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I have shifted. I am not playng poker for a while. It was disappointinc that playing the same way I did years ago, it's no longer profitable. What changed? The only thing that I am not doing now is cbet all the time. Should I? I can look into that, more so on multiway pots. But that is not here.

I am leaving at noon to get kids uniform at school. It's almost term break. Wife is witch at this time. Whenever she is broke she is like this. She even planned something for easter, good thing that it got cancelled.

Why am I feeling anxious about this? Am I reflecting her source code? But this is my reflection. I created this. What am I getting out of it? That I can find the light from here. That I am unconditional with her even if she is a contrast to my light. That, given these reflection, I can still choose.

If so, expand from these. No need to put conditions and expectations. It's been like this since she got here. What happened there? That we are able to be above water all this time. But this time, I am serious about getting work in the ict field. I start with tech support then expand from there. I don't know how, it'll get there. All I do is be in the light. No expectations.

In the meantime, I finish clang in 21 days book. I convert them into dlang. I learn this and that while I am there. This is the path in front of me. I leave later when the sun is higher. Need water for that.

Done. I grab something to eat before I go. I can go straight to library. It's a short ride from there anyway. I am not doing anything here anyway and I need the variety. What happened there? The situation changed. I have a limit short in place. Is it going there? I think so. It is below the 200ma. It's on that side. But it has gone so far down this could be bottom. Trade what you see not what you think.

I was gung ho going long yesterday and missed out on that big short. Should I trade this as well? I don't know. We'll see what happens. In the miantime, leave it as is. You will learn what you need here when you go. I prefer the euraud long better as it's above and still near the 200. it is a better long for me and I am waiting for pullback to confirm support levels hold and that the bulls are in this market.

In the meantime, I do morning pages. This is part of my daily process. When I work, I can write at night. I am applying for other positions. When it don't work out that way, I can find something else. What am I looking for here? I dont know yet. Is this right for me? Should I look for something else instead?

I don't know. This is what interests me. Let's do this, then get to the other side. I can do volunteer work for tech support at the hospice shop. Do they need it? I think so. If not, do something else. At least get something going. Or get something else altogether. I can do front end dev. There's still much to do in there. I still have to learn dot net with that. I can finish that in a week. That's how easy things are to learn. Practice is what takes time. Do something else then. Like what?

I don't know. For now, finish writing. This is what's here. Or I can do something else. I can carry my resume around and look for opportunities. I don't think I want work where there be expectations. I can work there, but when they expect a result, I am not sure I want to go there. The result is a reflection of your sob. When you are otherwise, you don't see the reflection you prefer.

I can't teach that to anywone. All I can do is be in my own light. No need to tecah. They get what they need when they need it. What is next for me? Getting to the dentist. Should I trade that eddie? The market is going sideways now. Maybe the day chart is ready to move up? It's almost halfway through the year. What do you think? Then look for entry on that side of the fence. It's still below the 200 but at least it looks like them bulls are here.

Is it better to trade? I don't know. I don't know much anymore. Maybe it is, or not. Do eddie exclusively. That way, you get a bigger picture and understand the motions better. Or do something else. I did well with just eddie. I tried others but they did not read well for me. This is page two anyway. There be people who are die hard with their faith. This and that. No need to judge them. If it works for them, so be it.

How come wife gets a different reflection? Her aura is so heavy. At times I don't want to be with her. Is this going to go south or do I look to go long on signal? There be plenty of time here. Do nothing. Wait for better setup and take it that way. So be it then. It's not going anywhere anyway.

For now, I write. There is a discomfort in my teeth. Need to see dentist. Or I can heal myself. Path of least resistance is to heal myself. Man. Why am I here? I am getting something out of this anyway. It's not that I don't want to hang out with her. It's that her baggage, she can't let go.

What can I do about it? Notihng. Do your own thing and go from there. Do I even need windows now? Not at the moment. Leave it there. I have shifted again. I don't know anything else. This is my light for me. Do I short this now? Volatility is going down. Do nothing.

This is going to go sideways for a while. Take a look back when tokyo is open. That's after lunch and around the time my son gets back from school. The kids go on break on thursday. Friday is a holiday. Wife would rather work. At home, she bitches about cleaning. That's her.

What can I do here? I don't know. Trust that it's there for you. May have to kiss a lot of frogs here. I can take wellington jobs? That will take me there. Maybe there be something there for me. We'll see. How to get that interview? I don't know. We'll see.

I can write a good cover letter. I can connect with that. Things can expand from there. I am thinking this through rather than connecting to flow. You want to connect and then write what comes to mind. It seems that I have worries then. Yes. That is true. What can I do here?

Write about it. Put hem on paper, then publish. That's all I can do. No need to get audience. I am writing for my own benefit. I write to put this out of my system. This way, I see it apart and can allow that to be there. It's here in my consciousness. Writing it puts it in the real world where I can do something? Not really .noly to write about it.

