phone not work

I am testing verdana again. I like this font. It's pretty basic and looks good. I like this better than trebuchet. I got a message from the net and rather than respond to it in a neg way, I chose to let it go. It is what it is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My self value don't have to respond to it to gain.

Son is complaining about pain. He touched the hot tray when making pizza. It is what it is. I let it be then. I can't change anything about it. Sometimes grinding can be boring. I listen to other stuff, or watch something else while I play. Will this get me where I am headed? I guess so. At least I am doing something for myself here. Son put his hand in cold water so it don't hurt as much. I guess it still hurts.

Do we take him to see the doctor? Maybe he'll give paracetamol or something. Or maybe not. I can do dlang but I haven't done morning pages yet so we do this. I have anxiety with the stake. I want to do good rather than being good. See the difference there. One has conditions attached to it.

Poker is more reliable than fx trading. The latter has luck involved with it and the only thing you can do is to cut your losses. The former also has luck involved, but I see that there are other things I can do, like bluff. And it works at times.

Are these teachers really giving you everything there? Maybe so. It's just that they see things differently and they respond differently. That's the difference with these things. And how do you use that then? Be in the light. You have a choice there. Wife did not go to church. I made sure she got up late by having sex. Kids don't like going to church anyway.

I have issues here. Who is that kid riding out there? Why not with a parent? Maybe the parent was walking ahead. I can play after I finish these. I get impatient writing? It's because there is a hole in there that you want to fill in. why not just be in the light. That hole disappears when you are in the light.

I learned a lot of things yesterday. Weekends are busy days for me. The wife and kids are at home and I am at the mercy of their schedule. There's also chores to do around here. I tend to play less on weekends, unless wife takes the kids out and I don't go with them.

I think the stake gets that. They too have relationships to attend to. Other things like life happens. No need to worry about that. And then you get to the other side. What else can we do here? I don't know yet. Only do this and get to the other side. No need to type furiously. I can hang the clothes out after I finish thtese. Is it going to rain?

Weather forecast is cloudy with some winds. I can run later today before sun sets. That is a good time for me. And then what else? I will do yoga later after lunch. I think this is going to be brunch. She leaves for work around three. I put the seven up in the freezer now.

Having carbs puts me out of the light. It is the response to it that puts me out. I can choose here. I can have carbs and still choose to be in the light, or do something else. Kids are watching south park. Daughter's phone is busted. It charges intermittently. One finished just now. I can watch that later or do something else.

And then we can do something else instead. I can report later in the day as long as I do it once a day. And then I played good yesterday. I lost a few big pots but I may be above slightly breakeven. And that be good for me. I don'tthink I like this series. Is that a hacker thing?

It probably is, but hollywood don't make it very well. So be it then. And what else can we do this? I don't know. I only write what comes to mind. How did they come up with the idea for south park. It is like an adult looking back to their childhood and adding the sense of humor to it.

Daughter wants a new phone. She is being nice to her parents. That's part of it. And then what. I don't know yet. Son wants attention saying that it stings with his hands. I give him the attention but there's nothing I can do for now? It is what it is.

I will finish these and get going over there. I don't know what the wife is going to do now. Let's see what happens next friday. We get there when we get there. I can post my charts on fridays. I think that's what I told her, to make a buy in once a day.

Is that possible? I think so. There be low days, but there also be homerun days. The thing about it is to get the momentum going inside of you, to feel good about it. And that's what I do here. When I see that, then things are going to fall into place.

Why is that kid really the poor one in the gang? Maybe so. He keeps dying each time. And these are the kids of past looking back from now. Bt all that is from a different perspective anyway. I can make chicken later on. All the kids are up now. What else can I write about? This is page two. I can do one more page with the eyes closed. It get easier writing that way.

I can check in later on. It's a weekend. They know the time difference is day and night. So be it. And then we get to the other side. Why is it in christmas singing there. I think it is mocking those christmas tv shows. The specials on christmas. I used to like christmas because of those cartoon specials. I would wait for htat and hate it when parents will bring us along and we just sit there doing nothing.

This time it's not like that. I don't drag my kids with me if they don't want to come. And then they have a choice. I make sure that they are aware of their choices. And then they can make a choice. I don't have to push anything there. I only put myself in the light here.

I can get my daughter another phone and it will be this year. Soon as I get this momentum going, then I can and am going forward withthis. This is another new paragraph. I get four lines or five and then I start another one. I am a writer because I can write. Anyone can write. It's just that how you ignore the critic that makes you more prolific.

And how do you do that? Practice. You write and be aware of the critic when you write. You can choose to ignore them. And these ads are there so you can do something else. Is that like the nsa thing? I can check it out. They have to have substance there otherwise it's going to be just another pretty face. She's not even being sexy about it like nikita.

And then I am in page three. I am not yet halfway through and then I can do something else. I think the show is funny at times. And then I can do something else. So be it then. I think he is hearing something in there. That is sick. It's a talking poop. That's what the show is about. It's funny because of that.

And now it's spreading poop all over the place. That be gross. And then he has to clean that up. Now he is in trouble. And then the mother has to clean up the bathroom but it's really the father who is cleaning up. That third one finished. I will transfer them later when I finish writing. This is my daily practice. No need to get anywhere. Just do this and get to the other side.

And then people take too much concern? Maybe. Or maybe not. Let them be. It won't affect you when you choose to not let that affect you. And then he brought his poop along with him to school, in a box. That is sick. What if that were your imaginary friend? That is sick.

That's what that show is about. We are about to have breakfast. And then we do something else. And then we can write and see what happens. Some people are like that anyway.

I gotta end this now. We are going to have breakfast.