method hello world

I feel streesed with all that noise comin from the neighbors. I had a great run the las two or three days. Bankroll went up from 148 to 179. is that sustainable? I think so, ta the rate I am playing, the worst that can happen is that I get set over set on stack. And how often does that happen?

One in ten maybe, one in five definitely more than that. How come these kids do not walk to school together? Maybe they want to hang out with friends? Or they want to do something else. I grind today. I can post that on facebook or something. But that gets old pretty fast and you don't get juice on it from goog.

So I just write. I don't go into linux that much anymore. I go there on my breaks, at least once a day. I feel sick. Too much carbs yesterday. Today is day one. Kids have sports today. I think they do that all day. And these kids have issues. And then they are getting older. That means I too am getting older.

Do I go to library today? I can choose to take a break instead of run. I got too many toxins in my body. I can do something else. Like what? Go to library then play later. Or not. Let's see what happens. Tomorrow is a saturday. There be lots of fishies tomorrow.

I can turn off spellcheck. That's in options. This is a better ui than libre office. I can stick with this but it's difficult to install on ubuntu. And I have been an ubuntu user since version 8. garbage is collected today. I get wife to bus stop so I don't play now. What be my other options? I don't feel like runing today. I go to blibrary. Then I do something else.

Why not go then with wife going to work? And this daughter is in wairau house. And then they start testing their wings. I encourage that. Anything and everything is connected. All I can do is show them they have a choice at all times. They don't need protection. That is not the earth dimension that I am in. everything is possible though. It can go this way or that.

And this is page one. I go brush my teeth? After I finish writing. One daughter leaves early and the other two take their time. And wife is getting ready for work. She has a spoon on her eyes. She says it gets the wrinkles away. And I can create a write up like that and give supporting reasons as to why it will work.

People, some of them, can see through the bullshit. And do I have to go there? I don't know. I can do facebook updates once a week. That won't...garbage truck is here. And that was for rubbish. And roblox seems to be making money off the kids. And you get...lost train of thought as kids ask questions. And they divided up the morning tea. Are they going to school together.

And I have one more page after this. I can bring in the bin when they leave. And wife keeps asking things. She comes home midnight. And then what else is there? Second daughter just left for school. This third one waits for her friend and they walk together.

That neighbor don't look where they are going. This kid brought her jacket with her. It's going to be hot. And they know that. I have fear in me. See the source code there? It's there and the emotion tells you how to get there. It's all connected. And what can I do about this? I don't know. What can I do to play?

Get woosh and you can play everywhere. That be cool. You have to show people that? Not really. I just want to get around when I play. I think you can even play on the bus with that. But that takes time. I can do that. Can I take a nap there?

I would like to do them buffet lunches on play break. That's coming up. Get the feeling and everything else lines up with it. And then wife keeps asking a lot here. So what else is next? I can go take a nap? I feel sick with toxins. I can do something else in the meantime. Like whatL I don't know.

I can do that when it's there. For now, I do this. When to get there? How to get there? Will I get there? I think so. I have a method that works. I think 2nl is tough as fish can call you down as it only costs them two dollars. And are better players on higher stakes?

I think so. But stats work no matter what stake level you play. I want to go take a nap. I want to go lie down for a while. I can post these when I finish. And someone changed the cap settings? Maybe so. I post these then lie down. But I need to get wife to bus stop.

And that one needs to be changed. Into what? I don't know. It's not in alignment. And it will be fun to move there. How much fun? I can walk that strip when I feel like it. I can also ride my bike going there. And I can get me a house over there. That be fun. What else is there?

Get the kids braces. You need to set up that account and make auto transfers into that. You do that here and now. How does that feel? Like you see it and you are pleased with yourself. And be in that light. That'show you get alignment there. And is this how I got here? I think so. I feel easier with my game. And I don't have to share that.

I think they don't know that. But I need more hands? Not really everything is here and now. You don't have to prove anything. I need to brush my teeth now. I just had coffee. And kids don't remember what they did yesterday. Why is that? I don't know. What else is there?

Why did I do that then? I don't know. Was it habit? But now I am aware of it. Headed into weekend. It's the wife who's extra baggage for me. The kids you just let them run. That truck is coming in here. They deliver regularly.

And abouth three more paragraphs. And that truck is about ten grand plus inventory. With that much capital, I can get thirty percent return each month? At least once a year I can do that. So that's a good and reliable business?

I think so. And you don't have business overhead like they do. And I can go and expand on that. And I get wife to bus stop. What else do I do here? Kids are leaving now. I do this and see what happens. They have friends.

Do I have one? Not here. I need to get out more often. How to do that? I don't know yet. Meetups sound fun. I can do that and see what happens.