I finish these then I can have breakfast. I post these. It's still early. I did not have dinner anyway. I wonder if we are going to grocery later. The kids are going to ask about it when they get home. Let's see what happens then. Maybe we can. She knows the ref is empty anyway. I am not sorry I quit that job. It was hell for me. There's always something else. I learned something from that interview. I can use this for the next one.

It's always a learning experience for me. How to move up from here? I don't know yet.

netherlands gift world

Writing gives me a sense of direction in the morning. I was thinking of not writing, but decided otherwise. Son keeps sneezing into his computer monitor. He is kinda gross. He's a kid. Kids do that. I have negative in my heart. This gives me op to look into the source code to see the reason behind it.

I have definitions in there that they took advantage of me. I can change that into me helping them knowing that they could be taking advantage. I can also choose to see it as part of my process. I don't have to use negative energy for that to not happen again. That will make it stay. These can happen and I acknowledge that knowing that everything is possible. If that can happen, then the other end of the stick is also likely to happen. When something I do not prefer happens, then it's there for a reason and I am to get something out of it.

This is how I live life these days. I am hungry now but won't eat until noon. This is the lifestyle. I am going to 150 and that will end august this year. I am going to finish this once and for all and pick up from there. I have been on hold since we got here. It's time that I live the life I prefer. Wife has a different metabolism. I can't do her thing. Everything is different from the other in some way.

It's going to rain the rest of the day. Good thing there is poker and programming. I can do java in 21 days convert that into dlang. I have this blog that I can check into when needed. I can build something with it. At this time, it's not that clear what it is. I can look into python for that, but that seems like a big leap for me.

When there seems to be nothing there, that means I do nothing about it. I can enjoy the day just doing nothing. That be good as well. It is a valid option. This is me getting the ground ready for the coming planting season. In between, you gotta let the earth do its thing. Was I really a farmer? I had some projects in there but they did not work out. Was I wrong? Those were learning moments. Look at where you are now. You wouldn't get here if you did not take those steps.

Look at where they are now. Not that you are better or worse, only that your path is different. When you are able to be positive about everything, that is your gauge that you did well. You are able to integrate everything and use the enregy for that to move into the light. Daughter is looking into the ref probably hungry.

I can do the interview and do carbs when I get home but that is a path I don't have to take. It's a valid choice. I can take it. I may feel bad with myself for taking another day off when I have three days under my belt. What to do then? Move forward. Be in the light. This is something that's going to make me feel good about myself. What am I going to have for brunch? I don't know yet.

Maybe I can have early breakfast, then bring a water bottle with me when I go. That water bottle will get me through the city and I can have something to eat when I get back. A week later, I start training. I think that's good. The kids finish school wednesday or thursday. I'll be home then. I might not be home during their term break.

That's how they like it anyway. The wife said neighbor is going to start a cleaning business. It's like going into self employment. I too am starting my own company. Working in the city gets me there and I can get gadgets with that company. I think that's a good thing to get going.

It can be a software company or something else. The revenue though may not be a direct result of company operations. Why not make it a software development company. It don't have to have customers. It only needs to develop software and maybe sell that or do dev work for others.

That is a possibility there. What else should be in place? I don't know yet. Maybe automation and botdev. I think that is good there. What else should I do there? I can use that to get me enrolled. Where to get revenue for that. It can come from the directors' funds. That is also possible there. The inc papers we can use to get the account up and running. Then we can move forward from there.

I can also set something up that will do the ps thing. It takes more research to get into that. Do I need to have an employee for that? Not really. It's going to be inc for the ship ventures. Then I can handle that. It's the asset I have. It's not a house, but it can purchase a house for future dev or have that as an office or somethinge.

Maybe have the inc own the house and rent it out to employee for one cent a month. That be nice as well. Is it feasible that way? I think so. That way, you can take out the expenses for that and see where this is headed. I can do that and go for that then. Moving forward, this is getting to be an interesting year. Let it be so. Feel good about it. Feel it now. Bring heaven here on earth.

That's what it's about and you don't have to label it as wrong. Everything is connected. They are learning something from the experience. Let it be so. This is where I am now. This is how it feels to be in that light. It is here and now. It is valid. I don't have to have to be in my light. All I do is choose my source code and be in the light.

This is what the path is about? I think so. It feels right.

look for job?

Late morning pages. I can walk again, wobble is more like it. I was able to drive everyone to their day. I got back and did another set. Last night I couldn't sleep and was responding to the reflection I see in my wife. I decided last night that I was going to get a job, even if I were to go through the application process.

What job? Tech support or copywriting stuff. More tech support though as I am inclined towards building stuff and can lead to software dev. I have java to android dev and can expand on that. I am also learning dlang for desktop apps that I can use.

