drops of water

If the reflection you see does not matter, how do you go forward, expand from here? You set the frequency and align everything that's respond as that frequency without conditions. What about contrast?

Contrast is there to tell you which way to go. It's a feedback mechanism. Contrast is the universe telling you, giving hints to try this path instead. At the end of the day, it's still your choice. You can choose to respond to the conditions that you set, or follow the synchronicity breadcrumbs.

You can go left and right and at the end of the day, the reflection you see is the reflection you've set yourself. How do you expand from this and not forget?

Forgetting is contrast. It's ok to forget as you will find the reflection and contrast. When you are aware, then you can choose. That is the equation here.

The music from my phone sounds better but deezer only lets you listen to radio. I can play with that. This way, I can find new music this way. It's mostly euro music. Is that good or bad? Rather, is that relevant for me?

Some of the words I wrote has been edited. That be fine as that is synchronicity telling me this path might work for you...could be relevant for you, try it. I go this way then. I don't have to fight it. Today is friday. Wife is working tomorrow. I don't think we go out tomorrow and that is good for me.

Session this morning is sideways going nowhere. Do I make a set one thousand hands? I feel like five hundred hands finishes too early although there are sets that are less than that number. Kids are getting ready for their day in school. I remember that time it was their first day at school. Those were the days.

Everything has expanded. Today is friday. I can share that music and it's mostly euro. That era was mostly euro. I'll get what is relevant for me. One is leaving for school. She no reply from the job interview yet. Maybe the scheduling is getting there so let it sit there.

Wife is coming home early today. She makes dinner? Not really. She sets what to make for dinner and I still do the legwork. There's one daughter off to school. I still have three in here. How come third hasn't come out of her room yet? Maybe busy with stuff. Trash is collected today. The recycles come next week. Do I run later? I feel sluggish from all the carbs yesterday. Set that run and I can do four and get that over and done with. I resume the next following day.

What else is there? I don't know. I am looking at the new csi series and it's about cyber stuff. That is interesting and I can see into the series. That series has been on for some time now. It's interesting. I wonder who the new lead character is. Maybe someone younger. Maybe it's a woman this time, or someone gay.

Son wants us to go out and stay out until one am. That daughter doesn't even fix her hair before leaving for school. She is at that age. She'll grow out of it. It wasn't like that before. Maybe wife will get interested in this new csi series. I'll put that in her lib.

She'll be home early later so she'll be watching stuff. I'm not sure if she'll want to play boxhead. It gets old. I can do that. I gotta go via countdown and drop off the old clothes. That takes up space and had to go. I have a few more books coming from the library. Today is another poker day.

Yesterday I had a positive runup. That's part of the process. How do you define that method? You keep the pot small. Will it work in higher stakes? It could. The micro stakes, it's cheap to call or see the river. Technically, it is harder at the micros. The higher stakes, people are probably more careful as it costs more.

I make the corned beef later for when the kids get home. Wife is getting ready for work. What else do I do around here? Finish writing. Close eyes as I write. I can go up there and park and it's easier there but she wants it another way. I can go around instead. That be easier that way so she don't have to cross the street.

This is page two. I have everything in place? I have four more books from the library. Why not ride bike someplace? Northcote up through glenfield looks like a good workout. It is going to get cold soon. What are my other options? Running is a good and short workout. I can listen to something else while there and I think I can work something out.

I can go blank and simply run. That sorts things out for when I finish. I used to run on blank anyway as that gets old very fast. Son is leaving for school now. These kids grow up fast. Facebok is old now. It's boring to hang there and read about other people's drama. I go there to see the obituary and get news but it is motly drama.

The kids don't go there other than to use the chat feature. I think admin is aware of that. I wonder what they are doing about it. Time to short that stock? I need to go to toilet soon. It's friday and I can watch tv all day. This can be my day off then. I can do that. I have a few shows I want to see on netflix.

What else to do on hangout days. I can spend time with wife and do something interesting. Like what? We don't need other people. I can do my own stuff and expand from there. That is possible too. Boxhead is a good way to spend time. I can go there. I like qbit more than vuze. This is more basic and runs more efficient.

Someone is back. Maybe son forgot something. His water bottle. I poop when I get back. Wife needs to go to bus stop. I can drop her off at that other side. There's too much drama on that side of the road.

This poop is wanting to come out now. A few more minutes will do. There was a drunk driving checkpoint last night. It was part of my process. No need to be anxious about it. That was part of my creation? How do I prove that? It was in my experience. It was in my reflection. If so, then I was in that state of being.

It was a good day yesterday? It was a choice. It is not some old man in heaven smiling at me. That puts it out of my control. It's not a control issue. It is what it is. I created it. Did I create the universe? My consciousness did. All that is, which I am a perspective of, created the universe. That is more believable for me than a story about an angry old man creating everything and setting rules for everyone to follow. That is so human a thing to do and not godlike.

The one is all that is but is not aware? That word is not sufficient. The one is all that is but there is no reflection as the one. All that is has reflection and is made up of different perspectives. The one is the ocean and the little drops of water is all that is.

I feel like that is a better explanation there. So I write and get books from the library. This is part of the morning session. Do I have to go there? Only when it is relevant for me. When it's not, then I do something else. I can go that other way. It is part of the process and this is where I am. No bus comes around that time and I get out of the way soon enough anyway.

Let's do that then. This is almost finished and I be posting these when done.