what i know?

I may have discovered(?) the best way for me to play. Play like a salesman. You only spend time on a hand that will bring you a big pot. Anything else you either check down or fold. It's popularly called tight aggressive. In pt4, it labels me as abc poker. I am alright with that. It's a steady uptick on the chart. I'd rather have that than variance here and there trying to make everyone on the hand fold.

I think this works for me. I have data from past showing the results. Rigth now this year, I have been playing as someone else and it don't make any sense for me. I am on a break so I write. I was thinking of going out for a walk, but I can do that later. I am also doing yoga. Tomorrow I run. Right now, this is what I do.

Also day one now. No more explore on that side. I have seen it before and that is not where I am going. I would rather be myself here. That movie the judge was good. That is the kind of movie that I go for if it's heavy drama. Other than that, I would rather do something else.

I seldom see something that i've seen before and did not like. Grey is boring. I've seen porn with a better story line. The only difference is that grey had hollywood in its pockets and it still failed to hold my attention. I only went through the movie because wife wanted to see it. If it were just me, I would have closed the videeo within fifteen minutes.

This thing is running slow today. Maybe it's that usb thing. It is too full? It's not. I just deleted some old files there. I think I can do something else here. I am finishing my son's books from the library. I can ride there today but there be something else I want to do.

Are those fishes in that scene? You can play something else. It's not the other regs you want to play, it's them fishes. And everyone is a fish, in some way. How do you get to that level? Keep to your game. There is no one way to play this. There are as many ways to play profitably as many as the sand. The way I play is specific to mine.

How is that so? I play differently in different spot. The same principle holds—small hand, small pot. That has helped me through a lot of difficult situations. Remember that you can get that back with good play. You can fold easy with that in mind. You will always get a good hand downline. All you need to do is be patient with it. Enjoy the process.

Be in the light? Of course. That is a constant in my life now. Also looking into the source code and see what is out of alignment. If so, look into what you are getting out of it. Wife is taking the kids to church later. I can go with them, or I can do something else.

This is like yoga for me. I enjoy doing this although sometimes I don't do them. I see that now. Do something else. And this is taking some time to get books from the library. I can ride there, or do something else. Like what?

This app is good creation. You can go there, or do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that I am writing whatever comes to mind. I will then post these later. I have a few in my folder. I can use them local and get the other one later on. It's like this everyday. You don't have to be in that light if it...rather, when it fails to hold your interest. Do'nt do things out of rote. There is always a choice here for you.

This is page three. I am editing out sentences that start with and. How did I develop that habit? I want to watch idol. There is this lady in there that is interesting. I can see that after this. For now, finish this up then get that before posting. This is what I do. We also saw four movies yesterday. That is a long time doing nothing for me. Robocop was surprisingly good. I enjoyed it.

My son said it was good. I think he has good taste in movies for a child. He spends a lot of time on the internet. One child is up. The other had a cold over the weekend. They all go back to school tomorrow. I grind during the day. When they get home, that takes my attention and I tend to play less.

That be fine with me. I need a break anyway. I can do somtehing else while they are at home. I usually do the dishes. I don't wash if...when it's just me at home. When it's my break, I do somethin gelse that's related to artist's date. I can also choose to do the dishes or some other chore. Everything for me is a valide choice. What matters is that it gets my attention.

Son is up. He is going online now. We were supposed to go to that lantern festival. Good thing that did not push through. I find it boring that way and it was already late as she wanted to see that movie. That was played well then? Of course.

The transfer is half way done. By the time I finish these it will finish. I can do the rest when I work out later on my next break. In the meantime, I am about to get to page three. I write three pages each morning when I remember to do it. Am I going to get another affair? Not that, but something that excites me. It's there for a reason. An affair is not entirely that.

It could be and I am not invalidating it. It can be an affair, or something else that I do not know. All I know is that I am open to such and am going there when I see it. Son is going through the hobbit movie. He learns a lot from the internet. He enjoys telling me about the things that he's learned. That's good. I spend time with them.

The son I spend time with the most as he is youngest. The other three, I would like to spend more time with them. When an opportunity arises, I take it to spend time with them, even if it were only for a minute.

At times, it could be we were both at the kitchen preparing something and I take the time to ask them questions on how they are doing, fishing for something to talk about. That works. Sometimes they don't feel like talking and at least I asked, took that opportunity to ask.

This happens at times on weekends, school days...mostly when they are at home. I spend a lot of time at home. Is that good? It is what it is. No need to invalidate that. Is it going to go up now? I am done with three bets. When stake says I did not change the way I play it's because that don't work for me.

I don't think they have the holy grail on that. I tested it and it don't work for me so I do something else. I think I can make something out of it though. You wait for the turn and it changes there. Or they really have nothing and trying to make you fold. That's not me. I would rather use that to see more flops.

That is my method. There be others. Maybe that works playing live. On this age, I don't think your winrate is going to like it. You are wasting resource on something that might be a dud. Do something else. Then this stake is not going to be around for long then. Yes. That is true. Then do this and see what happens. I am still in touch. I am getting that back, then ship it back then start over.

That is the game plan now? Yes. I can't do that right now. It may take a month and at least it is now headed in that direction. Do I play 6max again? It is in the mix. I am doing that and see where this is headed. I have one table in the mix and it looks promising right now. Do that then and see where this leads to. I am doing one more cup of coffee? Do something else. Yoga feels better in the morning.