I can build a bot. It's just not there, here yet as I find not the motivation to continue. I can get there though when the need is there solid. I can also resume riding my bike. I miss going through that path to albany backdoor. The thing is, there's not much to do once you get there. Maybe I can do the albany library thing every now and then going through that path.

It is a longer way around. I have stuff going to the library. I can return some books I stopped reading already. It's not this or that. It's more this and that but it's really this is that. Everything is connected. There be plenty of food for me to make it through the week. I am observing how I respond. This way, I know the motivation. It's just that the definiiton is that it makes me feel good? That is out of alignment to what I prefer.

How do I respond differently then? Check into my emotion. When there is that, or the urge or the inner conversation/talk to go there, look to the source code. I have changed in the past. It's time to make it solid and finish it this time. What is waiting on the other side? That I feel better about myself. How to get there?

I do yoga. I enjoy walking out. I can still run easy. Bike ride is something I enjoy. I can ride to the city every weekend. That is something I stopped doing there. I can go back there. There's plenty of play things I can do around here. I can check that bike and see how things are doing.

I finished the laundry. It's hanging inside as the weather was grey earlier. I want to see a good comedy series but there's not a lot there anymore. I like synchronicity shows. I can write something like that. Do I have to be a writer? I don't want to be that person that produces results for someone else. That's not the right way. What is it then? I have my own path. I can contribute but not be responsible for their results.

How can I be of service then? Show them that it's their light they miss out on. Will they believe that? They don't have to. I can be on my own path and be oblivious to theirs. I want to help, but when they are on a different path, I can't do much. It seems hard to understand it, I seem mean to other people. I can live with that. It's their opinion and they come from a different point of view. I can live with that.

What happens next? I finish these, then post. I thought I was sleepy and was going to take a nap but couldn't so I got up. I want to, am interested in doing toastmasters, but there be things getting in the way. When the moment comes, I don't go anymore. I can do something else here. What would that be?

Do they use facebook messenger? I think they be hiding at times. I am ok with that. I am moving on from here. What's next for me? Grocery in two days. In the meantime, keep to the path. Continue choosing to be in the light. That is what I can do here. Not look for results only do what interests me. Everything else reflects off that. What about contrast? Use it as feedback. Expand from that as well. Everything is connected.

Daughter sees what I mean sometimes. Last wasn't that. She wanted her broken phone replaced. It's not there yet and we can't do anything about it. It's painful, but that's part of the process for everyone concerned. What now?

Choose to be in the light. That there is contrast. I am learning something out of it? What? That it can go there, sometimes it won't be apparent. That if, when I am not able to help then I am not meant to help in that situation. That there is something there for her. I can live with that. How do you tell her that? See if she gets that. I can explain that later.

Last night I was not able to explain very well as I was busy doing something else with her mom. Maybe later when the opportunity arises then I can sit down and explain things with her. I wonder if she is going to get it? I don't know. Maybe she will or not. What's important is that this is here and now.

I think that hotkey is still in place. I can go use that sometime in the future. It's bright and sunny outside. There be clouds but scarce and it's stopped raining already. The kids can walk home from school. I wonder if wife is going to walk from bus stop. She can. It's a short walk from her office anyway. But that's here. I do things differently.

Like what? I don't need outside stuff much to get me in my light. It's more internal. At times the outside reflection I let it affect me. It's the initial response. Soon as I am used to the energy, I use up the energy. I want to see something interesting. There's that hole in me.

How do you deal with that? Observe it. Like there's something missing in me and need something from outside to fill up that hole.

getting ready for

I am enjoying deezer flow. They have some of my music in there, plus most of the genres as well—sometimes. It's a keeper for now, at least the free account. If it's this good, maybe the paid version could be better?

There are a few tracks that are not available in this country, like bring me to life. But when I checked that on spotify, it's not available there as well. I don't get why they do that. Greed? If I were an artist, i'd want all my work available to everyone.

This is contrast for me. I am aware and moving forward from here. These kids know how to connect and negotiate. I can move on from here. I injured my foot the other day. There was a discomfort when I finished running that day. I should have done less. I'll do less next week, then expand from there. Maybe it got worse when I tried to massage it out?

The kids make deposits with each other. That track there was unliked. Do I need to listen to music while I write? Not really. I can write without music anyway. I can do that writer flow music, but not right now. I enjoy these oldies sometimes. They bring me back to that time and I can see the contrast.

There is always contrast. I am using the energy and see the difference in myself. Everything is here and now. Once you get that, everything expands from it. It's thursday. I can get me some stuff tomorrow. I think wife is ok to drinking this weekend. I can get us tequila and go drink in the park tomorrow.

What else is there? Plan that picnic. Will there be games tomorrow? We can go after dinner. Will there be other people in there? I don't know. It can get boring but that's part of the equation there.

It gets tricky talking to her? Why is that? I don't know. That kettlebell instructor is hot. She's young. The other one is an older lady and is not as intense to watch as this one. She probably is hotter in real life.

