unite seven air

Two sessions down for the day. I discovered that cmod has a built in amp/equalizer. Now my headphones give good music to my ears. I am probably not going back to basic android. I was chatting with an old friend last night. I'm blown away that I can chat with someone I knew from two decades ago who is thousands of miles away. We were chatting sms in real time. There was probably a millisecond delay in our messages and that to me is amazing.

Back when we knew each other, the only way you can do that is by landline phones. And we did not get direct access to that as well. Times have changed. And now I live in new zealand. I wonder how others see me? Does it matter?

This music that I listen to is beautiful. Maybe there's a way to get rid of the ad. I can look it up and see what happens. I think there's an app for that, but last time I checked, it did not work. But and I can try again later. The base is now hard hitting. And I can work with this.

Now I listen more on this phone than on the pc. And the random play seems better here although this could be the same algo. Anyway, the better base is what keeps me listening to this. And I can get monthly when things settle down. How soon is that? I don't know yet. March?

It feels that way. When that is stable a feeling, then you see the reflection. And there is a source code in there out of alignment. I get carbs it's going to get me out of the light for the rest of the day. I had carbs last night and went to bed sooner. I did not feel well the rest of the night. There was plenty of junk food there. If that were my partner I don't think I can hang in there. But there could be parts of the story that I don't know so it's not for me to judge or label that.

I can and am using that as contrast though. In what way? That I see the difference and what is similar there. Do I have to be sweet like that? Not really. But wife knows how I feel. I'm not into doing what other people are doing. I have my own settings and config file. I stick with that.

I edit my playlist every now and then. I get rid of music that don't appeal anymore. Or that they sounded good the first time but I don't want them in there anymore. Second daughter chose not to go to school today. She does that regularly. And I think they can take time off when they feel like it.

And this is good music here. There be base and electronic synth sounds. Is this my thing? They vary every now and then. And son is consistent with going to school. He'll ask for that one of these days, but in the meantime, we do this. And wife is a bit controlling. She be home tonight and tomorrow. That is good.

What to do next? Pt4 seems buggy as it stalls every now and then. I had to restart. And the other one looks stable now. I can go there but I don't want double apps as the db will take up disk space. We'll see what happens. I have a good setup now. I can make changes, but this is what I prefer now.

Am I getting out of that? When I get there then I sign out. I think I get there soon. The other half may take another week or two. And it can be sooner but the process is there for me. So I allow that. I choose to use up the energy. And those old shows are interesting. I'll be watching them on my breaks.

And do I have to go there? Not really. I can do my own thing here and that is writing. And I don't have to be that person. I am not in that situation. I can do something else here. So be it then. I think there's a lot of privacy in there. So get to the other side and pay that off...balance that and get on with the light.

And what else is next here? I don't know yet. There's that trading biz that is on the sidelines and it's good to go. It needs capital and I can get that when it's there. Right now, there is process fer me here. And process is what is needed and otherwise it's there when you see it. Sometimes the process is like contrast. It shows you where you need to go.

And that's how I see it. What's for brunch? We can go to that buffet for lunch. Or go there dinner. I can ride the bike going there. That be good for me. I see that. That tells me it's in my process? It's part of the reflection. It's contrast rigth now because certain source code is out of alignment.

This is meta-data that I work with. It's all good? I miss riding through that tunnel to albany. I can go there now, but there be nothing to do there. I can go to library and send some books on its way. I can and will do them on the weekend.

At times the dry spell feels like a weight. But that is part of the process for me. Then I can use it up. And I am still in page two. Not much happening here other than writing what comes to mind. I guess this is part of the writing practice. That even if...when it don't mean much you still write them down.

Is it about the speed typing? Not really. You get what you need when you need it. So you don't have to be fast. You only need to write down what comes to mind. We do grocery tonight. That is two hours not playing.

And I make three grand hands each day or so. I update them blogs at the end of the week? Sundays is there. I can work with that. Do that on mondays? I think that's possible. I can make changes to the start day when I get here. For now, it's on my todo list.

And I got google keep. Right now it seems alright. I go ahead and use that. Is that available in my pc? It should be, or maybe I need to use chrome for that. I can test that later and see what happens. I am getting sleepy. I make rice later? I can do that.

For now, stick with these. The people at the snl show I saw the other night are getting old. Is that my generation? Maybe so. Are they better than you? Only that their path is different. And this is contrast for me. No need to feel sorry for myself.

When I feel sorry for self, then there is source code that is out of alignment. It's time then to look under the hood and see what that is. So what is it? That others are better or I am less because I don't have what they have...?

is that true? That I am less of a person? no. not true. My path is different just as their path is different and may seem that they are less than I am. In essence, no one is better or less. Everyone is not equal, but different as a person.

And driving home is good with a playlist like this. Imagine you have that and your market is global. That is a big market to tap. You get one percent of that and you are good to go. Do I need an app for that? I can go there, but it's not that interesting right now. Maybe in the future.

I have such good songs here. Most are kinda old, but they appeal to me. I listen to them regularly and there be more than enough to keep me interested. And the playlist grows. When I get new songs, I add them and it's always expanding. I feel sleepy.

I must have slept late and got up early. I had alarm and I woke up got up before that. I made lunch for school. I got that wrapped then started a set. I had another one earlier and things felt like stagnating. So I stop to write. I go there again after I post these.

And this is what my days are like. Is this what I prefer? Definitely. I can take a break when I choose to. That to me is more important.