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I had a good morning session on zoom. First two hands were pocket aces and won two all in pots. The rest of the session went sideways but I was winning small pots here and there. That playing staked has become a burden tells me there's a definition or source code in me that is out of alignment. I am gonna check that out later.

In the meantime, it has been quiet with the stake team. Maybe they decided to give up? Maybe they too are going through a downswing? That was the last impression I got. And it's tough to go through that and have to deal with other people's baggage. I am there right now. I think I can do odesk gigs on the side. There's so much competition in there and you go up against dollar per day people. The english might be a bit off but that's easy to correct.

I can do one gig a week to get to the other side. So i'll ebe doing that more often then. What else is there? I can use that to get help from the wife. At least the poker is doing well. It's not downwards anymore. It's starting to pick up. I see what was the difference in there and am making changes now.

Do you get more on zoom? I don't know. I can do the regular thing and pick up from there. But for now, this is what works. Am I hungry now? I think so. Wife leaves after lunch. We have brunch. Nobody is that hungry during breakfast anyway so brunch is a better alternative.

Day one was yesterday. I saw that I can pick up a chicken when I get starved. I can also do that burger and egg thing. Son is eating some chips. He is probably hungry now. This is the process I am in. let's see where this leads to. It's just a supplement that you look for. Take the next step all the time and see what happens.

Do I have to tell her everything? I don't want her to worry, but that is beyond my ocntrol. How to do that then? Will I run later? Sometime before the sun sets. That be a good time to run. I can do yoga later on. I am taking a break for now. I start another session in an hour. I am now doing four tables in zoom. That is like a lot and my hands shot up by double in less than an hour. Do that all day and you get more in. is it profitable? I think so.

It's like sales. The more you see, the more you sell. And don't put in more chips on weak hands that won't improve. Better put them in draws as you get to have better hands when you make them. More so when you get good odds at the table. How to do that then? I don't know. You know them instinctively. Move on from there. Son is gaining weight. He is also a growing kid.

The girls are still in bed. If I asked this kid for soda he'd give me some. That's the connection we have. But I don't drink that soda. What would it be like itf I were there now? Everything is here and now. Then I get a hrand a week. How does that feel? Everything is light and easy. A grand a week is like a buy in at 100 nl each day. That is average. I think it's possible to get there.

So it's a cash problem then? I think so. What else can I do about this? Simply play and get how that feels. You get here. Get the state of being and the source code will get alignment and the reflection you see. The contrast is there to show you what is not in alignment. That is how it is with me now.

And there is no need to make thigs happen. I can only allow. There is no outside reality anyway. So why make the reflection smile when you can smile first and the reflection will follow. A grand a week is nice and easy. How soon? In about three months at the rate I am doing now. How will it feel? It is here and now. I just need to match that frequency. I see the source code there.

And that's where we are headed. Are there better players in there? As in every other stake level, there are regs in there. And you can play that way and still do the sne. I have the formula now and see what needs to be done. Not everyone is going to play that way anyway. Take that as your edge. You don't need a big edge. You only need a one percent edge and you compound that over time.

This is why my method works. It's the prospector thing. Don't spend too much time after people told you they're not interested. Say thank you and entertain the next one. You want to spend time only with people who are buying now. And that's what they don't get. And they support the other method otherwise they are no longer needed and they lose their job.

And that's what I understood there. Shaks is still in touch in fb. I wonder if she's still in there. She's pretty ok but maybe something is here? I don't know yet. I have abilities. I can do something in here to get to the other side. And what else is there?

Time to move on. That is contrast and I have learned much from that experience. It was there to get me moving the path. I picked up stuff in there. And now the energy is used up. What I hold on to is just an echo. It's there to give contrast. And now I get it and it's time to move on. Someone's coming out.

That is one cool daughter there. They are growing up fast. And I feel older now. Is it the baggage? Maybe so. She listens to her sd card in the old phone. It's good that it still works. Nokia was a good brand and people use that a lot.

You don't have to get fancy. Should I stake others? I don't think I have time for that. Maybe be a silent partner, but that is added baggage. I can go play live at the casinos. That is an option I can do there. And then I can grow from there.

What does it feel like? We move there. I ride my bike going there and park in the basement. That would will be my office. And I can spend time with the kids here and have lunch and dinner there all the time. I can get a room and make that as my office. I do a session half day then go down for live play.

And we can travel the world. The kids can come if they choose to. That would be fun. The wife is good that way. And we can go to copenhagen. That's one place I want to live in for a year. See the seasons, ride bikes. That is one. Also visit manila and spend a year in there as well. We can live in a home nearby. That is easily within reach at 100nl. I can do that. And I see the state of being . I can line up with that frequency and source code and reflection will follow.