Does it work? I can do that as my next workout routine, then go out for a walk later in the day. I can do that also. I can do weight training anyway. I will look into that. I now have my books from the library.

I saw the contrast there sometime earlier. I have shifted. There could be contrast there but that's part of the contrast. The contrast is there to show you how much different you are at this moment. Keep to that light and you see the get the experience.

How do I prove that? How do I know it's true? Practice it today. Be in that light the rest of the week and see what experience you get. How do you define that? I can do source code, but the local mind is kinda limited so state of being is more appropriate.

The kids are getting ready for school. It's thursday. Tomorrow be friday and we can go from there. I think wife has work this weekend. These kids get negotiations. At least they get what they want, and feel like it's a win-win situation for all. She's staying home.

I like this music I listening to right now. It's classical. It's quiet. I can get more of that. I build up the playlist this morning. Play music is easier to add tracks by adding playlists but it don't feel right that way. I tend to just add without listening much. Maybe it's the quality of the music. And it's not worth much on the free account.

Gpm is so big they don't care about user interface much or when you have problems with it, it's up to you to look it up. Customer service isn't worth much these days with these software products. There is pain on my foot. What can I do here. I don't know. Maybe block the account when it's not within reach. But that will take extra effort for me. That's ok. I can do so when i'm home but she is going to notice that.

Do something else. You don't need to protect her. Otherwise you will see that reflection. But in that, you also find contrast. There is always yinyang stuff. Do I plan something for the wife? A bottle might be good. What else? She might want to watch that series, so maybe ice cream is better. I would rather have that. Do something else then.

Kids are getting ready for school now. One stays home. I don't know if that other one will opt for it. We'll see. She's still in her room. It's good to have kids at home. That keeps me company. I don't have to fix anything. Everything is in its place and be there anyway.

One daughter is off to school now. She enjoys that. The third one gets good grades as well. I don't even have to force them to study. Maybe it was because my parents saw us as 'needing' to get good grades and so the reflection was there.

Right now, I don't have, rather don't see them as needing to get good grades. I feel at peace that they are enjoying school, life in general and I am ok with that. They do say they don't want to go to school every now and then and I am fine with that. No drama. I see contrast there.

And I am expanding from that as well. Son is getting ready. Third daughter don't fix herself much going to school. Maybe she don't like going to school. But when she gets home she looks so pristine. Maybe she doesn't feel good about going to school. She says she has a stiff neck. I have injured foot. It's that right foot again. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe there is something there for me.

you find infinity

Son don't want to go to school today. What's new with that? He don't want to go to school since his first week in school. Maybe there's an online event in the game platform he frequents. This music be good. I hear the guitar tremble. This playlist was recommended on the flow page. I added this to library to listen to it all day.

I'll add songs relevant to my own playlist and grow things from there. This track is from a deluxe edition. Maybe it was digitally remastered to sound good...better soundstage and all that. Are the artists required to be present when they do that? I don't know. It could be. Otherwise, they make a new recording from old stuff and that will always be less quality.

The bass sounds good. I like it this way. It'll stay. I have several hours worth of tracks. Keep it there and see what happens. There is new walking dead episode but people say it's getting boring now. I don't think i'll be there for the next season. They're not coming up with fresh lines. It's still the same us versus them plot. Almost everything is like that and it's not what I prefer. It's not relevant or in alignment for me.

I had a good day at the tables yesterday. I can write about that in my blog. What made it good? I got homeruns, several of them. That day must have rivaled the down days. This is contrast and you get this all the time. Play with it. You expand from this. Son is going to school. He went to bed late last night. He's going to bed earlier this time.

I like the music quality from deezer with the free account. There's also less ads. I stay here and am building up my playlist. There's not a lot of people here so the playlist you get from recs aren't that much. Still when you have good headphones, this site is better than the more popular ones. Tidal of course is par excellance.

It's expensive to go there but that's where everything is headed. Maybe it'll pay to give free service? I don't know what their model is but they probably considered that in the past. I added this zztop track to my playlist. This is the new radio. People get to listen what they want to listen to and there be less ads.

This is the age of information. It's connected. It means evolve. This kid is going to bed early today. He had a choice there. We'll see what happens next. In the meantime, I can pick up later tonight or drop the car off at smales farm. I think he'll need to get more sleep? Or maybe he just wants to join this online event happening today.

It is more fun to stay at home and get online. Is this a long lost prince track? Purple rain. I loved this song. Add to playlist, done. Wife is now getting ready to leave for work. There be control issues there. Let it be. Allow it to be there. What's happened to prince? I think he has a new album out. Kids are leaving for school one by one.

The eldest applied for mcdo job and hasn't received any emails so far. We'll see what happens today. In the meantime, I write. Ten minutes and everyone be gone. I'll listen to this one more time later. That guy either got back from work or is about to leave.

