to it to gain.

Son is complaining about pain. He touched the hot tray when making pizza. It is what it is. I let it be then. I can't change anything about it. Sometimes grinding can be boring. I listen to other stuff, or watch something else while I play. Will this get me where I am headed? I guess so. At least I am doing something for myself here. Son put his hand in cold water so it don't hurt as much. I guess it still hurts.

Do we take him to see the doctor? Maybe he'll give paracetamol or something. Or maybe not. I can do dlang but I haven't done morning pages yet so we do this. I have anxiety with the stake. I want to do good rather than being good. See the difference there. One has conditions attached to it.

Poker is more reliable than fx trading. The latter has luck involved with it and the only thing you can do is to cut your losses. The former also has luck involved, but I see that there are other things I can do, like bluff. And it works at times.

Are these teachers really giving you everything there? Maybe so. It's just that they see things differently and they respond differently. That's the difference with these things. And how do you use that then? Be in the light. You have a choice there. Wife did not go to church. I made sure she got up late by having sex. Kids don't like going to church anyway.

I have issues here. Who is that kid riding out there? Why not with a parent? Maybe the parent was walking ahead. I can play after I finish these. I get impatient writing? It's because there is a hole in there that you want to fill in. why not just be in the light. That hole disappears when you are in the light.

I learned a lot of things yesterday. Weekends are busy days for me. The wife and kids are at home and I am at the mercy of their schedule. There's also chores to do around here. I tend to play less on weekends, unless wife takes the kids out and I don't go with them.

I think the stake gets that. They too have relationships to attend to. Other things like life happens. No need to worry about that. And then you get to the other side. What else can we do here? I don't know yet. Only do this and get to the other side. No need to type furiously. I can hang the clothes out after I finish thtese. Is it going to rain?

Weather forecast is cloudy with some winds. I can run later today before sun sets. That is a good time for me. And then what else? I will do yoga later after lunch. I think this is going to be brunch. She leaves for work around three. I put the seven up in the freezer now.

Having carbs puts me out of the light. It is the response to it that puts me out. I can choose here. I can have carbs and still choose to be in the light, or do something else. Kids are watching south park. Daughter's phone is busted. It charges intermittently. One finished just now. I can watch that later or do something else.

And then we can do something else instead. I can report later in the day as long as I do it once a day. And then I played good yesterday. I lost a few big pots but I may be above slightly breakeven. And that be good for me. I don'tthink I like this series. Is that a hacker thing?

It probably is, but hollywood don't make it very well. So be it then. And what else can we do this? I don't know. I only write what comes to mind. How did they come up with the idea for south park. It is like an adult looking back to their childhood and adding the sense of humor to it.

Daughter wants a new phone. She is being nice to her parents. That's part of it. And then what. I don't know yet. Son wants attention saying that it stings with his hands. I give him the attention but there's nothing I can do for now? It is what it is.

I will finish these and get going over there. I don't know what the wife is going to do now. Let's see what happens next friday. We get there when we get there. I can post my charts on fridays. I think that's what I told her, to make a buy in once a day.

Is that possible? I think so. There be low days, but there also be homerun days. The thing about it is to get the momentum going inside of you, to feel good about it. And that's what I do here. When I see that, then things are going to fall into place.

Why is that kid really the poor one in the gang? Maybe so. He keeps dying each time. And these are the kids of past looking back from now. Bt all that is from a different perspective anyway. I can make chicken later on. All the kids are up now. What else can I write about? This is page two. I can do one more page with the eyes closed. It get easier writing that way.

I can check in later on. It's a weekend. They know the time difference is day and night. So be it. And then we get to the other side. Why is it in christmas singing there. I think it is mocking those christmas tv shows. The specials on christmas. I used to like christmas because of those cartoon specials. I would wait for htat and hate it when parents will bring us along and we just sit there doing nothing.

