positive ev play?

I feel negative about that last play. I had qq on bb and villain was utg. I three bet villain seeing that he has played a lot, but hand history was below ten. He went all in. I called. The guide I did not check, but qq was not part of the range to call 4bet play. I checked into equilab after I lost the pot and saw that my hand was ahead of his range, 57percent.

If I won that pot then I will not feel negative about it. I did make the right call looking at equilab. My hand was ahead. If equity and pot odds were to be considered, I made the right play. If we played this 100k times, my hand will still win. Even if I plugged in Aks, my hand was still ahead 52percent. It's not much but given the context, given that situation, I made the right play.

And that's important. Should I quit the stakes? Will I fail the stake and get called back? So be it. This is what's here right now. I play this hand. I can always go back to playing my own bankroll. It's not much, but playing zoom poker, I can move up stakes at this time. I only need one buy in or two. Where my bankroll is right now, I can move up stakes when I choose to. But not yet.

Wife is going to be home later and we will have dinner at friends house for having the kids fol a sleepover when we lost connection. Wife got the text message that they were fixing the connection and it went straight through right away. You will not find that with the other internet provider.

Is it the same situation? I think so. Given the circumstance, I think we made the right call there. They even sent a text message saying that they were looking into it. I guess this is what is happening here then. This is what we have. I can notify them that the internet is up and running now later on.

I am taking a break now. I write then post this then go out for a run. Maybe I should not be three betting? Htat's not plus ev. What you look for is plus ev plays. Should I go back to fr play? I can do that. But not yet. This is here so this is where I need to be. There is something here for me. I know that.

And all this is part of the process. I am getting better as a player anyway. So be it then. What's next here? I don't know. If that is going to happen, then I don't have a say in that. I can play as much as I want in that light and it will come out sooner. Is this what it happening here? What is?

Only write what comes to mind. The kids forgot a few things from yesterday and I had to bring them over. That's ok as I enjoy being with them anyway. I missed them these two days. They come home tonight. Wife and I had been busy while they were away. These things are contrast to your light. No need to resist. I can allowthem as there is something that I gained from the experience. I see that I can make the right play and though I did not know what the outcome was, I still made the right play.

And I can always go back to that. I learned a lot from this and it is added skills to my toolbox. Ican move forward from here. They might have lost money there, but that was part of the process. What can I do here then? Play as you are and move up when the timing is right.

I have until the end of the year. I think I can do that by then. Better than that. I can shift in a month's time anyway. And I can get another stake if I had to, but maybe not yet. Get the chart up and then add more hands and then I can go there. Should I block everyone off? I don't know. For now, only do this. I can go there but that is not where I am. I can do this and see what happens.

Blocking is a negative action. It wil show in your reflection and i've been through that experience. It's not what I prefer. It is not what I am choosing. I would rather be a positive person in my own universe. Even though there is contrast, I choose to be in my light. Even if failure was a certainty it's not. What seems to be failure is only a situation that you did not expect. That means you have expectatiots. Trust the synchronicity and you will see the experience in your life.

Reflection and contrast are your experience. Allw that as part of the whole. Do I listen to music when I run? I don't have to. I can do that android flash back to wife's phone in the meanitem.

There is that exercise group thing in the filend. I don't have to go through that. The kids go to friend's house after school. We meet them there. They can hang out with them when we pass. That be sad, but I know that immediately, they will be taken care of. I think I can put that down a a document here. That way, there is fallback there.

And what else is there for us? They go to manila and go to relatives? That is one more option there. It will be sad and a pain to go through that losing parents when you are young. It is even painful whetn you an adult, but not as much when as a child.

At least I am positive about it. That if that happens, when that happens, I know that it is part of the process and that this is happening for a reason. No need t obe afraid. And this too, hat I am going through is part of a process. I am getting something from the experience even if it was osnly to see the contrast. And hat to gain from this?

That I am still in the light even with the contrast. Even if I have expectations, I am aware of them and can choose to still be in the light. That is what it simply boils down to. And things are always changing. I am not there anymore at this time. That's how malleable the universe is at this time.

I am moving forward from that. I wonder what dinner is ? Chicken and pansit. That be good. I can stick with the chicken. I have lunch when I get back from the run. There is chicken, burger and eggs. That be good for this mrunch thing. Then I do another session in there.

Should I make a post of that then? I can do that, but for now, only do this. And then I can do something else. Like what was that sound there? I don't know. I can go check that out later. If it were jj I would not have called that. Qq was more likely to do so. I made a good play there. Stick with that story. It is a good story. And long term, you are profitable with that play. I will do that again when the situation arises. Is that going to pay off? Yes.