Are we having a drinking session today? Not now, this weekend maybe. It's fun. The girs are going to walk together to school. That don't happen everyday. It's good to see them that way. It's fun to get together with them. When everyone is in the car, it's fun. I can ...lost my train of thought there as I looked out the window seeing three daughters walk to school together.

I listen to this playlist when I get back. Full sessions for the day, get that next level for this month. I think i'll make it there. Have fun with it and you shift faster expanding into that dimension. Then next month is going to be fun. I get new freebies from the site. It's like that.

Am I going out for a run today? That sounds like fun. I can do that before lunch. I can run without breakfast making that part of the process for me. I can move books from the library later on. For now, I write. This is page two. I clean up the kitchen shortly. Maybe it's better for all to go there.

There be times it'll be here with us all. Everything shifts all the time. I see what the next step is. I take that step and see what happens. I stay home all day? Yes it is. What's different today? I go out for a run. I do something different and in alignment. I travel. I go out and use up that energy without conditions.

That there is key. Conditions and expectations only trip you up. Get the energy, be in that light and are that person. Match that up with expectations and you are not in that light. You are not that person. This is my process here. I see that. It is possible to get one buy in every day. You can do better than that. Will this work in higher stake levels?

Why would it not work? This level I play in is the cheapest. People can easily go to river and it'll cost them very little. Higher stakes, they fold sooner unless they don't care about the money. They say there be more sharks higher up, but the math applies. We get there when we get there. We'll find out when we get there then.

Son is about to leave now. This is page three. I have five thousand words in here. I can do writing assignments but those you find online are desperates and that is the reflection they get. I am not that kind anymore. I don't have to go there. Son is upset he has to go to school. That's his choice. I allow that. I too have a choice to make and I choose, rather be in the light.

I take in a deep sigh and allow for it to be there. Where has the cat been to? Son left without saying goodbye. We get days like these. It's part of the process. I look out the window knowing he might look back and say goodbye. This is what it's like to have a family.

Am I putting my self hostage to the happiness of others? I don't have to. He did look back. I would rather have him homeschooled but synchronicity tells me not yet. So I allow this. Everything is where it should be. It's tuesday. We grocery on thursday or sooner. Wife can get bread and that thing for pizza, the sauce.

I can make better pizza but it's not relevant right now. I can go there when after I finish the keto project. I run later. I go to toilet after I get back. Where is this headed to? The process is the goal. What now? Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. You see the contrast to tell you how things are. That's feedback. Use it.

You take what you get? That movie was noise. I did not get much out of it other than entertainment? Distraction is more like it. It distracted me from being in the moment. It's not that bad. It was there for a reason. I used it as contrast. There are other movies out there.

Why not write your own. You get a bunch of them on your blog and pick them out later. You have that connection to flow. Use it. I already am. I connect when I write and put them out there. No need for expectations and audience. I am my own audience.

What is today be like? Absolutely unbelievable. And different. It is always different. There is like a surprise waiting in every moment. Everything that happen is unique and different. See it that way. Find the present in the moment and you expand that way.

That be a fun way to spend the day. Do I go out for a ride today? That be fun too. I can ride, or go out for a run. Whichever is good. We'll see what happens.

drops of water

If the reflection you see does not matter, how do you go forward, expand from here? You set the frequency and align everything that's respond as that frequency without conditions. What about contrast?

Contrast is there to tell you which way to go. It's a feedback mechanism. Contrast is the universe telling you, giving hints to try this path instead. At the end of the day, it's still your choice. You can choose to respond to the conditions that you set, or follow the synchronicity breadcrumbs.

You can go left and right and at the end of the day, the reflection you see is the reflection you've set yourself. How do you expand from this and not forget?

Forgetting is contrast. It's ok to forget as you will find the reflection and contrast. When you are aware, then you can choose. That is the equation here.

The music from my phone sounds better but deezer only lets you listen to radio. I can play with that. This way, I can find new music this way. It's mostly euro music. Is that good or bad? Rather, is that relevant for me?

Some of the words I wrote has been edited. That be fine as that is synchronicity telling me this path might work for you...could be relevant for you, try it. I go this way then. I don't have to fight it. Today is friday. Wife is working tomorrow. I don't think we go out tomorrow and that is good for me.

Session this morning is sideways going nowhere. Do I make a set one thousand hands? I feel like five hundred hands finishes too early although there are sets that are less than that number. Kids are getting ready for their day in school. I remember that time it was their first day at school. Those were the days.

Everything has expanded. Today is friday. I can share that music and it's mostly euro. That era was mostly euro. I'll get what is relevant for me. One is leaving for school. She no reply from the job interview yet. Maybe the scheduling is getting there so let it sit there.

Wife is coming home early today. She makes dinner? Not really. She sets what to make for dinner and I still do the legwork. There's one daughter off to school. I still have three in here. How come third hasn't come out of her room yet? Maybe busy with stuff. Trash is collected today. The recycles come next week. Do I run later? I feel sluggish from all the carbs yesterday. Set that run and I can do four and get that over and done with. I resume the next following day.