This time it's not like that. I don't drag my kids with me if they don't want to come. And then they have a choice. I make sure that they are aware of their choices. And then they can make a choice. I don't have to push anything there. I only put myself in the light here.

I can get my daughter another phone and it will be this year. Soon as I get this momentum going, then I can and am going forward withthis. This is another new paragraph. I get four lines or five and then I start another one. I am a writer because I can write. Anyone can write. It's just that how you ignore the critic that makes you more prolific.

And how do you do that? Practice. You write and be aware of the critic when you write. You can choose to ignore them. And these ads are there so you can do something else. Is that like the nsa thing? I can check it out. They have to have substance there otherwise it's going to be just another pretty face. She's not even being sexy about it like nikita.

And then I am in page three. I am not yet halfway through and then I can do something else. I think the show is funny at times. And then I can do something else. So be it then. I think he is hearing something in there. That is sick. It's a talking poop. That's what the show is about. It's funny because of that.

And now it's spreading poop all over the place. That be gross. And then he has to clean that up. Now he is in trouble. And then the mother has to clean up the bathroom but it's really the father who is cleaning up. That third one finished. I will transfer them later when I finish writing. This is my daily practice. No need to get anywhere. Just do this and get to the other side.

And then people take too much concern? Maybe. Or maybe not. Let them be. It won't affect you when you choose to not let that affect you. And then he brought his poop along with him to school, in a box. That is sick. What if that were your imaginary friend? That is sick.

That's what that show is about. We are about to have breakfast. And then we do something else. And then we can write and see what happens. Some people are like that anyway.

I gotta end this now. We are going to have breakfast.

perception and range

I think i've figured out life at times, and then I get a curve ball telling me, “go check this one out”. It's not a block but a redirect. It's connected. When I resist it, then I get stuck and it then reflects and I experience a block. But when I use the energy in a positive way, then I get a positive and surprise out of it.

And that's my philosophy in life. This is my process here. And right now, that coast picture in wainui is the energy I am working with. It must feel good to move there. The kids may have to move to dorms, but they'll move out anyway. It's going to be just me and the wife. That's going to be the situation there. She might get bored with me playing poker all the time. Is there a mall there? Maybe we can take trips together instead. So instead of moving there, maybe we can move somewhere within reach.

But its about an hour away from auckland. I don't think that's too far. It is if it is an hour away. You travel by motorway and it's going to be a fast travel time. But it is exciting to live there. We can make travels here and there. I'll be going to the aussie millions once a year. It's also a long way from the auckland casino. I guess we'll move somewhere within range.

And that's ok. By the time I match that frequency, synchronicity will have lined up things for me. Is that faith? It's knowing. I have experienced that before and I am pleasantly surprised by what I experienced. Trust the synchronicity. Knowing is different from faith. Faith is a lie from someone telling you to put your energy through them and they will create something for you. It's still your energy and consciousness they are using but you use them as an instrument.

Why am I having this situation then? I have my quota for the day. I can keep this up from here. But what about sample rate. Your samples are too low. This could be running hot and might be short term. Play more hands to see if the method holds. How many do you need? Fifty grand. That's easily within reach in a month. Check back in a month and i'll have that ready for you.

You play this way and you get the reflection back. Is that gambling in zoom? I think not. It's like you move to a different table each time and everything is in fast forward. Do I have to move house? Not really. It's not the outside that matters. Who you are is more important. If the reflection you see is not what you prefer, look into your source code. Everything is here and now. Find what is not in alignment. Usually you will find that it's your source code that hinders you from seeing what is.

And that spike down is part of the process. You win some, you lose some. That was an almost big pot there I could have avoided. Anyway, I learned the lesson there. I can do something else now. I avoided that, then the winrate would have been higher. That's the point of it all. It's like playing 3bet pots, your goal is to lose less. It's not always a winning situation. You can't even fight back. You only play this way. You play less to it. And I see the point here. Do I play zoom then? When I finish the stake, I will go there.

