vent steam pages

I have the kids' lunch good to go and now cooling. I think I have time to write and post later. I am not doing anything anyway and I like writing in here. First daughter is up and getting ready. She is a responsible person. How did we get here? She does get anger situations where she needs to vent. Maybe I can introduce her to running? That is a more productive way to vent off steam.

And that's why I run. Tasker won't run on cyanogenmod. What else can I do here? Maybe there is a switch in there I can use. Let's see what happens there. She makes her own boiled egg. I am training all my kids to exercise their wings and learn how to fly. It's best, imo that they do so in a safe environment. But that's just me. I hope it don't rain today. But and if it does, then so be it.

I be playing poker. See the source code there? You are in the I am not zone rather than being that person who has contrasting situations. That is what it really is. And that is how I respond. And I can always choose at every moment. I don't have to slouch when I write. I can choose to, or not to slouch. And then it becomes a habit. And that's when things take off.

If there was a linux version of that, i'd be in here all the time. It's easier to do it here since everything is open source but they don't do it that way. They have a negative definition of that. Someone somewhere has that figured out already. And you don't need one language for that. You can easily move or port it to something else easily.

And what else is there? Only be in the light here. I think you know where this is headed. I don't think it's slow. It's just that things are moving up faster now. Soon as I get that signal working. The radio signal is off. That is something I can search. Maybe it's that and that's why you can't get it to go.

I can look it up. I can follow the thread from there and see what happens. This is page one. I'd be in page two by now if...when I use a bigger font. But it's not what I prefer. I am connecting to flow and this is why I write. Let me do their lunch when I finish here. I let the meeat cool off for now and then do the lunch. It's still early anyway and I can't wrap them when it'sstill hot.

You don't have to change the outside. Only remember when she is in that good mood. Be ...lost train of thought there as I had to turn off stove timer. And I write. I am learning how to tweak things. Hack has negative meaning and you don't want to go there. And that is also a negative attitude. What else can we do here?

Do so on tuesday. I go there anyway. Be in the moment and you will see. I can play in this os but I don't have the tools I use. So be it then. I can go in here whenever I want and get in the moment. The meat is still cooling off. I am using inconsolata. I think it's good and simple. I am using it now. No nonsense font that is easy on the eyes.

How do you create such stuff? You get in your light. Someone was interested in it and started doing without conditions and expectations. You do it because it's you. And is it hard to get? If you...when you are not in the light, not in that channel then you are not going to get it. Do I need to get writing jobs?

I can do so only if when it interests me. Do I want to get this one? I think it's best that I concentrate on my game and move up stakes. And that is what I am doing here. It's not that they call a lot. It's that I am not getting much? Maybe I fold too much? This is not so. Then get on with it and do something else.

Like what? Finish writing, make their lunch then post this afterwards. You have all the time in the world. You are an eternal being. If...when it's not done then it's not meant to be done. Everything is here and now anyway.

What else can I do about this? Where is this file saved? I can look that up. I can choose to change it when I want to. Wife enjoys playing boxhead so when she has free time I play also. She has fun with it and it don't take too much time. An hour is more than enough. And I help out whenever I can.

What's it like to be that person? We spend more time with each other. She smiles a lot. We travel. We talk a lot. She buys her stuff. We have the kids with us when they choose to. We travel a lot. That's the thing there. And she respects my time to play knowing that it's what works for us.

And what can I do here? I switch tables often. I used to play them regular tables. How to do that again? Do so in one set then see how things go. And you get more players that way over there. You switch things around.

And it's the same thing, only that you are last to act and you see. But it's really what they have at this level. So be it then. You can't play every hand to showdown or scare everyone off. And you get different players anyway anytime. It's all random. And you play that way.

And that's what worked for a week. It's not that it's not working. It has shifted. I shifted? Maybe. But I like that background now so I keep it there. And maybe I can change back but that's ok. I keep using that. It's there. Use it anyway coz it's there.

And I have four to go. There be things to do here. I have enough time to wrap the kids' lunch. And then I can do something else. Son has the alarm clock. I think so...yes he has his alarm clock. I had to stop writing to check into that. He usually gets up early and without issues now. It's a situation. Not necessarily a problem. But it is meaningless a word.

Sometimes it is. Only be aware of where you are each moment. You don't have to go there as it's already different. And you are always changing anyway. Do you need those movies? Not really what to do on break? Do something different. Do something for your self. And what is that?

Today I run. I also do yoga later. I can make the shrimp or the dumplings for dinner tonight. Wife might be home tomorrow. Is there a way to bring bike there? It's going to sit at the back and take up space but it be nice to ride home from there. Do I need to poop?

Soon I need to. Kids are probably awake but sleeping in some more. I would rather get up at the same time and take a nap later. The next celebration is third daughter's birthday. That is four months from now and it's winter by then. So be in. I am in the zone when I keto so I keep to it.

I enjoy being there and when the woosh comes, it feel great to be there. And I am not there. I am here. At this moment when I choose to I change frequency. It is based on thought? That and two more things. And when you get one, you change everything. That is how powerful you are.

And when you put conditions, you are not there. It's like you switched channels. Is that possible? I need to see where the end is so I can budget the lines in the paragraph. And go to takapuna? I don't know. If it's sunny, when it is sunny it be nice to go. When it's not sunny I can do something else.

I am not bound to do anything. This is why I choose this light. And all things are valid and I can choose this or that but this is who I am. This is my light. I like this frequency. So I stay here. I don't have to choose differently unless I choose to.

That gets confusing but everything is here and now. You get that and you get it.