What else is there? I don't know. I am looking at the new csi series and it's about cyber stuff. That is interesting and I can see into the series. That series has been on for some time now. It's interesting. I wonder who the new lead character is. Maybe someone younger. Maybe it's a woman this time, or someone gay.

Son wants us to go out and stay out until one am. That daughter doesn't even fix her hair before leaving for school. She is at that age. She'll grow out of it. It wasn't like that before. Maybe wife will get interested in this new csi series. I'll put that in her lib.

She'll be home early later so she'll be watching stuff. I'm not sure if she'll want to play boxhead. It gets old. I can do that. I gotta go via countdown and drop off the old clothes. That takes up space and had to go. I have a few more books coming from the library. Today is another poker day.

Yesterday I had a positive runup. That's part of the process. How do you define that method? You keep the pot small. Will it work in higher stakes? It could. The micro stakes, it's cheap to call or see the river. Technically, it is harder at the micros. The higher stakes, people are probably more careful as it costs more.

I make the corned beef later for when the kids get home. Wife is getting ready for work. What else do I do around here? Finish writing. Close eyes as I write. I can go up there and park and it's easier there but she wants it another way. I can go around instead. That be easier that way so she don't have to cross the street.

This is page two. I have everything in place? I have four more books from the library. Why not ride bike someplace? Northcote up through glenfield looks like a good workout. It is going to get cold soon. What are my other options? Running is a good and short workout. I can listen to something else while there and I think I can work something out.

I can go blank and simply run. That sorts things out for when I finish. I used to run on blank anyway as that gets old very fast. Son is leaving for school now. These kids grow up fast. Facebok is old now. It's boring to hang there and read about other people's drama. I go there to see the obituary and get news but it is motly drama.

The kids don't go there other than to use the chat feature. I think admin is aware of that. I wonder what they are doing about it. Time to short that stock? I need to go to toilet soon. It's friday and I can watch tv all day. This can be my day off then. I can do that. I have a few shows I want to see on netflix.

What else to do on hangout days. I can spend time with wife and do something interesting. Like what? We don't need other people. I can do my own stuff and expand from there. That is possible too. Boxhead is a good way to spend time. I can go there. I like qbit more than vuze. This is more basic and runs more efficient.

Someone is back. Maybe son forgot something. His water bottle. I poop when I get back. Wife needs to go to bus stop. I can drop her off at that other side. There's too much drama on that side of the road.

This poop is wanting to come out now. A few more minutes will do. There was a drunk driving checkpoint last night. It was part of my process. No need to be anxious about it. That was part of my creation? How do I prove that? It was in my experience. It was in my reflection. If so, then I was in that state of being.

It was a good day yesterday? It was a choice. It is not some old man in heaven smiling at me. That puts it out of my control. It's not a control issue. It is what it is. I created it. Did I create the universe? My consciousness did. All that is, which I am a perspective of, created the universe. That is more believable for me than a story about an angry old man creating everything and setting rules for everyone to follow. That is so human a thing to do and not godlike.

The one is all that is but is not aware? That word is not sufficient. The one is all that is but there is no reflection as the one. All that is has reflection and is made up of different perspectives. The one is the ocean and the little drops of water is all that is.

I feel like that is a better explanation there. So I write and get books from the library. This is part of the morning session. Do I have to go there? Only when it is relevant for me. When it's not, then I do something else. I can go that other way. It is part of the process and this is where I am. No bus comes around that time and I get out of the way soon enough anyway.

Let's do that then. This is almost finished and I be posting these when done.

regular days night

I am not feeling well after last night's gimmick. Had carbs in burrito and beer plus junk food pulutan. Had to reset my day old counter. Next time, we'll go for hard drinks...rather, I will choose hard drinks over beer.

They seem to not be certain what to do. It's noisy but they wanted to go there, but when they got there, they chose not to. Maybe I am reflecting that back but we never went into the commons. I think it is better to head straight over there have dinner or something, then start the drinks. Better yet, I would rather go for a joint than alcohol. The high is more natural than getting drunk.

You get high with jutz, and the next day, you don't have a hangover. How come it was easy to get some back hten? It was henry. He was our source. I need a source then. How to get there? Ask the community. There are ways to get into that. There be people out there who are into that business. Then I need to get out more often. I have a water bottle in the freezer. I am going to the library when that bottle has frozen.

I don't feel like writing. I don't feel like doing anything at all. The kids are still in bed. We had backdoor fun last night. She enjoyed it. I enjoyed it but compared to regular, it's not that a big deal. It's just kinky that way. I am going back to regular next time. Unless she wants backdoor fun, that's fine with me too. I do that until she's finished then I can switch back to regular.