And when do I finish that? When things are aligned, when it is no longer relevant, then synchronicity will make it happen. I, the local self can't make things happen. They happen as a reflection. Nothing is really out there. Do I need one then? You don't, but it's a tool. If it's there in your life, then it is relevant. Everything is a reflection for you. This is part of the reflection. You have always wanted to play here, and it's in your reflection.

Is this positive? It is what you say it is. You say it's a negative and you get a negative effect out of it. These kids are growing up fast. I think that was a big pot there. The player only had a dominated pair. Why would you go all in on that? That's a big lesson there in poker.

For one, if you cut out dominated pairs from your showdown hands, your winrate will start to move up. For one, you get less of that. In poker, when someone says I have the nuts, you believe them unless they show otherwise. You can't have that unless you know how others are playing. And almost everyone is up by now.

And I like the way that trend is going. I think it's trending as it is making higher lows. Wife is up and waiting for the bathroom to empty out. The kids are growing up. Soon, in about five years, they start moving out. There be two that might want to hang around because they are gamers, but they are going to move out soon as they will want to be coders and game devs. That is something they can choose to do.

It's not that hard to learn how to code. They are going to figure it out eventually when they get there. Will robots replace coders? Eventually. You can create generators for that. Then you get ai and they will write out code for you. You only need to put in the meta code and they whip out everything for you.

So you want them to get into creative mode. They churn out the creative stuff that gets put out there. And then they can choose how to go about things. Gamers might be of use in the military, but you don't need fighters, you need emergency people. Their definitions will change and be in alignment. You don't fight anymore in that earth. Why fight yourself when you can easily shift into an earth that reflects who you are.

Of course if you enjoy war games then you shift to that earth or dimension where you put that to good use. Or just be a gamer then. You get something out of it yourself. You make quick decisions and the decisions you make are in alignment. And can you make a living off zoom? I think so. Play like a business and you get that reflection. Tomorrow is a friday and wife don't have work. We can go for that dinner, then have drinks then take the bus coming home.

Should we invite others? I don't know yet. We shall see then. Is it fun to go there? I'll send out invites. Later. I want to finish this as I am still connected to flow. There be lots of opportunities for that later. I work from home. I think that be a good thing for us here. And what else is there to do? I don't know. Maybe they are there, I don't know. Higher stakes means you could lose more, but if you played your agame, how can you lose? You don't have to play durrr. You only play the other fish.

And there be plenty of fish out there. You provide seats to fill in and you go there. There's a lot of russians in that game. Soon you get indians and chinese. There also going to be asians, lots of them. Why don't they market to them?

If I were in their marketing, address the gambling issue. Show them why it's not. Show proof that it's not. It's easy to find content on that. And then it becomes fun. Getting a job is also gambling. You put your efforts and future and go all in on something you can't really control. In poker, if you don't like the board, you fold and wait for a better spot. With a job, if you don't like the board, you can't just fold. You have other concerns. Technically you can fold by quitting your job.

The difference is scale. Poker, folding is easy. You get new hands on the next serve. In jobs, you may have to wait a few weeks to get a new job. And that's why I am here. No need to preach. I am who I am and am an example to those who find this relevant. If it's not, then we both move on.

And why is there a need to preach? Preaching entails fear. I am not that. And that's why I don't go there anymore. And I can do that dancing thing? That would be enjoyable. You pass on how it feels like to be in that level. It's what the share with you.

Once you get that energy, it is yours. You only choose to let go. It changes and becomes your energy. You don't have to learn the steps to get there. One technique one thing. I think it's called ichi go, ichi e. I forgot what that means but to me, it means everything is here and now.

And that is what is. And this is why everything is here. This is lined up and relevant. No need to bring the car. We can take the bus going there. And then what else is there? I can take the bus going there. What time do I go out? I can do that online.

Or I can go to countdown later. I can ...son is up now. Why did that autocorrect that way? It's a grammar thing. Ignore that. Finish writing and I can create that sandwich for the son. About two more lines and I am done here.