perception and range

I think i've figured out life at times, and then I get a curve ball telling me, “go check this one out”. It's not a block but a redirect. It's connected. When I resist it, then I get stuck and it then reflects and I experience a block. But when I use the energy in a positive way, then I get a positive and surprise out of it.

And that's my philosophy in life. This is my process here. And right now, that coast picture in wainui is the energy I am working with. It must feel good to move there. The kids may have to move to dorms, but they'll move out anyway. It's going to be just me and the wife. That's going to be the situation there. She might get bored with me playing poker all the time. Is there a mall there? Maybe we can take trips together instead. So instead of moving there, maybe we can move somewhere within reach.

But its about an hour away from auckland. I don't think that's too far. It is if it is an hour away. You travel by motorway and it's going to be a fast travel time. But it is exciting to live there. We can make travels here and there. I'll be going to the aussie millions once a year. It's also a long way from the auckland casino. I guess we'll move somewhere within range.

And that's ok. By the time I match that frequency, synchronicity will have lined up things for me. Is that faith? It's knowing. I have experienced that before and I am pleasantly surprised by what I experienced. Trust the synchronicity. Knowing is different from faith. Faith is a lie from someone telling you to put your energy through them and they will create something for you. It's still your energy and consciousness they are using but you use them as an instrument.

Why am I having this situation then? I have my quota for the day. I can keep this up from here. But what about sample rate. Your samples are too low. This could be running hot and might be short term. Play more hands to see if the method holds. How many do you need? Fifty grand. That's easily within reach in a month. Check back in a month and i'll have that ready for you.

You play this way and you get the reflection back. Is that gambling in zoom? I think not. It's like you move to a different table each time and everything is in fast forward. Do I have to move house? Not really. It's not the outside that matters. Who you are is more important. If the reflection you see is not what you prefer, look into your source code. Everything is here and now. Find what is not in alignment. Usually you will find that it's your source code that hinders you from seeing what is.

And that spike down is part of the process. You win some, you lose some. That was an almost big pot there I could have avoided. Anyway, I learned the lesson there. I can do something else now. I avoided that, then the winrate would have been higher. That's the point of it all. It's like playing 3bet pots, your goal is to lose less. It's not always a winning situation. You can't even fight back. You only play this way. You play less to it. And I see the point here. Do I play zoom then? When I finish the stake, I will go there.

And when do I finish that? When things are aligned, when it is no longer relevant, then synchronicity will make it happen. I, the local self can't make things happen. They happen as a reflection. Nothing is really out there. Do I need one then? You don't, but it's a tool. If it's there in your life, then it is relevant. Everything is a reflection for you. This is part of the reflection. You have always wanted to play here, and it's in your reflection.

Is this positive? It is what you say it is. You say it's a negative and you get a negative effect out of it. These kids are growing up fast. I think that was a big pot there. The player only had a dominated pair. Why would you go all in on that? That's a big lesson there in poker.

For one, if you cut out dominated pairs from your showdown hands, your winrate will start to move up. For one, you get less of that. In poker, when someone says I have the nuts, you believe them unless they show otherwise. You can't have that unless you know how others are playing. And almost everyone is up by now.

And I like the way that trend is going. I think it's trending as it is making higher lows. Wife is up and waiting for the bathroom to empty out. The kids are growing up. Soon, in about five years, they start moving out. There be two that might want to hang around because they are gamers, but they are going to move out soon as they will want to be coders and game devs. That is something they can choose to do.

It's not that hard to learn how to code. They are going to figure it out eventually when they get there. Will robots replace coders? Eventually. You can create generators for that. Then you get ai and they will write out code for you. You only need to put in the meta code and they whip out everything for you.

So you want them to get into creative mode. They churn out the creative stuff that gets put out there. And then they can choose how to go about things. Gamers might be of use in the military, but you don't need fighters, you need emergency people. Their definitions will change and be in alignment. You don't fight anymore in that earth. Why fight yourself when you can easily shift into an earth that reflects who you are.

Of course if you enjoy war games then you shift to that earth or dimension where you put that to good use. Or just be a gamer then. You get something out of it yourself. You make quick decisions and the decisions you make are in alignment. And can you make a living off zoom? I think so. Play like a business and you get that reflection. Tomorrow is a friday and wife don't have work. We can go for that dinner, then have drinks then take the bus coming home.

Should we invite others? I don't know yet. We shall see then. Is it fun to go there? I'll send out invites. Later. I want to finish this as I am still connected to flow. There be lots of opportunities for that later. I work from home. I think that be a good thing for us here. And what else is there to do? I don't know. Maybe they are there, I don't know. Higher stakes means you could lose more, but if you played your agame, how can you lose? You don't have to play durrr. You only play the other fish.

And there be plenty of fish out there. You provide seats to fill in and you go there. There's a lot of russians in that game. Soon you get indians and chinese. There also going to be asians, lots of them. Why don't they market to them?

If I were in their marketing, address the gambling issue. Show them why it's not. Show proof that it's not. It's easy to find content on that. And then it becomes fun. Getting a job is also gambling. You put your efforts and future and go all in on something you can't really control. In poker, if you don't like the board, you fold and wait for a better spot. With a job, if you don't like the board, you can't just fold. You have other concerns. Technically you can fold by quitting your job.

The difference is scale. Poker, folding is easy. You get new hands on the next serve. In jobs, you may have to wait a few weeks to get a new job. And that's why I am here. No need to preach. I am who I am and am an example to those who find this relevant. If it's not, then we both move on.

And why is there a need to preach? Preaching entails fear. I am not that. And that's why I don't go there anymore. And I can do that dancing thing? That would be enjoyable. You pass on how it feels like to be in that level. It's what the share with you.

Once you get that energy, it is yours. You only choose to let go. It changes and becomes your energy. You don't have to learn the steps to get there. One technique one thing. I think it's called ichi go, ichi e. I forgot what that means but to me, it means everything is here and now.

And that is what is. And this is why everything is here. This is lined up and relevant. No need to bring the car. We can take the bus going there. And then what else is there? I can take the bus going there. What time do I go out? I can do that online.

Or I can go to countdown later. I can ...son is up now. Why did that autocorrect that way? It's a grammar thing. Ignore that. Finish writing and I can create that sandwich for the son. About two more lines and I am done here.