I woke up with cramps this morning. I had a dream, but because I woke up to pain, I can't recall what it was. All I have is the feeling that it was an interesting dream and there was something there for me. I got it instinctively but the local me can't grasp what it is at the moment.

I have a great time with the wife. We spend time together. We have misalignments every now and then but we get through that. I play with her ideas some times. I am being positive that way. Positive that you integrate everything...that everything is valid and true. You pick out what's relevant for you. When it is not relevant, you don't fight it you just let go and allow.

Right now, I don't feel like playing or doing anything. I am writing because I am waiting for that water bottle to freeze. It'll get there when I finish these. I go, get back then have lunch. This way is the detox to keto way. I do this for 90 days and I have positive results. Day one to three is usually tough but that is a definition. I can look into that and make changes. You don't really need them carbs to feel good. There be other ways to feel good, to get that high.

Going out for a ride is one way to feel good. It takes about three hours going out then come back. I feel refreshed that way, like my head got a reset and everything is now up and running. I feel the hangover. This is not what I prefer and I can do something about it next time.

I don't think they were paying attention last night but their conversation was boring. They pause only to let you say something as they organize their thoughts then fire away again. There were no expanding questions showing that they don't really care about it. All I did was comment and do my share of the tennis match. I don't enjoy hanging out with those two.

Why not find one that you prefer? I can do that. I will finish these then go out to ride to library. These books have been here for a while. I don't feel like going anymore, but this frequency is an echo. I see the contrast there. I am choosing to respond differently now. North korea is one of the toughest places to live in these days. There be kindered souls in that place. I wonder what it's like to be there? You already know. Why can't they make changes?

Maybe the pain is not that great. Do they have enough people in there to make things work? I don't know yet. Maybe they have good resources so they are able to isolate themselves. It's a pity the way hollywood makes movies. They have the budget but it don't go to good story writing. The story is the foundation, not the actors. You get a good story and people are going to talk about it and people will see it. But what they do is market the highlights and special effects and when you see the story, it's deflating.

These are some of the things that are changing. What can I do about it? Be in the light. You then shift into that world universe that reflects more of who you are. There be billions of parallel realities there. How do you prove that? I can't prove it as my local mind can't even grasp the concept yet. There is that I dea gained from the movies and the brain thinks it's science fiction and can't go deeper into that.

I felt apprehension last night. I can go from here, work with that. Or I can go up forrest hill then down, but there is such an imbalance that way. I would rather go level on wairau and slope up easy. I go that way then. This is what my day is like. I resume play later when I get back, after lunch.

Why is it that the kids have that situation? I don't know yet. It's there for a reason. When I can't do anything about it, it's contrast for me to be in my light. Writing is something I can do. It's not much and I use these to connect to flow more than anything. It's not about the information. The important thing, the focus on these writings is to connect to flow—nothing else.

You won't find anything here that may resonate with you and that be fine with me. These blogs have been around for years and not much trafic stays. That be fine for me as wel. It was made that way. The words come in a way to bore even those who are bored and have nothing else to do. Is that the filter? I think so. When you go through all these and process them, you get bits and pieces of the puzzle. That's when things start to make sense.

You also see the progression. How come things went different? Our paths are different. It may not be relevant for them and it don't show that one is better than the other. It is different and in that way, we act as reflections to each other, for each other. This is part of all that is.

Without the reflection, can things be? With or without the reflection is being. How is that? Expand? All of it is part of all that is. That you are aware of it means that it is somewhat relevant. Find meaning there and you get it, even at an instinctive level.

What does that mean? I only connect and there is signal there. It could be just that, but these are seeds that grow and later connect with each other. When that happens, you get insights. You let the signal be there and let it touch ground. The soil will nourish it and that signal will grow and take root.

This is why I like that wallpaper. That is how it's connected. What to have for dinner later? Wife is going to make something. We'll see what it is later on. I get the books after I finish posting these. The bottle is probably frozen by now.

I get impatient when it reaches this part. That's ok then. I wonder how those people are rom training. They are probably selling better so be it that way. I was there and the signal was different for me. I got what I needed there and it's time for me to let go now. What I do is different and is no better or worse than anyone else.

This is the beauty of the understanding and knowing. You can put any situation into context and get something out of it. It this always works for me. Faith never did I make sense out of it. It's like a con person telling you to trust them as they pull the rug from under you.

absent today letter

First there is the wife with the tantrums and now first daughter has them. How is this my reflection? It shows you the choices you make as a reflection in others. I get upset everyday but I have a choice whether to carry that baggage around with me or not.

I am off center for a few hours yes, but for that to linger, there is source code that is out of alignment in there so I can check. Right now there is anxiety in me and I have source code telling me what it is. Everything is an opportunity. Is this a good way to write? I feel like I am putting weight on my wrists. Maybe the seat should be higher?

Same slouch in there but higher? I think so. This has been my seat for sometime now. It feels good when you play poker with it. Also for browsing. For writing though, it feels a bit low. Maybe I need something that has variable height.

I played regular tables again. I can write about this. The chart is steadily going up. There was a set over set situation in there. Nothing you can do about it. At least that was a big hand there I can showdown with. I can move forward with that idea. I already had coffee. I do yoga after my next break and then I can have lunch. This is what my day is like these days. I have a cool blog. I am updating that often.

I don't have to be a poker pro who's on media these days. I can be that quiet guy who grinds away outside of the limelight. I have a method that is consistent and I think will scale up. I only need be patient with myself. They can choose to be arguing about these things, or not.

Wife is up now thought she'd be doing the sandwich lunch. I had a good night's sleep. Lately I have been waking up to the alarm clock. I think daylight has shifted already the clocks will follow soon. This means autumn is upon us. A few more months and it's winter. Be it ok that you let them be with their choices? I think so. It's not time to preach. It never worked anyway. You get what you need when you need it.

if...when they ask, then I can point out what works with me, my opinion. If...when they see it is not relevant for them then they can get that someplace else. No need for me to preach. Nobody...well, not everyone will listen anyway...why waste time? It's not wasted time. It is part of the process though even if it is only contrast for someone else.

It's already wednesday. Time flies. Am I back at regular tables? I had a good session this morning, although short. I think I can continue with these although it is going to be like that for a while. I can do something else in the meantime. Like what? Keep writing. Finish these until posting and then get ready everyone for their day.

I only assist. I am contrast and reflection to their experience. And is that door slamming? Not really. You may need to look into something else. Those were good neighbors there. How do you contact them again? I don't know. So be it then. This is what I do. No need to push. I am doing this and finish these so I can get on with my day. Why do I feel like I am not a good person here?

It is their definition. They don't get that as what they see is other people's prime time. Mine is not prime time now. I had to be with the family and put mine on hold. Is that so? When I was single, I put what was important for me ahead of anything else. I only saw myself and that worked for me. Now I have other baggages to consider.

This is the reflection I have then. Is that ok? It is what it is. This is part of the process. No need to invalidate. I am using up the energy even if I were only writing about it. This is where I am. No need to be anywhere else. How do I point downstream with this? When the idea is not in alignment, see why it's there. When it is no longer relevant, then I can choose to let go.

Every moment is like that. See the source code, make changes when needed. Align with what is relevant then expand. Everything is expansion. I see that now. Imagine when you get there. Is it possible to do that? Yes it is. There be risks involved but they are not blocks. They are only redirects that you use to get there sooner and expand. Get there sooner don't feel like the right word.

This is page two and I have one more page after this. It feels like a stretch but I am not doing anything anyway at this time. It be better to practice writing. Not writing, but practice connecting to flow. This is what the process is about. In the meantime, I am checking my posture as I write.

I feel like it's twisted here and there and that's how I stretch. I am on day two now. I get back to yoga later this morning. I can do that here in the living room or go in my room. It's set a for today. I do the other set tomorrow after my run. Wife be home early today. Maybe the issue is with me? It is always with me. Everything is here and now. Everything is also reflection.

Do I have to get gigs? It gets there when it gets there. If not, when not, then do something else. Like what? I don't know. For now, writing is it. They be angry with each other and that is a reflection for me. It is time to move forward. She can choose to be angry with the world and that's how it is around here.

Is there any way I can help? I offer that and when I can then I get off my butt to do so. I even help the neighbors with their kids. Do I get paid for it? Not really. It's only a few minutes though no problem with that.

This is how my days are like. Whose car is that? Last man on earth looks interesting. It's about relationships? It feels that way. Like every movie i've seen that was interesting was about relationships. What else is there? Situations? It is also a relationship. And they do that because it feels better for them that way.

I can let go at that. Let them be on their way. I don't have to fight anything as it is what it is. She wants her independence then so be it. But there has to be respect in this home. Everyone respect each other otherwise it's going to be hell for everyone. I see. What else to write about?

Why am I not wanting that situation? It's not me. This is why it's there. These kids don't really like it when their mom is around. It's because she is a neg at times. She tends to control everything and that is negative energy. But why am I seeing this reflection? It's contrast. This tells me which way to go to make it work.

It is already working. The contrast is there to guide you. You have a state of being and the contrast is there to help you make adjustments. Why was the stake in place? That I don't really need it. I have something in place here and now I can move forward with it.

This is page three and have until the end of this page. Son is not going to school today. He has been working at it for a few days now. Wife is coming home early today. The kids are not excited about it. I feel it's easier when we don't have dinner. We can get together anyway.

She don't spend as much time around here anyway. She can sit on the table and have hot cocoa. That is a choice. I can talk to her about that later. I talk to both sides about it. She is already a young adult. She has to assert herself and be there. I need to throw out them old clothes. I can do that when I go out. I make edits here and there and this is where I am right now. How come they are up early? I don't know.